Thursday, 28 December 2017

Merry Christmas

Hay everybody on Monday it was Christmas!! Christmas is a time to have fun and to hang out with your family.  This Christmas we did the same as last year, if you can't remember what happened last year well here is your answer, we went to four family places. The first stop was at my nana's house (my dad's mum) to have breakfast and to open up our presents. The food was so yum and tasty, but before we had breakfast we handed our presents out and got to see what we got. I got a really cool jumper and t-shirt from my secret Santa, my siblings and I received some board games and slime for the whole lot of us to have fun. After my mum, dad and siblings went back home and got some other thing for the next stop. 

The next stop was my grandad's house (my mum's dad) to have brunch (Breakfast/lunch) once again the food was super yummy. My favorite food that I had was his pancakes!! We had chocolate sauce and maple syrup with the pancakes. This time it was different, we ate first then had a look at our presents. Opening up our presents my baby sister open there presents first. then my sister and I. I loved the present that we got because it was so thoughtful and creative. We got a karaoke machine, I love our present because we love to sing!! 

Next we went to see my aunty Sila (my dad's sister). We just hung out and sang songs. I love going to see my aunty because it is always peaceful and quite. We all wished everyone a merry Christmas and we hoped that every one would have a great new years. After that we all said good bye and left. On to the next stop.

The last stop that  went to is my aunty Ra's  (my mum's sister). We went to my aunty's house to have dinner, We had a BBQ and once again we had the yummiest food. My favorite food had to be the chicken nibbles. Once again we had a look of what we got for Christmas. My brother, my sister and I did secret Santa, I had my sister. I bought her a Nerf gun a really cool top and other super cool things. I received thoughtful and creative gifts from my brother. My favorite gift that I got from my brother is a watch. I really wanted and needed a watch because I always want to know what the time is so thank-you Ajani. After opening our present we played in our pool that we got for one of our others presents. It is massive!! Once we finished and got changed into dry clothes we settled at the table we ate the yummy and delicious food. Then it was all over and we all got some rest for other amazing day.

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