Thursday, 19 January 2017

Day 16 Activity 2 (Holiday)

I have been ask to create a brand new public holiday for the country. The holiday will be 2 day special day it will be called 2 day special day because Christmas and guy forks day will kind of be combined. Everything will be closed but not the movies, so that means parents won't have any work to do. It will be kind of like Christmas. you have to spend time with your family but you could go anywhere like to the beach. you can have a BBQ or have a feast with all sorts of foods, you can also light fireworks through the night just like guy fork day. This spacial day will be on the 19 of Jan.


  1. Hi Jahzara,

    That is a wonderful idea. Why did you choose January 19th? Is it because you want to go to the movies today? Haha!


    1. I choose January 19th because normally we have nothing to do and some of cosins come on the 19th January. we all just relax.

    2. Haha! Love that answer. Good work!

    3. HI Jahzara,

      I love the idea for your new holiday. It included two of my favourite holidays. I really like guy forks as it is my birthday. What type of food would you have at your BBQ or feast?

      Miss Davis

    4. I would have some meat paddys, steak, and some kebab.


    5. Hi Jahzara,
      Thank you for replying to my comment. That sounds like a great meal. I really like Kebabs and they are great cooked on a BBQ in summer.

      From Miss Davis

  2. Hello there Jahzara,

    Thanks for commenting on my blog! Your 2 holidays sounds like a great holiday to me! Your doing great and keep up the fantastic work :)