Monday, 23 February 2015

How I lost my tooth

I lost my teeth when I was 6 years old. l just lost my first tooth and it never grew back. I put it under my pillow and I got money. I saved it for a toy and then I got enough money for the toy so I spent it. Then when I turned 7 another tooth came and it never grew back like the other tooth.


Yesterday I went to a camping place but we weren't  camping there. We stayed in a house and we stayed next to the beach. In the morning we had breakfast then waited for a little while. Then we got to go down to the beach. It was cold there so we went on the other side and I brang my boogie board. There  was a big wave so I lay down and the wave brang me all the to the sand. I went with my mum dad nana papa uncle auntie and cousin. When we we're finished we went to have a bath. Then wehad fish and chips and we watched tv. We went home and went to sleep. That was a nice day for me.

Monday, 9 February 2015

All About Me

Hi my name is Jahzara and I have one brother and one sister. I have 3 pets but they are in Tonga. I have one cat and 2 dogs. My mum is pregnant. She is having tiwns. We don't know if we are having girls or boys. But everyone is excited to have twins. We have a big family. I have lots of family in Tonga and Australia and more from NZ. I love my family.