Monday, 30 January 2017

Train Ride With My Family

Yesterday my mum, dad, sister, brother, uncle, aunty, cousins, pop, nanee and me went for a train ride. The train ride was in Waiuku. It took us about 30 mins to get to there. Along the way I got tired so I went for a nap. By the time I woke up we were at Waiuku. The train station is called Glen Brook Vintage railway. When we got there we all looked around.

We saw all kind of things like trains of course, coal, dirt, train rails, a playground, a face painting station, and a bakery. I was so amazed to see all of the cool things including the hot steam coming out from the train I even got my face painted and my sister as well. 5 mins looking around but while we were looking we heard this really loud noise (TOOT TOOT!)

I got a shock so did my sister. Anyways we all knew the train was coming so we ran to the train. The train was still moving but all of us decided to go on the other side of the train. As soon as we got on the train it was quite full but we still got to sit down. We were in the back of the train, all though it was really really loud I didn't mind it.

Once we got on, there were a lot of animals like horses, sheep's, cows, and also two lamas. Yesterday was really sunny so we needed a little shade. After maybe about 15 min of riding this train the ride just stops. Then I hear "we are going back around" and I knew that we were going to be at the front so I said to myself  "NO" because when ever I hear TOOT TOOT! my ears was ringing so it would have been louder and sure enough it was.

As soon as the lead train came to our side there was water spraying on me, steam coming from the train and the really loud noise (TOOT TOOT!). It took a while to get us going but still I didn't mind. Then 30 mins came around and we stopped, we stopped because the conductors wanted a break so we all just had a look around. Once we finished looking around we tried to run at the front of the train but while we were looking I heard dad saying to me that we have changed seats we were going to sit at the back train, we were still on the out side of the train but it was just a little different (we had a roof).

We took off, again there was beautiful views of mountains river animals it was just amazing. When we got back I said "thank-you for letting us come here and to have an awesome time we stayed for a little while. Everyone had an awesome time, but unfortunately we had to go back home. So we went back home to have lunch, and lunch was really yum. Yesterday was a great day to spend with my family before we all go back to school.


  1. Talofa Jahzara, Thanks for sharing your story of a train raid - it was much more that just that. I really like the way you wrote about your journey, it felt like we were there with you! The photos added a lot too. Ka pai.
    Mrs Krausse

  2. Awesome Jahzara!!! keep blogging Jahzara you're doing really well.