Saturday, 29 April 2017

My Creative Animal!

This is my creative animal blog post. So what I had to do was explain what my animal eats where it live and more. My beast name's is the cold and long beast. The reason why I called my animal the cold and long beast is because it is a polar bear witch lives in really cold places, and is spider witch has long leg! Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more of my holiday BLOG POST!


Saturday, 22 April 2017

Thursday, 20 April 2017

Sorry Blog Viewers

Sorry  blog viewers, I have not been doing much blog post because the mouse from the computer broke but it has been fixed. Once again sorry blog viewers.

Remember to stay tuned for more of my blog posts.

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Sunday, 16 April 2017

My cousin's B-day

This is what I did at my aunty house and how we got ready

What we like to bake

task desription
this is what we like to bake and here are lots of things that we like to bake in the kitchen we really hope that you have enjoyed this presentation that Lillyana and I have made for you. Stay tuned for more post's coming and have a lovely day with your family.


This is me and Lillyana trying to act the EMOJIS.

Task Desription : Today Lillyana and I had tried to Act the emoji and it is really fun to do so you should really try this out. Please leave a comment on this post because Lillyana and I has worked on this so hard and hoped you enjoyed this post. stay tuned for more blog post's coming.

 have a wonderful day.

What Me And Lillyana Likes

This is what Me and Lillyana likes.

Task description : this a Presentation that Lillyana and I made together and we really hope that you have enjoy that. Please feel free to leave a comment on this post that Me and Lillyana have made and stay tuned for more Blog post's coming this School holidays . Have a great day with your Family Reader's


Saturday, 15 April 2017

Me and Lillyana hanging out.

Me and Lillyana hanging out.


This is me and Lillyana TALKING ALL NIGHT!

Stay tuned for more of my holiday blog post.


How Me and ??? Became BFF

This is how Me and Lillyana became BFFS.

Not only Lilly is my friend because EVERYONE is my friend.

My Favourite Things

Here are some of my favourite things.

Stay tuned for more of my holiday blog posts

Friday, 14 April 2017

Easter Egg Hunt And Big Fest

Yay, today we had a Easter egg HUNT!!

Yes I know it’s not Easter but we celebrated early. Today we had a big feast to celebrate Easter. If you wanted to know why we celebrate Easter check out my Easter presentation. Anyways talking about our big feast my Nanee and Pops came over followed by my 2 auntys 3 of my cousins and my uncle. I’ll get to the part where we had our Easter egg hunt but first I'll explain what happened.
First we waited for my aunty Hine to turn up, then a few moments later she walked through the door. After, mum told us to go upstairs and wait for my mum and dad to hide the Easter eggs and also wait for my cousin Peni to arrive. Moments later Peni had arrived then my Nanee and Pops had arrived after. So mum called us down to grab a plastic bag to start searching.
Now was the fun part, actually looking for the Easter eggs but we had some rules. 1. No pushing 2. No running and 3. You were only allowed to have 10 each. Then my mum shouted “3 2 1” and the search was on. The first place I looked was in my sisters room under her bed but unfortunately there was nothing. So I had a look on her window sill and 2 chocolate eggs fell out. I kept looking until I had 10.

After the hunt we had to wait for a while to have some food. Maybe 15-20 minuts dad called us to eat. These are some of the foods that we ate potato salad, steak, sausages and Lu. Lu is like some greens some meat followed by some coconut cream ( it’s really nice you should try it one day). Moments after dinner we had dessert which was trifle and ice cream. my mum's trifle is the best

Once we had finished our food my mum said that we were allowed to play hide and seek so we got ready for the game. After the game we finish the day off with a lovely and happy day. Thank-you Mum, Dad, Nanee Pops, aunties and uncle for making this wonderful day happen.

Happy early Easter everyone
Stay tuned for more holiday blog posts.

ANZAC Presentation


This is my Easter presentation.

Hope you enjoy

Stay tuned for more of my holiday blog post.


Thursday, 13 April 2017

Te Oro Recount

Wow, on Wednesday lots of people went to Te Oro!!

Starting the morning off very excitingly we got our chrome book out and did our work for a little amount of time. Then all of a sudden we hear Miss West call us to the mat. So the class put their chrome books away and listened to Miss west. Miss west said that she would split the people who was not coming to Te Oro in a different class. As soon as she split the class we sat down  at the porch to have morning tea.

Once we had our morning tea we went over to the hall and waited for the bus. Then the bus arrived (finally) so we hopped on and drove over to Te Oro. Inside Te Oro was These schools Somerville School, Tamaki Primary, Pt England, St Piers, Tamaki college, Glenbrae and more.

First we had a look at the top part of Te Oro. While we were going up the I saw these words going up the stairs, follow the dragon flies. I thought that was really cool and also thought that it was a project from the of the schools. Anyways we went upstairs and had a look at Somerville schools project. The Somerville schools project was about pests they had some objects what they could kill them with.

My favourite project was the St Piers project because it had some kind of mystery twist in it, they also explain how they got the pieces of bite marks on a piece of cardboard they also had pictures of what the bite might be like possums, rats and all kinds of bites.

After all that looking around we went back to the bus. After we got into class we played a very quit game. I LOVED IT SO MUCH!

Last day of the term

Today is the day when all of a sudden comes to an end (NOOOOOO). Today was the last day of school. I will miss having fun with my friend and teachers, but that doesn't mean I will have fun next term. Stay updated for any holiday events.

I cant wait until next term but first im going to have a little fun.

See you next term   

Extension Seminar

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Inquiry Reserch

This is our researching about local children's perspective.

We researched what types of pollution there are and what kinds of pollution would make us children sick.

Paideia Practice Task

This is our piadeia practice task.

We got a piece of paper from Miss Langituipu.
On the  3 slide that page is what our paper looked like.
We had to rate why people should help that problem.
6 is what we should not help because its not a big of a deal
 but 1 would be something that we would have to fix.

DLO For Extension

This is our (children groups) DLO for extension.
We had to make a movie that show the local childrens poin of view.

hope you enjoy.

Monday, 3 April 2017

Untying The Human Knot


This is our morning.                

Starting the morning very silently, all of a sudden we hear Miss West. Miss West says that “we are going to play a game called untie the human knot” so she called us to the mat and we got straight into the game. Wait, I thought to myself. What is the human knot? Is it when we try to tie our arms together? Anyway, we went onto the mat and formed a circle.

Once we formed a circle Miss West put us in 3 groups. My number was 1. Once we were into our groups Miss West told us the instructions. These were the instructions. First put your right arm in the air and grab another person's arm. Once you do that you do the same with your left arm. Miss West shouts 1 2 3 then you try to untie the human knot without letting go of anyone's hand or forming into 2 groups.

Then she shouts “1 2 3” and all you could hear was laughter. I tried to say to Pisi to get under my arm but it was to hard. I couldn't even hear myself talking. We were the last ones who finished untying the human knot but we were in 2 groups! I was so mad at my teammates but we got another round and we kind of got the hang of it. I loved playing the human knot it was so much fun.