Wednesday, 13 February 2019

Compare and Contrast (Pt England way/Treaty of Waitangi)

Walt: Create a compare and contrast with a buddy.

Task Description:

This is my first day in extention. We got asked to make a compare and contrast with a buddy. My buddy I worked is Bethan! The compare and contrast is about the treaty of Waitangi and the Pt England way! We had to find the differences about the two topics and the similarities of the two topics is well! We had come up with some really good idea's for the compare and contrast. Check them out in the next slide above! 

I hope we do more activities like this, this year! :)

Monday, 11 February 2019


Walt: Work as a team and try to BREAKOUT

Today in math class we worked in our DMIC groups to breakout. You may have seen on other peoples blogs saying that they have done something like this before, but this is my first time. You may be thinking what is breakout? Well, breakout is a code cracker site. You are given clues to solve the code. The way you get clues is, you have to click on links which take you to website that connect with the questions you have to awnser.

The code cracker site we did today included dinosaurs. On the site there were names of different dinosaurs, photos of dinosaurs, and herbivore facts (some dinosaurs are herbivore"meaning" only eat's plants, grass, leaves and flowers.)

Here's my prediction

Walt: Predict was is going to happen in chapter 3.

Task Description:
Today, for reading, Mrs Tele'a read us a story called Lighthouse Blue. She read us 2 chapters of the story then set us off to predict what was going to happen in chapter 3. Down below you can see what my prediction is for chapter 3. Once we had finished predicting we got to listen to a couple of people's predictions then read a couple more chapters. Lighthouse blue is a very jumpy story and I now feel connected. I can tell that Mrs Tele'a reading class really enjoys this story!

After visiting the cemetery Anton seemed very scared. Anton is willing to see
where the music is coming from and so, he makes up a plan, but what is the
plan……? In the night he decides to sneak out of his bed and make his way down
to the cemetery.  The day is getting dark, Anton is getting more suspicious of Stan
and he is wondering, “what if I get caught? What is Captain Reckard and Alan
Reckard decides, to haunt me for the rest of my life?” The night came around and
Anton decided to make his move. Anton jumps out of bed, looks for his coat and
makes his way out the door. Stan is fast asleep and can’t hear a single sound.
Anton is shaking with fear, still thinking about what is going to happen. When
Anton put his foot out the door, he could remember hearing the saxophone and
clarinet creeping in his brain again.”It just sounded so sad” Anton says, talking
about the music. A few moments later Anton fall’s flat on the ground and begins
to sleep. He has no idea what had happened but Anton feels paralyzed. He
can’t move a muscle.

Wednesday, 6 February 2019

How Was Week 1 Of School?

What year am I in? What team am I in? How old am I now? Who is my teacher? All of those questions bundled up in my head, just until the first week of school started. I finally got to meet my new home, literacy and math teacher. Who are they? You may be thinking.

Well, My home and literacy teacher is Mrs Tele'a. Mrs Tele'a, she is a fun, awesome and a amazing teacher. For the first week she gave us lots to do. One of my favorite things I did this week is, drawing our visual mihi. My visual mihi has 4 things I admire and really like, so technically my interests. On 1 side I have Ratana Pa and The Tongan flag. On the other I have some koru's shaped as a love heart and in the middle I have written the word Maori. At the bottom of the koru's I have written "Family" which represent (of course) my family. I am really looking forward to learning some harder skills for math, literacy, spelling ETC.

 I hope I have a amazing year this year!

Friday, 25 January 2019

Making thick shakes!

Holiday Blogging!

Last day! [Concluding the Journey]

Day 5: The sky's the limit
Activity 3: Concluding the Journey

Differences and similarity's

Day 5: The sky's the limit
Activity 2: Adoption Day

I would most want to adopt the lion cup. Not only because they are cubs but because they are so cute. If I knew how to tame animals I would definitely like to tame a lion/lion cub!