Sunday, 28 April 2019

Say "Hello To School!"

Well it's coming to a end of the school holidays! I had an amazing time hanging out with my family and talking to my friends! I did lots of fun things, like going to the movies and getting to hang out with my grandparents and cousins! I had such a blast, talking to my friends was very fun as we talked about our holidays. The school holidays end today as school starts tomorrow.

What do I hope for term 2?

Well, it really depends on what is going to happen in term 2. Although I do really hope we go on a senior school trip. I also hope that we get to do new things in term 2! Things that some of us have never done before!

I know that the 40 hour famine is going to be happening in term 2 and I have already received my sponsor book! I have also already raised some money too! Netball will also be happening in term 2. Our team this year is Pacific Generation! That name represents all the girls in the team. We are all Pacific and we want to show that in pride! My mum is coaching us this year and Miss King and Gigi will be managing our team!

I hope I have a blast in term 2 with all my friends, teachers and family!

Friday, 26 April 2019

Watching The End Game! (No Spoilers!!)

Today my aunty and uncle, cousin and siblings, mum and I went to the movies! Like the title said, we watched The End game! Why did we go, you ask? Well, no big reason. Confused 😕? Well, here's the real reason. My family went to watch The End Game because, we are really big Marvel fans! I wouldn't really say "we are really big Marvel" because we really love action movies but still, we love Marvel movies. So another thing for me to say is "we are really big action movie fans." We are really into Marvel is well as DC movies!

The End Game is the last ever Avengers movie! At the movies I had a frozen drink! The flavor I got was L&P! I really don't like spoiling movies so i'll keep what happens to myself! All though, I really do recommend this movie, to action movie lovers! This movie was so interesting.......understanding, funny as well as some sad parts in the movie!

I had a really fun time with my family and I hope we do this another time!

Saturday, 20 April 2019

My early Easter!

So today is Saturday and today me and my family are celebrating Easter. My aunty and grandmother (from my mum's side) had come over to celebrate Easter with us! We are having a hangi. A Hangi is when food like meat, kumara etc are cooked underground. Our set up is in our backyard! If you have done hangi before, comment down below and say when the last time you had one.

 Anyways, we had put our food in a deep hole that was dug at our backyard. We put, stones, wood and more into the hole to make fire and heat, Then we waited for the heat to increase then we put our food in. After it got hot, we took all the wood out but left the stones in. Now we left the stones in because that's what kept the heat inside the hole. If we left the wood in, it probably wood have turned into dust. Then it was time to put our food in the hole! Now if you're wondering, wouldn't your food get dirt on it? Well, we put our food into a circular tray and most of the food was covered with tin foil. When we put our food into the hole we covered it with tin foil, a wet sheet (to stop from catching fire,) then a blue tarp and lastly something that looks like a potato sack! After doing so, we covered the food with the dirt that was dug up!

 We waited for the food to cook and so everyone left to clean themselves. After a while we got our food, took it out of the tray and put it into tins! We waited for everyone to return to our home and we started to eat! Before we started eating we blessed the food. After praying we started eating! My favorite food that I got to eat probably had to be the Lu! Lu, is meat (like corn beef or lamb or any kind) coconut cream and onions wrapped in taro leaves! 

We had lots of fun this Easter and hope for the same next year! Remember not to have to much chocolate!

Thursday, 11 April 2019

It's the holidays!

Dear blog viewers, as some of you know it the holiday, and as some of you know by the title, yes it is the holidays! The last day of school which was Friday was so fun and.......sad! First of all it was fun because we did lots of things that were really fun! One of the things we did was, clearing out the classroom (which may seem weird cause that's based on cleaning.) Now, it was sad because, I mean it's the last day of term one! Even though it wasn't the last day of term 4 it was still pretty sad. I had a great term this term and I hope to do great next term too!

I hope to do, do fun things with my family this holiday! I know that I will be able to blog this holidays so keep tuned for some holiday blogging! I know that I have a lot ahead of me and so "HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!

Have a good holiday everyone and make sure to be safe!

