Wednesday, 10 April 2019

Malanga Talk

Today after morning tea, we had the opportunity to listen to three people talk about their malanga
(journey.) The three people who came to talk to us today was, Jason young, Tanielu Tele’a and Fiona
Bakulich. If you didn’t know already Tanielu is Mrs Tele’a eldest son. Tanielu is also one of the blues
player for Auckland. Tanielu is a ex Pt Englander who also attended the college St Kentigern!

Fiona is Mrs Tele’a sister. They are one year, one month and 11 days apart from each other (birthday).
Fiona is younger than Mrs Tele’a. They went to the same high school, which was Mangere College.
Fiona is a funeral director and is also an actor is The Casketeers. Part of her job (funeral Director) is
dressing the loved ones. Sometime she feels emotional when working at this job but she know that she
has to be strong for the loved ones sake.

Jason Young is a very passionate person. He is also an ex Pt Englander. He also attended Tamaki
College. As you might already know from my description Jason grew up in G.I! Jason knew Miss Tito
very well. Miss Tito was a teacher at Pt England school. Jason has been able to participate in the Iron
man triathlon. Jason is apart if the Big Buddy fatherless boys. He has joined this because he is a
fatherless boy too and so he wanted to help with this. Jason’s career is builder. He really enjoys this job!

At the end we got the opportunity to ask questions about their malanga. There were a lot questions and
answers that helped us believe that we can achieve anything of. We had a blast listening to these
people’s journey!

Thank you for this very special occasion!

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