Tuesday, 6 November 2018

Sponge throw!

Walt: Create a successful recount

Water, what is water? Well, in my perspective water is life, fun, wet, cold and more. But what is water to you when you get to throw it at your teacher!?

This morning it was a bit more fun than usual. We started our morning off with getting ready for an
extreme fun time! Before we started our extreme fun time, Mr Goodwin gave us a little speech.
Part of it went like this, “you (as in all the team 4 classes) are going to be having a great time,
but your teachers not so much. This morning I saw teachers with a bag of spare clothes and a towel so
I had an Idea what we're going to do. We lined up outside, and walked in a squiggly line to the bottom
field and with a loud voice we received our instructions from Mr Somerville and Mr Jacobson.

Mr Somerville and Mr Jacobson had a bright orange vest on, as in they were going to do some road
works. Mr Somerville started us off with a big, good morning team, we all replied with echoing voices all
around the place. In that time our teachers were taking off jumpers, shoes and replacing them with
flippers floaties and goggles. In front of the classes were all together 9 colorful buckets filled up with
water and sponges and in front of the bucket were three chairs. We got into our literacy classes and
made three lines in front of the three buckets. I knew for sure what we were going to be doing, we were
going to chuck the wet sponges at our teachers. No wonder why our teachers were a bit stroppy this

Time to launch! The first set of people walked up to the buckets grabbed there sponges and released as
Mr Somerville yelled “ready, aim fire!” I was way at the back and so I had to wait a pretty long time for
my turn. There was a lot of noise and some pretty good shots too. About 5 minutes went past and it was
finally my turn. My first trow wasn’t so good as I hit Mr Goodwin on the leg, after my throw I went to
pick up my sponge and as I walked past Mr Goodwin I squeezed the rest of the cold water onto his
head. As flying wet sponges went through the air all three of our teachers were shivering by the first

Mr Goodwin was soaking by the time his whole class had hit him with the cold wet sponges. Half way
though Mr Somerville had called “whoever can get there teacher the most wet, will get to pour the
remaining cold water onto their teacher”. As soon as I herd Mr Somerville call whoever gets there
teacher the most wet, will get to pour the remaining cold water onto their teacher I started aiming for
Mr Goodwin's face. Poor teachers must have been having a hard time.  I was lucky to not miss
any of my shots, but there were a couple of shots that could have heart Mr Goodwin a lot. Our time
was over and Mr Somerville had chose from our three classes who got to pore the reaming water on
our teachers head, Chance, Pascal and Loseti, Chance poured it straight on top of his head Pascal
miss completely and Loseti poured it all over his head too.

This was such a fun time to have a play along with my friends and teachers. I hope we get to do this
another time, although our teachers would probably say no. Overall I had an amazing time getting my
teacher wet!

Task Description:
In this piece of writing we had to create a recount. This was actually a piece of writing for a test. We waited about a week to post this on our blogs. We didn't want to waste such a good piece of writing and so we decided to post it on our blogs.

Monday, 29 October 2018


Walt: Use correct sentences to help structure 

When you hear the word blindfolds what do you think of? I think of smashing into things, trust, and also obstacle courses. I didn’t expect to be blindfolded today!

Our morning in class started off with getting ready for a fun yet nerve wracking experience. To get ready Mr Goodwin made us line up outside. We walked to the wet green field and listened to our intrusions. Our instructions were to find a buddy and sit down. Mr Goodwin told us about what we were going to be doing, we were going to be blindfolded and were going to be taken around the playground. When I heard the word blindfolds and playground I think my heart rate went up a lot with excitement. 

My buddy was Eden. Eden and I were politely arguing about who was going to be blindfolded and who was going to lead. Once we finished arguing it ended up to be that I was going to be blindfolded first. I put the black blindfold on and set off to my journey. I felt like I could trust Eden and so I just let her take me anywhere. We went on the monkey bars, climbed up the ladders and just enjoyed our time, “stop and listen” Mr Goodwin called (as some of you know we usually call stop, look and listen) He called stop and listen because some of us couldn’t see.

My time was over and it was my turn to lead. First I took Eden to the flying fox, She swung back and flue across to the other side. She did hit her leg a bit, although I was rapidly calling “put your legs up”. I don’t know if Eden did trust me? Because of that I decided to take her on higher things so I could gain trust. We went up some ladders down a pole and stood in the middle of a high wood platform. Mr Goodwin called “stop and listen” once more and our fun exciting time was over.

I didn’t think we would have had so much fun when doing such a scary thing. I really wish I could have gone on many different things and, also wish we could have done this all day. Overall this experience was so much fun, I hope we could do more things like this more often!

