Friday, 24 May 2019

Tantalizing Transformations!

Walt: Transform shapes using reflection, rotation and translation.

Task Description:

In this presentation we had to finish the following slides ahead. The slide that we had to finish included Rotation, Symmetry, Reflection and enlargement. I found that this slide was easy and hard at the same time but, I really enjoyed doing this week's math work! Check them out in the following slides!

Friday, 10 May 2019

Longitude and Latitude!

Walt: Find the latitude and longitude for the countries given in the presentation.

Task Description:

This week for extension we were told to find the longitude and the latitude of the countries given in the following slides. This was really fun as we got to explore on google earth is well as google maps! I also took some more time and explained what longitude and latitude is in my own words. This did take some time as it took a bit long to find where the longitude and latitude is for some of the countries. Have a look at my work in the following slides!

Thursday, 9 May 2019

My Journey Animation!

Walt: Create a animation about you and your families journey.

Task Description:

In this task we had to create an animation about my parents journey. In this animation I have put information where they grew up. We have a happy life and my parents are happy that all they're kids are safe and are very loving. I hope you enjoy my animation!

Attitude Talks Part 2!

Walt: Write a recount about the seniors attitude talk!

On Thursday morning we had the special Jannah and Tony come into school to talk about Friendship Factors. Jannah and Tony came to see how much we remembered when Jannah came the last time. They also came to remind us about the things that are really important about having a friend. We got to play some fun games too! One of my favourites was making a secret handshake with one of my good friends Eden. Another game we played was Rate the compliment. Three people went up the front of the street and made up a compliment right on the spot. The compliments were going towards anyone over 21 :D I had an amazing time listening to advice on how to be a good friend! I think the best advice on having a good friend is “remembering the special events.” Which means remembering when your friends birthday is or even a friendaversary. I hope all the advice given will help us when meeting someone new!

Another big thanks to Jannah and Tony for taking their time off of they’re day just to come and talk to us!

Task Description:

This morning we had Jannah and Tony come over and talk about "Friend Factors!" we were told to write a recount about what happened this morning. As you just read, we had another attitude talk with Jannah and a new person (for the year sevens) Tony. I had lots of fun as we got to play some amazing and fun games! I hope the next time we see Jannah and Tony we have lots more fun and play some other fantastic games!

Wednesday, 8 May 2019

Find this coordinate!

Walt: identify coordinates and use grid references to give directions

Task Description:

In this task we were told to finish the following slides. This week we learnt about finding coordinates of objects shown on the map. The slides had questions like find the coordinates of this object. It also had questions like "how would you get from PES to the pools." Have a look in the following slides! I really enjoyed doing this presentation because I haven't tried finding coordinates in a while!

Monday, 6 May 2019

Fairy Tales!

Walt: Create an interesting opening/introduction

Task Description:

In this presentation we had to write some interesting introductions to different fairy tales. The stories I chose were: Toy Story, Tangled/Rapunzel and Cinderella! Using these stories I had to make the reader hooked into read on wards! This was very fun as I got to pick amazing stories and create intro's/openings to these stories!

Thursday, 2 May 2019

First day back! (Immersion assembly)

Walt: Write a recount
We are finally back to school! The school holidays are over and lots of schools are back and learning! This morning I got welcomed into my class by my friends. We talked about what we did and what happened in our school holidays!

We started as usual, at 8:30 we have a team 5 assembly. After our team assembly we made our way to the hall for the immersion assembly! As sitting down on the chairs I looked up to see the new theme for this term! “I Like Your Latitude” is theme for this term! Latitude means how far  east and west we are in the world. Then, longitude means how far north and south we are in the world!

Team 1 was the first to share there movie! Team one shared a movie about our bees dying and, why we need them in our world. The movie that was presented included CCD which means, Colony collapse disorder. Team 2 presented a movie about finding Easter eggs. They looked up and down, left and right and all around. They looked under tables to find the Easter eggs.

Team 3 shared a movie about pick a paths. Team 3 made a movie about walking to school, there were different pathways to walking to school. The options were walking through a forest, walking through the beach and also, going to the shops. Team 4 made a movie about finding their own way back to school from Pak’n save, without google maps, or a car, just each other and a compass. Mr Goodwin set all the other team 4 teacher on this trip and at the end they found their way back to school.

Team 5 presented a short play. The play was about travelling around the world and was also about longitude and latitude. Miss Tapuke had to choose continents to travel to. She used a magic stick called a “fly swatter.” The first country she went to Europe. She went to Paris, France. Instead of going to countries they went to the continents. They missed two continents. Those continents were, Australia and Antarctica.Team 5 mad this play enjoyable with some funny parts too!

After the immersion assembly we went off to class and started the first day of school! How was your first day of school?

Task Description:

In this piece of writing room 3 had to write a recount about the immersion assembly we had on the first day back to school. We had to talk about the movies that were shared in immersion assembly. I had written about teams 1-5's movie's/ play.  This was a writing about a recount and so we had to write about what had happened in immersion assembly.