Friday, 26 July 2019

Area & Perimeter

Walt: Calculate area and perimeter.

Welcome back to school everybody! Schools back!

Task Description:

This week we are learning to calculate the area and perimeter of different types of shapes. In this presentation we were given the task to complete the following slides. I had a most experience with calculating the area and perimeter of shapes because we learnt how to do this last year. This was very fun as I got to do some other math equations too.

Wednesday, 24 July 2019

Let's have a good term!

First day of school! Term 2, here we come!

It's the first day back to school so, it's time to get back into the school vibes. Waking up early, charging your chrome book and getting to school on time is all apart of getting back into the school vibes.

As we walk into the big red doors, I see many of my friends running in joy to see me. *JUMP* They jump and give me a massive hug! It feels nice to be back at school. Doing some more learning will bring my brain back to life. Also hanging with my friends will bring me joy!

Walking into the hall, I see on the big screen, "Something in the water!" "He mea e roto wai." Team 5 sits on the red chairs and wait for our immersion assembly to start. Finally, we say the karakia and get on with our day. 

One of my favorite items was Team 4! Team Four's film was fun to watch and had some interesting facts too. It was suitable and enjoyable for all ages. Attempting to get an outstanding view of the Pt England beach but, was interrupted by Mrs. Sio. It seemed a bit cold to go out for a swim, but the Team 4 teachers had no fear. Well, that is after their bodies met the cold water. Wait, then, what eats the seagull?

"In the Gene is the DNA. DNA in the Chromosome. Chromosome in the Nucleus. Nucleus in the Cell." Team 5 teachers presented a song to the school. It was a pretty quick song, but I would love to learn it. How are all living organisms connected? This term for inquiry Team 5 is going to be explaining how all living organisms are connected (Stay tuned for blog posts about how all living organisms connected.)

Overall, my favorite part of immersion assembly was, getting the opportunity to try different types of seafood. Mr. Burt and the prefects didn't have any stickers to give out so, they improvised and gave out (Not your everyday) seafood.

Task description:

Schools back in business! We know how Immersion Assembly works right? Well, that's what we had today. All fun things and yummy food met together and provided us with an amazing day back to school! Let's have a good term Team 5 and Pt England school!

Thursday, 4 July 2019

DLO 2019 Term 2 (Continents!)

In this post, this is my animation for term 2. I used the site scratch. I used different codes to make this. We had to include the 7 continents and also had to choose 3 out of the 7 to talk about. This was very fun to make and so I hope you enjoy!