Thursday, 21 September 2017

3rd Semminar

On Tuesday the year 5 & 6 extension had there 3rd paideia seminar. The topic was, is being civilised such a good thing? I think it is okay to be civilised because civilised means to be good mannered. I think I did a better job in this seminar that the old seminar because I agreed and piggy backed off other ideas. I think I could talk more and have more confidence in myself.

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Earth's Natural Resources

Imagine that all earth's resources disappeared. How would we survive? Imagine all human and animals are thirsty!  Would we be alive.

Why are natural resource important? Well our natural resources are what we need. If you don’t get what I mean, I mean water, tree’s things that keep us alive. We need plants we need water we need tree’s. Why do we need all these thing? If we didn’t have natural resources we would be very sick.

The most important resource for me is tree’s. Why? You ask, well tree’s produce oxygen and oxygen help us to breath. As I said before if we didn’t have this natural resource we would very sick. Moving on to the next natural resource.

The next natural resource that is important is water. Water comes from many different rivers or oceans but we are going to be talking about drinking water. If we didn’t have water we would be thirsty and dehydrated. Dehydrated means we don’t have enough water in our body. Your lips would start to dry up and we do not want that to happen. That's why drinking water is important. Did you know that you could survive without any food but with water for 3 weeks? Amazing right. On to the last natural resource.

The last important natural resource I will be sharing with is soil. Do we need soil? Your answer is yes. We need soil because soil helps us grow fruit and vegetables, food! That's right food. Vegetables and fruit are healthy for you too. One more thing is that soil helps up grow tree’s also. And tree’s help us to breath.

So there you have it all the important natural resource that are my favorite. Tree’s, water and soil, all my favorite. But again what would we do if we didn’t have natural resource? Think about it.

Saturday, 16 September 2017

Cyber Smart On Gmail

This afternoon we were learning about being cyber smart on Gmail. We came up with some ideas and some of them were, ask a teacher before you send an email to someone. only go on if it's something important but still ask a teacher. My favorite idea was you are only allowed on Gmail if you ask a teacher but only if you're sharing collaborative work.


This is my follow-up activity. it is about the water cycle.

Friday, 15 September 2017

Video Dairy

This is a video diary that my friend and I made for one of our tasks.

Monday, 4 September 2017

Guardians of the galaxy

Chapter 1: volcano eruption
Sitting down a strange noise appeared. BOOM, BOOM “what was that” cried Lizz, “I don’t know” cried mum, “let's go and take a look,” said dad. The three of them went outside and took a look. “Look, look over there” yelled Lizz “it’s a volcano eruption” “hurry get in the car we are going as far as possible” cried, dad. Off they went to the airport.

Chapter 2: bad news
“Hello, this is Barren on breaking new. We have some bad new to tell you guys, there has been volcano eruption down at Mt wellington. Who ever is close to Mt wellington mountain get out of there!! Go as far as you can go” “now we cross over to Jess with a family who heard the volcano eruption”
“Hello this is Jess with the Kooringa family we are going to be asking them some questions. How did you hear the eruption? “Well luckily this little one pointing to Lizz heard the BOOM and the BANG, But now we are going to a new country called Samoa said mum. ok interesting said Jess. Now what was your reaction? We were really shocked when we heard the BOOM and the BANG said lizz in a high pitch voice. Ok thank you now we cross back to Barren in the news room”

“Ok kids good luck get out of there”

Chapter 3: Get going
“Come on Lizz we don’t have enough time come on come on we have to go get our tickets” said mum “i’m coming” shouted Lizz. “Hi can we get three tickets to Samoa ASAP please” “yes that would be $10,00 dollars,” said the Women at the cash register. “Luckily I got all my money here you go” said mum and flew off to samoa.

Chapter 4: find the nearest space station
“Ok people we have landed” said the pilot “come along lets go,” said dad. “Coming” yelled Lizz and mum. Oh that's a relief we're safe. “What that smell it still smells like like back home” Lizz looks into the distance and sees hot flaming lava!!. Ahhhh! screamed mum and dad. Hurry back in the plane and hide.Lizz answered why so we can die in the plane. Mum started crying “what are we going to do” Dad replied don’t worry We'll figure something out.

To be continued…...