Thursday, 22 October 2015

Navy band

Today the navy band came to pt England school. They were awesome. They played heaps of song for us. Today was the best day ever. One of the men sprayed us with a water gun. It was cool.

Tuesday, 20 October 2015


 Wow what an exciting afternoon I had yesterday. Room 15 went to Mr Moran's class to learn about chromebooks.

We were matched up with a buddy. My buddy Hinerangi she was kind because she let me play some games. There was a dinosaur rap and a dinosaur slide. We listen to the dinosaur rap It was cool. We had to learn about all kind of dinosaurs. It was fun. We had to find pictures of the dinosaur on the internet. We both took tern of looking for photos. We had free time so we went on cool math games.

I felt so excited when I was able to learn about dinosaur with my buddy Hinerangi. We both had fun. I was so excited when I was about to go on the chromebook. My favourite part was when when we got to have free time on cool math games. I can't wait to get a chromebook next year. 

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

My holiday

Wow what an amazing day I had on Friday. I went to the to the movies, I watched Maze runner 2. I went with my Aunty, my little baby cousin, my sister, my brother, my grandmother and my cousin. I had popcorn, some drinks, chocolate and ice cream. My popcorn was salty.

The best thing the that happened was that we had fun. My little baby  cousin didn't cry once there was heap of scary parts and there was some funny parts too. I wasn't scared in the scary part. I can't wait for part 3 to come.

I felt excited when the movie was starting. I got a fright on a couple of the part but I wasn't scared at all. It fun.