Wednesday, 10 April 2019

Malanga Talk

Today after morning tea, we had the opportunity to listen to three people talk about their malanga
(journey.) The three people who came to talk to us today was, Jason young, Tanielu Tele’a and Fiona
Bakulich. If you didn’t know already Tanielu is Mrs Tele’a eldest son. Tanielu is also one of the blues
player for Auckland. Tanielu is a ex Pt Englander who also attended the college St Kentigern!

Fiona is Mrs Tele’a sister. They are one year, one month and 11 days apart from each other (birthday).
Fiona is younger than Mrs Tele’a. They went to the same high school, which was Mangere College.
Fiona is a funeral director and is also an actor is The Casketeers. Part of her job (funeral Director) is
dressing the loved ones. Sometime she feels emotional when working at this job but she know that she
has to be strong for the loved ones sake.

Jason Young is a very passionate person. He is also an ex Pt Englander. He also attended Tamaki
College. As you might already know from my description Jason grew up in G.I! Jason knew Miss Tito
very well. Miss Tito was a teacher at Pt England school. Jason has been able to participate in the Iron
man triathlon. Jason is apart if the Big Buddy fatherless boys. He has joined this because he is a
fatherless boy too and so he wanted to help with this. Jason’s career is builder. He really enjoys this job!

At the end we got the opportunity to ask questions about their malanga. There were a lot questions and
answers that helped us believe that we can achieve anything of. We had a blast listening to these
people’s journey!

Thank you for this very special occasion!

Teachers! (EXT)

Walt: Work together and figure out the following questions.↓

Task Description:

In this presentation I focused on the questions, which games are helpful and help to improve learning? If you have an idea, comment down below! I was in a group with Amelia and Makayla! as you read by the title we are the teachers group!

Friday, 5 April 2019

Year 7 Tech (photo's)

So, I have not been blogging much about tech. I haven't really got the time to but now I do. I am in food tech!

This year we are looking at the different types of vegetables that grow in different seasons. I am in a group with Marika and Eden. Including me, we have 3 people in our area cooking with each other. There are other groups with other people but lets focus on our kitchen for now. I think we are working well together and disusing who would like to do what in the kitchen. I usually take charge of the veggies. The hardest part of taking this job is cutting up onions! The onions that are given to us usually make me cry or just water up!

For the past weeks that has gone past I have had lots of fun cooking food with my two amazing buddies. Most of the time we use veggies like onions, carrot, beans, potatoes and some garlic . We have used other ingredients like pasta, corn chips, cheese and more! Because it's been a while since we first started tech I am not able to remember all of the dishes that we have made. Because of that, here are some photos of my group and the food we made! Our last week in cooking is next week on our normal days, Thursday. After that we will be going on holiday!

I've Reached 500!

So, as you can tell by the title I have reached 500 blog posts! 500 may not seem a lot, considering I've been here for so long but, I am really proud of myself! My goal is to reach 1000 posts before I leave Pt England. If I keep up my blogging at school, in the holidays and maybe in the weekends then I should be able to reach 1000 blog posts! To be honest, my teachers helped me by reaching 500 posts and so thank you for that. You guys (reading now) has helped me to. By giving me your guys courage by commenting on my blog.

Do you think I will be able to reach 1000 blogs by the time I leave Pt England?

 I sure hope so......

Thursday, 4 April 2019

Cinquian Poems

Walt: Create a cinquian.

Task Description:

In this task I had to create a cinquian. A cinquian is a short story but in poem form. The first line has to have 2 syllables, the second has 4, the third has 6, the fourth has 8 and the last one has 2. So as I have just explained there has to have five lines in a cinquian poem. Have a look at my poems that I have created in the next slides ahead. Comment down below if you have come up with any poems of your own.

How much screen time do we get?

Task Description:`

In this presentation we had to figure out how much screen time we get before school, during school and after school. After, we had to find out which graph we would use to share this information. We were allowed to be in groups of three and for this task I was in a group with Zaeeda and Eden. How would you present this information?

Tuesday, 2 April 2019

Mata i Pusi (Follow up task)

Task Description:

In this presentation the reading group Campion had to awnser the following questions in the next slides. Like so, we also had to read the story so we have an idea of what the answers would be in the slides. We then watched a video about what bi-racial means and listened to bi-racial people about how they feel. We did the same thing which was awnser questions about the video.