Task Description:
In this task room 7 had to write a recount. We had to use correct sentence to structure a correct paragraph. We also had to use descriptive language to write a recount. 

Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Term 4, Te Wa Toi

Walt: Use correct sentences to help structure our writing.

The holidays are over and school has started again. The theme this term is all about art. Our theme this term is called Te Wa Toi. Are you excited to be back at school?

One of my favorite hobbies are art. This term we are learning about art and what types of art we can use. I love to draw, color and paint. This term we also have prize giving, athletics, manaiakalani film festival, reports and year 6 camp.This is my last term of being a year 6 so I will miss my teachers. It’s gonna be a great term.

My first goal that I want to achieve this term, is to become a leader for year 6 camp, Kawau island. My second goal that I would like to achieve this term is to confidently animate a animation this term. I would like to show more detail and a better descriptive voice over.

I want to learn about why artist give their paintings and drawings certain names and why they put it up for so much money! Another thing I would like to learn about is the meaning behind paintings and why artist would give meanings to their paintings. One more thing I want to learnt about is what is origami.

Overall I think Te Wa Toi will be a fun yet busy term. There’s a lot on this term like camp manaiakalani prize giving, and i’m hoping to reach my goals, and learn lots about different types of art. Overall this will be a great last term of being a year 6!

Task Description:
For this task room 7 wrote about this new term, and what our goal and expectations are. Room 7 also took a lesson on how to write a proper conclusion. I really enjoyed learning about how to write a conclusion, and I hope to learn much more about artist, paintings and origami.

Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Decimal Bronze Problem

Walt: Understand Decimal place value

Task Description:

In this presentation Mr Goodwin has put in number for us to turn it into a decimal numbers. To help us with decimals Mr Goodwin has put in the trendy house. The trendy house has the trendy numbers. In each column there is the tens, ones, decimal point, tenths hundredths and thousandths. 

Monday, 15 October 2018


YAY school is starting on Monday which is tomorrow I am so excited to be back and find out what the new theme is! I hope it is going to be fun. This term we have a lot of things to do there is prize giving this term. I wonder what our dance is going to be? I can't wait to see my friends, teachers and just be back in class. I hope you enjoyed all my holiday blog post because I wont be doing any more anytime soon.

Sunday, 14 October 2018

Netball tournament

Today is the day where I finally get to play netball. I am so excited because I am going to have lots of fun playing netball with my friends, Talk a lot and also laugh a lot. I hope we win all of our games. If we win some i'll be okay with that, but if we lose all our games well, better luck next time. Me and my mum went outside and set off to leave the house. IT WAS FREEZING!!! We went off to the courts and heaps of people were there. Lots of cabanas and set ups. We had 11 people in our team but in the start there was only 8 so we waited until the rest of our team came. A bit later we had to get ready for the parade. Tonga was hosting the parade this year and so we got to march first. While waiting for the other player to march up to the front, I saw lot of friends from school, about 6 or 7. After the march we went to our gazebo and waited for our first game to start. Time went by and we got ready for our first game. I played in the second half. We had 14 mins in one half and in the other. We played Niue first. WE WON 8/4. Next game was against Cook Island. I played the 2nd half for all the games. We won Again, 18/14. Our next game was against Samoa. We won again, 18/6. We had 2 more games left. Another Niue team and Maori. We won both of our game and so we won all our games!! The score for Niue was 15/4 and the score for Maori was 26/2. This was my 3rd year playing in the Pacific cup and my first year winning all my games. As people say 3rd times a charm. I had lots of fun.

Thursday, 11 October 2018

Up The Mountain

 Today we went up the Mount Wellington mountain. We woke up pretty late today but once everyone was awake we got my little sisters ready for kindy then took them to kindy. After taking them to kindy we realized no one had, had breakfast because we were all in a rush. We decided to have a late breakfast after the walk around the mountain. It was so fun walking around the mountain because I had so much energy. I don't know why but I was so hype even with a empty stomach. Well, I almost run the whole mountain, yes that is how hype I was. My sister and cousin was very scared of heights and so they were being drama queens. I had lots of fun scaring them. We saw a few dogs. One very happy to be outside and 3 cute dogs. We went around the other half of the mountain then went home. I'm lucky I did not fall. We went home and made us a healthy breakfast. We had fruity shakes. A couple minutes after breakfast we had to pick up my little sisters because one had a very high temperature. On the way to their kindy it was a DISASTER. We almost ran out of gas. So we almost got stuck in the middle of the road but lucky we made it home with filled up gas.