Wednesday, 28 November 2018

Camp Concernt (Team Mansion)

This is my team item from camp.

We worked very hard on our camp item. Mansion came up with lots of ideas.  We wanted to add more but by the time we could have it was the last day to figure out what we were doing. I had lots of fun dancing with my friends. Thank you to Miss Tia and Egen for helping us come up with a dance. And also for taking Team MANSION!

Tuesday, 27 November 2018

Kawau island reflection

Mansion is the BEST! Us year sixes just came back from Camp Bentzon on Kawau island. It was the best
camp I have even gone on.

As we arrive at Camp Bentzon we looked out the water and saw a beautiful blue sea. We went up the front
of the ferry and listened as we waited for the boys to start off their Haka. Peter and Erin were waiting up
the front of the wharf, watching us as we nervously arrived at Camp Bentzon on Kawau  island. We
walked out of the ferry and dropped off our day bags at the front of the camp, we then walked back and
forwards delivering our weekly bags and food off at the front of the deck.

After a long time we then assembled next to the volleyball court where we all placed our day bags. We had
a bit of a talk and in the next minute we were all walking up the dreadful killer hill. I started very strong but all of a
sudden I started to breath quit heavily. We walked halfway round, then sat and ate our morning tea. We
walked some more and found our way on the other side of the hill, I did fall quit a lot but that only happen
while I was walking up the hill.

The next day after we arrived we started our rotations, but started our morning off with a long fitness course
up killer hill. The first activity Mansion B did was kayaking, Erin took that activity. We arrived at the
household of the kayaks and carried them out to the sea in pairs of two. We then made our way throughout
the big blue sea. Even from far away we could see Bentzon A and their sail boats. I did fall out of my boat
but that's only because we were playing a game. I only got to see one stingray, but the others got to see
about 2 or 3.

Our last rotation of the day was sailing. There were 3 people who could go single, Isaiah and Paschal were
the first to stick their hand up but no one else wanted to go, so I slowly put my hand up, all of a sudden
Peter jumped and instantly asked what my name is. I then told him and then became the demonstrator.
Straight after I got sent off my way. Not much wind that day and so I did take a while to move from one
spot to another. I loved sailing, I was the best thing I have ever experienced. There is about one phrase I will
probably always remember which is “Tiller to the sail.”

Thursday was our last day for normal rotations. Our first rotation was the confidence course known as the
concourse. Mr J gave us one task, to make sure all our fear was in our head and to hug your mama. We
climbed up nets and at the top we had to come back to the front. We hugged the pole like we were hugging
our mama. Halfway through it started raining. We were just about to climb through tires. Once it stopped
raining we skipped one course and moved onto the next one. It was lots of fun, but I wish we could have
done more courses.

Last of all we finished the day off with abseiling. We were all confused but we did find out what abseiling is.
We all thought it had something to do with water, but it was really all about climbing a big long wall. I was
terrified. Paschal was busting to go first, but all of a sudden he backed out. I was supposed to go second but
because Paschal backed out I had to go first. I really didn’t want to go but I was already hooked in, so there
was no turning back. I started climbing and all I could hear was my heart pounding and people cheering me
on. As soon as I reached the top I looked down, then looked back up. “I don’t want to go down” I said to
myself, then I realized this was going to be the last time I did abseiling for a while so I made my way down
slowly and terrified. I reached the floor and I was so happy.

We had our camp concert on Thursday. Each day at camp we practiced and practiced until we got our
dances perfect. Team Mansion used 3 songs. Who run the world? (girls!), I want it that way and all over.
We had a pretty good dance, lots of levels because the judges were looking for that. Concert night is also
known as prize giving. During prize giving I got best girl sailor. For our item we came second place. We
were tempting to come first.

Friday was our last day at Camp Bentzon. Friday was known as sports day at camp. We got to swim, play
volleyball, touch and play bush baseball. The first activity we did was swimming. I was hoping to swim last
but we ended up swimming first. We usually could jump of the wharf but because it was the last day we
just jumped off the pontoon. To get to the pontoon we had to swim there. Some people needed life jackets
because it was deep. I didn’t need one because I am a good swimmer. When we did our activities we got to
have another team with us usually playing against them.

The ending game we play was bush baseball. It was called bush baseball because we were playing baseball
in the bushes. We were playing against Bentzon A. Some of the bases were hidden but luckily people had
to stand by them. The score was 21-42 to Bentzon A, I think. We had so much fun even though we did
lose all our games.

My highlight of camp probably had to be every time we were in the water. I love being in water. I wish we
could have swam all day! I loved going swimming, kayaking, sailing, jumping off the pontoon and
jumping off the wharf.

I would like to say a big thank you to all the parent that turned up to camp and help us with our activities.
Thank you to Peter and Erin for doing this camp every year for the year sixes. I would also like to thank
my parents for providing the money for me to come to camp. One more thank you to all the teachers that
made this camp possible.

Overall this camp has been my favorite so far. Lovely place, amazing games, beautiful water and wonderful
weather. I would love to go back to Kawau island anytime soon.

Cave Art animation Term 4

Walt: Learn about different types of arts.

Task Description:

In this animation I have done a cave art animation. There are a group of friends who need food. One day they went for a walk and found a big wild pig. They wanted that for there dinner but they couldn't do it all on there own so they needed to find more people they did and defeated the wild pig.  They finally had enough food for the family for a lest 3 months. I am very proud of this animation as I did edit quite a lot.

Monday, 19 November 2018

The Haunted Mansion

Walt: Write a story using a story starter.

“I’m hoping to bring my diary along with me, wait what's that noise.” Creeping through the bedroom a big scary “ohh it just you.” “MUM!, EVA GET OUT OF MY ROOM!”. I’m getting ready for camp and Eva just walked in with a white sheet over her head, don’t judge, I don’t really believe in ghost. Do you?

