Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Sentences Types

 We are learning about sentence types.

I have learnt about simple sentences, compound sentences and complex sentences

Thursday, 23 March 2017

Voice Over For Maui and the giant fish.

This is a story about Maui and the giant fish. Maui wanted to get some fish to eat so he went out to sea and looked for the perfect spot to fish. Once he found his spot he threw his hook while holding onto the rope in the water. He waited and waited until he felt the hook pulling him so he pulled and pulled, capturing a giant fish which turned into New Zealand. It links because if we didn’t have enough food we  would have to share the food out equally. If we didn’t have enough food to eat we would probably get really sick. If we also didn’t look after our plants the plants would die and we wouldn't be alive.

Camp Writing

WOW!!! Last week on Wednesday (the first day of camp). I was so excited to get straight into the activities. Anyways, team 4 went camping on school grounds, and we had lots of activities. Some of the activities were kayaking,  youthtown, get lost killerzone, roller skating, basketball and skating in the hall. We also had lots of songs especially at the pools.

My highlight was the Moana a Nui Kiwa Pools. We went to the Moana a Nui Kiwa pools on Friday which was the last day of camp. At the pools there were 2 pools outside. Outside there was also a bombing pool, a waterslide and a water park. I liked the water park best. My other highlight was killer zone with Mr Jacobson. In killer zone it was like a obstacle course but it was also all about speed. When we went to killer zone we played the chiefs. The chiefs leaders were Chastyti and Tupuia. I was in the group Sheriffs. The team leaders were Kurtus and Naomi. It was a pretty close game. I also loved all the fun in the hall like the roller skating and the basketball.

I recommend all the kids should come to this camp because it is really fun and you will have a great time. Not only that but you get to spend time with your friends. It a great time just to hang at school and have fun.

I would like to thank my Dad for staying overnight and making sure that everyone was ok. I would also like to thank helpers for looking after us and sorting out games and fun activities, Mr J for setting up kiler zone and get lost, Mr S for making this awesome camp happen, and Mr Burt for sorting kayaking and making this camp happen. Thank you also to the team leaders for keeping this an awesome camp.

Friday, 17 March 2017

Problem solving Week 4

This is my problem solving for week 4.
The hardest problem for me to solve was problem 1.

Problem solving Week 7

This is my problem solving for week 7.
The hardest problem for me to solve was trying to times some times table on the 2nd slid