Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Create Your Own Google Logo

Today room 9 & 10  had 2 special guests Makayla and Nathan. Makayla and Nathan are from OMG tech. OMG tech is a coding company.  If you don't know what coding is, here is you answer. Coding is where you can make you own games you can also play on other peoples games that they have made their self. One of the games that I played was Create our own google logo. Create your own google logo is when you can do anything.  You can change the color, you can do anything to the letters, you can even make them move.  Also even change the background. I made my own google logo, my google logo was representing out topic for this term which is musical madness. Create your own google logo was a cool game to play. I loved creating my own logo.     

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