Sunday, 31 December 2017

Last Blog Post For 2017!!

Hay everybody today is the last day of 2017 so that means tomorrow is the first day of 2018. 2018 is going to be a new start to a new year!! This is going to be my last blog post for 2017. 2017 was a great year filled with laughter, positive energy and good times. My highlight from school had to be the manaiakalani film festival because I got to see all my friends in some of the movies that we got to make. I also loved watching and making the movies. I loved all the funny laughs and all the good times at school!! My highlights from the school holidays had to be our family celebrating Christmas together as a family. I loved having so much fun and hanging out with my family. I wish everyone has a happy new year.

Thursday, 28 December 2017

Merry Christmas

Hay everybody on Monday it was Christmas!! Christmas is a time to have fun and to hang out with your family.  This Christmas we did the same as last year, if you can't remember what happened last year well here is your answer, we went to four family places. The first stop was at my nana's house (my dad's mum) to have breakfast and to open up our presents. The food was so yum and tasty, but before we had breakfast we handed our presents out and got to see what we got. I got a really cool jumper and t-shirt from my secret Santa, my siblings and I received some board games and slime for the whole lot of us to have fun. After my mum, dad and siblings went back home and got some other thing for the next stop. 

The next stop was my grandad's house (my mum's dad) to have brunch (Breakfast/lunch) once again the food was super yummy. My favorite food that I had was his pancakes!! We had chocolate sauce and maple syrup with the pancakes. This time it was different, we ate first then had a look at our presents. Opening up our presents my baby sister open there presents first. then my sister and I. I loved the present that we got because it was so thoughtful and creative. We got a karaoke machine, I love our present because we love to sing!! 

Next we went to see my aunty Sila (my dad's sister). We just hung out and sang songs. I love going to see my aunty because it is always peaceful and quite. We all wished everyone a merry Christmas and we hoped that every one would have a great new years. After that we all said good bye and left. On to the next stop.

The last stop that  went to is my aunty Ra's  (my mum's sister). We went to my aunty's house to have dinner, We had a BBQ and once again we had the yummiest food. My favorite food had to be the chicken nibbles. Once again we had a look of what we got for Christmas. My brother, my sister and I did secret Santa, I had my sister. I bought her a Nerf gun a really cool top and other super cool things. I received thoughtful and creative gifts from my brother. My favorite gift that I got from my brother is a watch. I really wanted and needed a watch because I always want to know what the time is so thank-you Ajani. After opening our present we played in our pool that we got for one of our others presents. It is massive!! Once we finished and got changed into dry clothes we settled at the table we ate the yummy and delicious food. Then it was all over and we all got some rest for other amazing day.

Friday, 22 December 2017

Water Fight!!!

On Thursday my sisters and I had a water fight!!! It was so hot inside and outside so I asked my mum if we could have a water fight and she said yes!!! So we went outside and turned on the hose. We filled up a washing bucket and added soap just for fun. Once the washing  bucket was half way we added hot water to make it warm for my little twin sisters. While my little twin sisters were playing with the warm water, Eva and I were playing with the cold water. Who remembers The best Christmas ever? Well we took the hose into the trampoline and got wet while jumping. We had so much fun. We took turns  holding the hose and wetting each other. My little sisters jumped with us for a while but then they got too cold so they went back into the warm water. We got soaking wet but it was worth it. It was a perfect way to spend a hot and summery day. 

Thursday, 21 December 2017

Santa Tracker

Today I have been playing Santa tracker. Santa tracker is a Christmas game that also has a Christmas count down. One of my favorite game is search for Santa, search for Santa is kind of like where's Wally. Search for Santa is fulled with fun, it can be a bit hard sometimes but lucky you get hints. There are also different maps where you can search for Santa. You don't just look for Santa but you also search for different things too like snowmans, ginger bread men, penguins and many other things. If you don't know what you've found and what you have not there will be a list at the bottom of your screen. There are other fun and enjoyably games too.  There is this one game where you can give Santa a hair cut,  dye his hair and even decorate his hair. Three more days until Christmas so I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy new year.

Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Milk Experiment

 As I said I will be doing the milk and food coloring experiment. All you need is milk, food coloring (your choice of color) dish washing detergent and a bowl. First, all you have to do is pour some milk into your bowl, next pour some food coloring into the same bowl. The colors that I used were pink, blue and yellow. Then all you need to do is put in some detergent and watch the colors spread around the milk. Putting in the detergent I used a small paint brush so I wouldn't put too much in. This turned out to be a huge successes. I loved watching the colors change and spread all around. 

School Holidays!!

It is the school holidays and is almost Christmas!! These holidays I will be doing an experiment!!, One of my favorite experiment that I will be doing later on today or tomorrow is the milk and food coloring experiment. I can't wait for Christmas, my family is doing secret Santa and I can't wait to see who has me. I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and a happy new year. Stay on track. Happy holidays!!!

Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Create Your Own Google Logo

Today room 9 & 10  had 2 special guests Makayla and Nathan. Makayla and Nathan are from OMG tech. OMG tech is a coding company.  If you don't know what coding is, here is you answer. Coding is where you can make you own games you can also play on other peoples games that they have made their self. One of the games that I played was Create our own google logo. Create your own google logo is when you can do anything.  You can change the color, you can do anything to the letters, you can even make them move.  Also even change the background. I made my own google logo, my google logo was representing out topic for this term which is musical madness. Create your own google logo was a cool game to play. I loved creating my own logo.     

Thursday, 7 December 2017

My Ambassador Application

This is my ambassador application for 2018. My video is about myself, my family, my school learning and why I want to be an Ambassador. I really hope I will get chosen to become an ambassador because it will help my school learning and my confidence. My confidence is not that bad but I would love to see how my confidence will evolve during the year. If I become an ambassador I would be a role model to all my little sisters. I will also help them if they want to apply. I look up to my older brother because he became an ambassador. Now it is 2017 and next year my brother is a prefect which are the leaders of our school. My brother is the perfect person to look up to because he is confident. He can be shy sometimes but he still gives it a go. Hope you enjoy my movie!!

How I Show Learn, Create and Share

This is one of my favorite blog posts that I have learnt, created and shared. In this blog post we have learnt about cloths and materials from back in the days and from nowadays. We had to research about what types of costume are appropriate for a scene in our mini production. We also had to find out when sewing was invented and who it was invented by. There are some links to some websites that we found and have shared with all of you (slide 7).

This presentation was created in extension by me, Eden, Pisirina and Makayla. The reflection is about our production that the yr 5&6 extension group preformed to the whole school. Our production was about some kids who traveled back in time. They found this weird shell and all of a sudden they went back in time. They went to the islands, to the 60's and even the future it was so cool.