We got off the bus, and got into a long squiggly line, passing our bags and putting them onto the ferry.
We all hopped on the ferry. Looking out the window we see dolphins jumping out of the water and whales
blowing water out of their blow horn! “Turns out, mum let me take my diary” “Ohh I don’t feel to good, i’m
going to go and sit down.” Minutes later we arrive at kawau island. STOP, LOOK AND LISTEN” Mr
Somerville called “everyone needs to help get all the bags out of the fairy and after we will be going up
killer hill” All the kids sighed. Passing the bags along we place them all on the floor and start to find our
way up killer hill. Huffing and puffing we all take our time up the hill. Some kids did trip and fall then they
had to come up killer hill all over again. Finally we finish walking up the dreadful hill and find our way to
our cabins.

Dear Diary,
We have just dropped off our bag in our cabins. I’m in a room with Pisirian, Marika, Levonah, and Eden. Later tonight  we are all thinking of sneaking into that huge mansion next door, we’ll all probably just have a look around. Let me go check with them. They have all agreed on one thing, we are going to the mansion 9:00pm straight see you then. So it’s currently 7:00pm and we just finished dinner. We are all just about to go and play spotlight, wish me luck. Just finished our game and of course team mansion won. Getting ready for bed now (maybe). We are putting some warm clothes on and we are just about to leave.”

We all crept out of our cabin and almost got caught. On the lookout was Mr Goodwin, although he did l
look like he was asleep. He must be sleep walking. We arrive at the mansion and we tried to open the
door but its locked. We went through the back door. Who was stupid enough to leave the back door
open *flash back* Mrs Parrant used that door last. *back to reality* We went through the back door and
had a walk around, later we found things rattling and moving on the spot. We saw the lights flickering on
and off and later even saw doors opening and shutting. “Leave, you must leave” all of a sudden we got
softly pushed out of the door. We ran away and decided to never go back in there again.

When we got back to school Mr Somerville called the 5 girls who were stupid enough to sneak out and go
into the mansion. He showed us a video tape and it showed us sneaking around the mansion. Later after
the video he said  “We played you.” We were all confused. He yelled at us “WE PLAYED YOU GOOD!
It was all a joke someone found your diary and saw what you wrote in it” We all decided to give a lesson
and showed you what might happen if you can never see what might happen, that doesn't make sense.
You get what I mean. I’ll be calling your parents” Marika replied “So if you do show our parent they will
see that  you threatened their own children!” “ok i’ll keep it a secret “ answered Mr Somerville. All of a
sudden Pisirina jumped and said “Then how can you explain us getting pushed out the door.” “We didn’t
do that” answered Mr Goodwin standing out the door. Levonah replied then who did. “AHHHHH” they all

To Be Continued.......

Tuesday, 6 November 2018

Sponge throw!

Walt: Create a successful recount

Water, what is water? Well, in my perspective water is life, fun, wet, cold and more. But what is water to you when you get to throw it at your teacher!?

This morning it was a bit more fun than usual. We started our morning off with getting ready for an
extreme fun time! Before we started our extreme fun time, Mr Goodwin gave us a little speech.
Part of it went like this, “you (as in all the team 4 classes) are going to be having a great time,
but your teachers not so much. This morning I saw teachers with a bag of spare clothes and a towel so
I had an Idea what we're going to do. We lined up outside, and walked in a squiggly line to the bottom
field and with a loud voice we received our instructions from Mr Somerville and Mr Jacobson.

Mr Somerville and Mr Jacobson had a bright orange vest on, as in they were going to do some road
works. Mr Somerville started us off with a big, good morning team, we all replied with echoing voices all
around the place. In that time our teachers were taking off jumpers, shoes and replacing them with
flippers floaties and goggles. In front of the classes were all together 9 colorful buckets filled up with
water and sponges and in front of the bucket were three chairs. We got into our literacy classes and
made three lines in front of the three buckets. I knew for sure what we were going to be doing, we were
going to chuck the wet sponges at our teachers. No wonder why our teachers were a bit stroppy this

Time to launch! The first set of people walked up to the buckets grabbed there sponges and released as
Mr Somerville yelled “ready, aim fire!” I was way at the back and so I had to wait a pretty long time for
my turn. There was a lot of noise and some pretty good shots too. About 5 minutes went past and it was
finally my turn. My first trow wasn’t so good as I hit Mr Goodwin on the leg, after my throw I went to
pick up my sponge and as I walked past Mr Goodwin I squeezed the rest of the cold water onto his
head. As flying wet sponges went through the air all three of our teachers were shivering by the first

Mr Goodwin was soaking by the time his whole class had hit him with the cold wet sponges. Half way
though Mr Somerville had called “whoever can get there teacher the most wet, will get to pour the
remaining cold water onto their teacher”. As soon as I herd Mr Somerville call whoever gets there
teacher the most wet, will get to pour the remaining cold water onto their teacher I started aiming for
Mr Goodwin's face. Poor teachers must have been having a hard time.  I was lucky to not miss
any of my shots, but there were a couple of shots that could have heart Mr Goodwin a lot. Our time
was over and Mr Somerville had chose from our three classes who got to pore the reaming water on
our teachers head, Chance, Pascal and Loseti, Chance poured it straight on top of his head Pascal
miss completely and Loseti poured it all over his head too.

This was such a fun time to have a play along with my friends and teachers. I hope we get to do this
another time, although our teachers would probably say no. Overall I had an amazing time getting my
teacher wet!

Task Description:
In this piece of writing we had to create a recount. This was actually a piece of writing for a test. We waited about a week to post this on our blogs. We didn't want to waste such a good piece of writing and so we decided to post it on our blogs.