Tuesday, 1 August 2017


On Thursday the 27th of July year 5 & 6 had a seminar about different perspectives like children, school, culture, news reporters and more. We had to get into 2 or 3 groups. My buddy was my friend Pisirina. Our perspective that we talked about was school. “Get ready and start writing we don’t have much time” said Mrs lagitupu, the class answered “yes Mrs lagitupu” and started writing I did not write much but that’s because I already knew what I was going to say. Whenever it comes close to seminars we panic we don’t know what we are going to say but this term I felt more confident I knew what I was going to say and I wasn’t shy to talk.

The time has come, the seminar has started. Then we started blabbering about what we have learnt. First off as I was not hoping is the school group which was my group why am I always first!! Anyways we talked and talked until someone changed the topic. Then someone else talked and talked and talked and it went all over again until it was over.

I think I can do better next time I think I could do better because I have to talk more and get more confidence so I won't be the only one left out. Next time my goal is to encourage people to talk more.

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Sunday, 23 July 2017

School Tomorrow!!

I love school but today is still a holiday. At the end of term 2 I was feeling down that school was over on that day but I was still happy that I got to spend time with my family in the holidays. In the past few days I had a lot of fun with my family but it's time to go back to school and learn different things. I'm super excited to go back to school and learn more. I am also excited to see Miss West my teacher and tell her all the amazing things I did during the holidays. But I am mostly excited to see all of my friends. See you at school!!

It's time for a new term.

Friday, 21 July 2017

Happy Birthday!!!

yesterday was my little baby twin sisters Birthday Faith and Gene. They were turning 2 years old. we were planing on having a big feed with our families. in the morning we went shopping for the big feed we also got some nice clothes for the twins to wear. after shopping around we did the decorations and started cooking. After all of the food that we made we cleaned the house and waited till people turned up. we waited and waited but suddenly we hear bang bang bang! it was someone knocking on the door I opened the door and my nana and papa shouted happy birthday!! we said thank you and waited some more again we waited and waited then it got boring so I went out side to play we had so much fun more people turned up and it got packed. Anyways my dad told us to settle down and to keep the noise down. We said the prayer and started eating. The food was yum!! It was a big day for us and the twins happy birthday faith and gene.

This is us hanging out together.

Thursday, 20 July 2017

Having Some Fun!!

On Tuesday we had lots of fun, we did lots of thing but most of the things were playing outside. I woke up in the morning and went in the lounge I watched TV and got my baby sisters out from their room. I asked my mum "can I take Faith and Gene outside to have some fun" she replied "not yet it's cold outside just wait for a little bit longer" I answered "OK" then went to watch TV more. 12:00 came around and got sunnier so I asked again and luckily she said yes so I took Faith and Gene out side and had some fun. My little sister Eva and my little cousin Harmony were jumping on the trampoline while I was with my other 2 sister drawing on the ground with chalk. My little baby cousin Villy was relaxing with my big brother Ajani. We had so much fun. once we got inside we were to lazy from all of that sunshine outside.

Monday, 17 July 2017

Girls Night With Cousin And Sister

This is us hanging out with each other. We love being with each other but we can be annoying to each other at the same time. This is our night, girls night only, the boys are out training in the cold dark wind. Girls Rule!! on the left is my sister Eva, in the middle of course is ME!! and on the right side is my cousin Oalii.
This is me and my cousin Oalii.
and this is me and my litter sister Eva.