Tuesday, 23 January 2018

What a crazy day!!

I't started off like a normal day. My cousins, sibling and I sitting on our devised staring at our screens, but then I remembered that my mum, dad and I were going to my aunty and uncles house to make sure we keep in contact with each other, have a feed and discuses about my dad's best friend's weeding. My mum and dad were going to pick me up from my nana's house at half past 3 so we can go to my aunty's house.  Once half past 3 came around my mum and dad came to pick me up. First we went to the super market to pick up a couple of things for the feed. Looking around for some things to bring we had no idea what to bring so we rang them to see what the needed. While we rand my aunty we saw a lady with her pet. Does anyone have any idea of what it could be? Well she had some type of lizard. I think it was a bearded dragon. We asked her if we could touch her pet lizard and she said yes. It took me a while to get over myself because I was terrified. After a while I decided to touch her pet. The bearded dragon had spikes on the top of it's body. When I felt the top it felt spiky and a bit rough. I never thought I would ever touch something like that before. Back to the feed with my aunty and uncle. We looked and looked then found all the things that we needed. We bought them and off we went.

Once we got to my aunty and uncles house we started to cook up some food on the BBQ. My parents talked and talked and I had nothing to do. My cousin Mercy is a bit shy but once she got her kite out she started to play with me more. Finally I had something to do. While playing with the kite my other aunty and uncle turned up. We played with the kite for a long time, but suddenly it got stuck in a tree! We had so much fun. The kite went way up into the sky. After Mercy took me into her room and showed me around. Mercy is pretty smart for a 3 year old. Mercy showed me her toys and her bed. After that me and her played with some of her toys until it was time to eat. My mum called us to the table then we said the prayer to bless the food then ate. We had so much yummy food. My favorite food was as always chicken nibbles. They were so yummy. After we ate we went outside and played with her kinetic sand. It was so much fun until it got stuck to our hands. We got so messy. After a while we had to go so we said goodbye and left. I had such a good time.

Friday, 19 January 2018


Hey Everyone, I've done something different today as you can see I've taken a video. I have been using this fun site called Symmetry Artist and I have been drawing funky and cool flowers. I have taken a video witch show how I drew my favorite flower. I loved the flower that I have drawn because I love the colors that I have used and I love the peddles that I drew. I have drawn some other flowers but they will only be photos. hope you enjoy!!!

Blanket Forts

Hey everybody, this holiday me and my family has been doing so much fun things. One of them is building a blanket fort. I have done an other blog post like this (link here) and it was so much fun. That was last year this is a new year and we've moved some thing around so we have made it in a very different way. This time we've made it larger. So as always we used some chairs and blankets. I used about 3 or 4 blankets to build walls and roof.  I placed two chairs 7 steps away from the dinning table, then placed a big long blanket on the top of the two chairs and table then tied a knot on both chairs to keep it in place. Next I put 3 blankets on the sides of my roof to make a wall. I had to try it over and over aging because it would keep on falling down. Finally I made it right and it would't fall down any more. After building a blanket for I had a little nap because I was really tired. After waking up from my nap I cleaned up all my mess and relaxed. It was so much fun! It may look small but actually it was pretty big.

Wednesday, 17 January 2018

The Bach

Who can guess where we went? Well if you can't, here is your answer. We went to the Bach, The Bach is around Orewa. We uselessly always go in the holidays and we did. I love going to the Bach because we get to swim almost all day. This holiday we went to the Bach and slept there for one day. We all had a bunk bed to sleep on, my mum and dad had an other room to sleep in and my grandparents slept in                                 an other room is well.

Before we went off to the Bach we packed our bags and cleaned the house. After we cleaned the house we put our bags into the back of the car and buckled in. Off we went to the Bach. It took us a long time to get to the Bach so my baby sisters and I had a nap in the car. Finally we made it to the Bach. We got our bags and put it into our rooms that we were going to sleep in. After a while we all went down to the beach and swam for a very long time. Luckily we stay right next to the beach so we didn't have to walk that far. We bought our bogie boards and had a very fun swim. Once we finished swimming we had a                          shower and got changed into nice and warm clothes.

Later on we had dinner and desert then watched a movie on the TV. We watched Nanny Mcphee. I haven't seen Nanny Mcphee in a long time so I couldn't remember what the movie was about. After the movie finished we went to bed and slept until the next morning.

