Friday, 29 March 2019

Math equations. (Charts)

Walt: Figure out what chart to use for this math problem!

Task Description:

In this task room 4 had to figure out what chart is most likely to use for the math equation above. I thought that a pie chart and a bar graph would be the best to use for this problem. The problem involved how much people were in the class and what culture they are.

Attitude Talks!

Today, we had a attitude talk. Now a attitude talk is when someone comes in and talks about things like, the way you act, friends and more. Today we talked about friendship factors. The person who came in to talk to us about this topic was Jannah. She was a amazing and comedic lady!

This talk included the types of friendships, how to ruin friendships, the myths of friendships and how to get friends. Now the types of friendships that we had talked about today is GG. GG means, girl  girl friendships, guy guy friendship and girl guy friendship.  What we learnt about our friendships is that girl girl friendships include a lot of drama. It also includes being connected and being very close. Now, guy guy friendships are most likely to be just like......sibling friendships. Which means they fight a lot!

Fun fact, Jannah's name means gracious gift! Now, Jannah was very energetic she made this talk a highlight of my year! Thanks to Jannah and her crew for making this happen.

Thursday, 28 March 2019


Walt: Identify the different graphs/charts.

Task Description:

In this presentation I had to finish the following slides. In the slide it asked questions like, what is this graph/chart? Some other questions ask what is the most common fruit/movie ETC. It also asked the least common and one thing that we could state about the graph/chart that was being looked at.

Saturday, 23 March 2019

My Dream Job

Walt: Finish the following slides about which job you want in the future.

Task Description:

In this task we had to finish the following slides. This task was all about which career you wanted in the future. Some of the question that were asked included what we needed to do to get this job E.g which subjects I will need to take while at high school. One of my favorite slides I did was to try find a person (a real person) with the career you really want. You are to write about them and what they do.

Friday, 22 March 2019

Reconnecting the Brain

Walt: Make a connection with the story you are reading.

Task Description:

In the next following slides I had to awnser the following questions. Before that I had to read the story (non-fiction) to understand why the questions are being asked. On the last couple of slides we had to create a book review and also rate it. I really enjoyed this book and learnt lots of things!


Walt: Calculate percentage's

Task description:

In this task I had to figure out the awnser in the following slides. Because 1% is per 100 it was okay for me to figure out the answers. I really did enjoy this task and hope to do more of percentages.

Friday, 15 March 2019

Polyfest refection!

Walt: Write a reflection!

Polyfest is a time for you to enjoy watching your children, cousins, and other people represent their culture. Polyfest is also a competition for high schools and how good they do.

Team five and other parents got to go to polyfest on Wednesday. I felt really excited arriving at polyfest because I was excited to go and do some activities and just, have fun with my friends. I was in pod 4, which I (personally) think is the best pod! We also got spit up into groups. I was in Whaea Kelly’s group and we had lots of fun!

Once we got to our activities we started straight away. I was filled with excitement, I was making sure that I made most of my time! All the activities we did include teamwork, so that was the main thing we did and learnt. The activities were really interesting for me because they are something that I have never done before. I hope that in the future I will be able to play these games.

One of the positive things I did at polyfest was being able to hang out with my friends. I had lots of fun doing zumba, buying food and doing all the activities. I was super lucky to be in a group with my friends along with Whaea Kelly! I had lots of fun with my group, and also had lots of laughs. I really enjoyed hanging out with every one and can’t wait for next year to come!

Where Is My Special Place In The Community?

Where is my special place in the community? Well, I have lots but, I can only choose one.
Do you have a special place?

I have lots of special places in the community but one of the most specialist place for me has to
be the netball courts! I know it may sound weird, but once you find out the reasons you’ll
understand. The netball courts has always been my personal favourite. I have many reasons t
o tell you why but, just give me a second to break them down in little parts……..

Now you may be wondering, why is the netball courts a special place for you? Well, here’s my
reasons. Since year 2 I have been playing netball right up to this very moment. I didn’t start
playing netball when I was a year one but, all I remember is that I loved the sport! I love the
thought of having a fun time with my friends, playing outside, in the fresh air and just having fun!
Hold on, you may be thinking that little kids are supposed to start off with playing netball inside,
well, like I said “I was a year 2 at the time and so I started outside.”

Another reason why the netball courts is a very special place to me is because, well I visit the
courts a lot! My mum has currently been playing netball and I have gone to watch her many
times! My parents are very strict with my netball playing and one day I believe I can become a
netball player just like my mum and even my dad. We like to practice netball while we get to my
games just a little early. They give me steps to becoming a better and more reliable netball
player! We love the sport and even like to have our own mini netball games. So, what i’m trying
to say here is, another reason why the netball courts is a very special place to me is because, I
get a little mum, dad and daughter bonding time at the courts and just love it so much!

