Thursday, 26 January 2017

Day 20 Bonus Activity

Hey blog viewers this is my last day of blogging for the SLJ I will be missing to blog these school holidays. School is about to start again for a new year. Yay! Imagine that I walked into my classroom and my teacher asked me to stand up in front of the class and talk about the country that I visited. here are the options of what I would do.

  1. Post a short video clip of myself talking about the country that I visited and the things that I learned (1 – 2 minutes)
  2. Type out what I would say to the class if I had 1 – 2 minutes to speak.

I would share to the class a 1-2 min speak: That I had a wonderful time at Australia, I’ve  learnt amazing facts about their country like the capital is Canberra. I also enjoyed seeing the outstanding sights such as the beautiful Great Barrier Reef and I wouldn't mind traveling back to Australia once more time. I also liked seeing and learning about the koalas and dingos. My favourite things about visiting the country was mostly all of it like going to see the beautiful Great Barrier Reef, eating the famous foods, learning about all the animals in the country and blogging all about the amazing things in this country.


  1. Hi Jahzara!

    It is wonderful to read that you enjoyed your time in Australia. You have shared so many interesting facts with us and created a number of fabulous blog posts. I liked learning about your family, your traditions and your impressions of music/art as well as facts about Australian places, animals, people and things. I hope that you feel ready to embrace a brand new year of learning at Pt England school.

    I am really looking forward to seeing you when I come into Pt England early in Term 1 to hand out the prizes and certificates to the Summer Learning Journey programme students. It will be wonderful to celebrate your success and your commitment to learning and being the best that you can be. Way to go, Jahzara!

    See you in a few weeks,

    Rachel :)

    1. Thank-you Rachel,

      I enjoyed my SLJ thank-you for all your comments
      looking forward to seeing you at school.

  2. Hi Jahzara!

    You did it! Congratulations! I am so proud of you! You've done such a great job. It has been so cool reading all your blogs and observing your progress. I hope you've enjoyed the Summer Learning Journey as much as we have enjoyed reading your blogs!

    I just wanted to pop back on to say thank you for participating and that I think you've done a really good job in taking control of your own learning. It is such an important skill.

    I wish you all the very best for this coming year. You're really on your way to having an absolutely fantastic year of learning and I know you can do it!

    Kia kaha, stay strong and keep doing your best. Be proud of your accomplishments and learn from your challenges.


  3. Thank-you Mark,
    I was lucky to have been aloud to use the computer anytime, my parents said that I could use the computer when ever I want to as long as I am doing something to do with school. My brother and sister was only aloud on the computer for an hour each.


  4. Hi Jahzara,

    Congratulations on placing first equal in the Summer Learning Journey blogging programme this past holiday. You were a blogging star! I will look forward to seeing you on Friday when I come in to Pt England school to hand out the SLJ prizes and certificates.

    See you soon!

    Rachel :)