Once the morning came we got up and had breakfast. After having breakfast we waited for my aunty, uncle and cousins to come so we could have a swim later on. When they came we had a walk on the beach with my grandparents, parents, siblings, cousins and parents. We weren't supposed to get wet and swim but we ended up getting wet and having a swim anyways. It all started off with my dad, sister and I splashing each other. Then we started wetting my cousin Peni, then my aunty and it kept going on until one of us dived in (my dad). I wanted to swim so I asked my dad and he told me just to jump in so I did. We swam for a little while then got dry and got changed because we were all going to go for another swim later on.

We had lunch, and sat down and relaxed until we were allowed to swim. Half an hour came around and we all got ready to swim. After getting ready we went down to the beach and swam for an other long time. When we finished we had a shower and got changed into warm clothes. Then we had dinner and desert and waited some more. Later on we packed our bags and put them into the back of our cars, then we said good bye to everybody and went home. I went home with my mum and sisters. My brother went home with my dad. Again it was a long ride on our                     way back home so I had an other nap in the car.

Once we made it back home we unpacked our bag and cleaned up our mess. I loved going to the Bach. I wish we can go some other time.

Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Swimarama and Movies

Hay everybody on Sunday the 7 on January My siblings, parents and a couple of friends went to the pools and the movies. Once Again we went to swimarama and had so much fun. We went to the pools with Eva's friend Mia and Ajani's friend Josh. First we got changed and went off to the pools then we paid our money and went in. The first pool I went in was the outside and cold pool. Then when I got  too too cold I went inside into the warm pools. After I went back outside and swam a bit more. Then I got tired and so I went to our table and ate my lunch. Once I ate my lunch we all went into the cold pool and played a game. We played catch with a handball, I was in a team with my dad, sister and Mia. My brother was in a team with Josh and Tane (Josh's little brother). Then once we finished swimming we got changed into dry clothes and went off to the movies. We went and watched Jumanji, we got our tickets and went into the cinema and waited till the movie started. Jumanji is about a group of people getting sucked into a game. In the game there is a curse on the jungle and they had to find out a way of reversing the curse. The way you have to leave the game is you have to complete the game and yell out it's name. That is all I will be sharing your going to have to go and watch it your self.

 I had so much fun

Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Instant snow

Do you ever wish there was snow in Auckland? Well here is a way of solving your problem if you are board. I will be making fake snow or as I would like to call it instant snow. Do you have a little brother or sisters who don't use nappies anymore? Well if you do then take some of those nappies and put them on a table or bench. Then grab a cup of water, a bowl and a pair of scissors. Next all you want to do is pour some water onto the nappie and wait for a bit. After a little while cut open the inside of the nappie and pick some up. If you don't like the texture of your instant snow add more water. Next put your instant snow into a bowl or container then play with it. If you want to add some color you can add as much as you want. If you decided to add color grab a spoon or a tooth pick and mix it around. Make sure you don't mix it with your hands because the food coloring could color your hands. This could get a little messy so keep a cloth or a towl near you just in case. Once all the color is mixed you can pick it up, you can shape it and you can make it into a ball. I think         this went really well and was fun to do. This is a great way of cheering your self up when your board.

Tuesday, 2 January 2018

First blog post of 2018!!

Happy new year everybody!! Today is the first ever blog post that I have done for 2018. Since this is my first ever blog post for 2018 I deiced to share something special that we have done for 2018. We went swimming!! Where? you ask well we went to swimarama in panmure. Me my sisters my brother and parents all went swimming. First of all we all got change into our togs and packed our towls then off we went to the pools. When we got to the pools we paid money from my mum and dad, then we went in and started swimming. We went to the cold pool first. Once my feet touched the cold water I didn't want to go in any further but I still did. After a while we all got used to the water and played around. Once my little sisters got to cold we all went inside to the warm pools. Then we all got board so we went back into the cold pool, but my little sisters sat in the sun and were finished. Then there was only my sister, my brother and me. We played for a while but then we found something. We found a hair clip and we thought what could we do with this? Then I thought of an idea, I said "why don't we throw the clip around and see who could find it first" we all said yes and played for a long time. We all had fun and a good time I hope we could do this another time. Happy new years!!