Thirdly, the netball courts are super special to me because, I have played for the Pacific Cup
three times and each time I’ve had a fantastic time playing. I’ve possibly made more friends and
just had a blast with them! All the years while playing for Pacific Cup I have played with my best
friend Levonah, for the first year we played for Tonga which is half our nationality, I was a bit
shy and was still working on my skills. But, I got better throughout my games! The second year
we played for Fiji which is the other half of Levonah’s nationality. I was much better playing that
year but, there was still space for me to improve. The third year, which was last year, we played
for Tonga. Levonah did trail and make it into a team but, she hurt herself before she even got to

The last and final reason why the netball courts is a special place for me is because, there are
lots of memories there on those courts and I hope to never forget them. I have been playing
netball ever since was a year two and I never want that to change. I hope that we have a
fantastic and entertaining this year playing netball. All the best for all the players and especially
the coaches. I hope that we are able to have fun, and to make more memories. I know, for sure
that there are lots more to come.

I hope you have enjoyed reading why the netball courts is a very special place to me. I
want to know if you have a special place in the community. If you don’t, do you have one
around the world?

Friday, 8 March 2019

My shield

This is a photo of my shield. At the top it say interests. What you have to do is write down what you are interested in. On the bottom of the page it says values, what that means is what is most important to you. On the right side it says "Skills", You have to write down what you think your skills are. Last of all on the left side it says "Qualities" I would explain this as if that is what makes you! The qualities you choose to write down are the things that make you!

On the top left, you will (not really) see "My support crew". This means who supports you in other ways. The people I have down are My mum, my dad, my nana, my nanee, my pop's, my papa, my brother and all of my sister's. One of the reasons why I have got them all down is because I know they love me, and I know that I love them! At the bottom of that there is things saying if you (I) have asked someone in your support crew about your future carers, and what you want in the future.

On the top right you (again, not really) be able to see "Pathways to my future." At the bottom of that title you will want to put down what 2 jobs you would like in the future, how much they money they make per year and what subject you would need to take to become that job. I would love to be a optometrist or a photographer. (For specific reasons) they get payed (OPTM) $80,000/ $120,000, (PHOTO) $30,000. At the bottom of that there is a little box saying "My dreams and aspirations. This means what you want to be in the future and what you dream of in the future to!

Man and sea!

Task Description:

First of all Read the last slide. I decided to post all of the my slide that I have worked on because I am very proud of it....For this task I had to read a book, called Man and Sea. After we read that book we had to finish the following steps. We had to show the meaning of the word on the slide. Some of them were multiple chose and we had to choose the one that you thought was correct.

Thursday, 7 March 2019

How many favourite event’s do you have, during your school years?

WALT: We are learning to write using all parts of the 'Explanation Model' TIIC and SEE

Fiafia, Athletics, Cross country, camps and more. All of those are super fun to do at school but, I just can’t choose a favourite event! Do you have one?

One of my favourite events that I have participated in, is year 6 camp on Kawau Island! Kawau island is one of my favorite highlights of all the years I have been at Pt England. While at Kawau island my favorite event was jumping off the wharf! It was the most fun time I have ever had with my friends! Kawau island is one of the best camp I have ever been on! Is there a favourite camp that you’ve gone to?

Kawau island was a awesome experience for all the year sixes. We got to see lots of animals that some of us have never been able to see before! We saw lots of Weka’s and also wallabies. While hiking up killer hill we only got to see about two wallabies. Those are mostly the only animals we saw while camping on Kawau island. One of the Weka’s we saw was named legless, he had one leg and because of that he is now named legless.

Kayaking! Kayaking was one of my favorite activities we had done while on Kawau island. We paddled far out into the sea. We got to see a couple of stingrays and a whole lot of sand! While out in the sea we played a game. We had to form a line, holding on to the kayaks beside you. After that, two people would stand, run across, and sit down in the other persons kayak. Unfortunately I fell out of my boat and had a fun time in the cold, freezing water!

I hope you have enjoyed my favorite event at P.E.S! I got a awesome opportunity to be a leader for mansion B. Comment down below, what’s your favourite event when you were at school, or even if you are still at school :)
Task Description:

For this task we had to write 3-5 paragraphs explaining what your favourite event is at P.E.S! Some example's are, Camp, Fiafia, Athletics and more.This time we had to use SEE (Statement, Example, Explain). Using SEE really helped me with this task.