Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Calculate the area

Walt: calculate perimeter and length of a rectangle

Task description:

Room 7 had to complete the presentation above. This presentation is about calculating the area of a shape or even more shapes in one slide. After  I fished working it out I had to explain how I worked out the area of the shapes.

Tuesday, 22 May 2018

My Rocketcopter

Walt: Write a story using descriptive writing.

Task description:

Room 7 had to create a piece of writing and we had to use descriptive words about a invention that you have made up. But it had to be something that flies. After writing our story we had to create a screen castify and we had to explain what our invention was about and how I flies.

Friday, 11 May 2018

Mirroring shapes Prt 2

Task description:

In this presentation I had to try my best to draw a symmetrical shape on each slide. On each slide there is a different shape to draw and to work on, it got harder as we went. In each slide there is half a shape and we had to figure out how to make it look the same.

Monday, 7 May 2018

The Bad Guys

Just recently I read a book called the Bad Guys (attack of the Zittens) (Episode 4). The story is about a group of Animals trying to defeat a whole lot of zittens. Zittens are zombie kittens and are very dangerous. They are so cute and fluffy but as soon as you know it they will try to eat your face of. The bad guys are actually good guys and are the heroes of the story. The Villans name is Mr Marmalade.

I really enjoyed this book but however it was a bit to easy for me. I enjoyed this book because it had creativity and is so fun to read. The characters are funny and silly to others. In some bit of this story it made me wonder what will happen next or what is he going to do.

One of my favorite character in the story is Chicho which I think is a shark. He is probably one of the most funniest character in the story!

You must be thinking did the bad guys Defeat the Zittens? Well they did  There was an antidote which involved a lot of ingredients. At the end of the story Mr Marmalade congratulated the bad guys but had a little surprise. Which will tell you more information in the next episode (episode 5).

Sunday, 6 May 2018

Doodle Jump

Walt: write using descriptive writing. 

Task description:

As you all know we have just had 2 weeks of holiday and in this presentation room 7 had to write a holiday narrative. We had to base it on one of our favorite holiday highlight. I have based it on when My grandmother, cousin and I go to Extreme which is a arcade. In this presentation room seven also gave it a little twist. It is also a pick a path story, in the middle of the story there are 2 options and you all get to pick witch one we should have done.

Wednesday, 2 May 2018


If you guys remembered I am an ambassador. We have been doing a great job, presenting to visitor that have been coming to our school. You should know that being an ambassador isn't easy.  Sometimes we have to be at school around that 8.30 mark ready to get in our uniform. After we get into our uniform we go to the Tusitala and have a little practice before all the visitors arrive. Sometime we even go to different university. The only university that we have been to this year is M.I.T (Manukau Institute of Technology). Each time we present to our visitors Mr 
Somerville  looks at how well we present or remember our lines and by the next 
day he chooses a player of the day. When we present to our visitors we present to many people from different country's. We've had visitors from the United States and even from Canada. 

Here are some photos of the ambassadors presenting to some of our visitors!!

Mirror the shapes!!

Walt: recognize shapes and sides.

Task Description:
In this presentation room 7 had to try our best to draw a symmetrical shape on each slide. On each slide there is a different shape to draw and to work on. In each slide there is a half of a shape and we had to figure out how to make it look the same.