Tuesday, 2 January 2018

First blog post of 2018!!

Happy new year everybody!! Today is the first ever blog post that I have done for 2018. Since this is my first ever blog post for 2018 I deiced to share something special that we have done for 2018. We went swimming!! Where? you ask well we went to swimarama in panmure. Me my sisters my brother and parents all went swimming. First of all we all got change into our togs and packed our towls then off we went to the pools. When we got to the pools we paid money from my mum and dad, then we went in and started swimming. We went to the cold pool first. Once my feet touched the cold water I didn't want to go in any further but I still did. After a while we all got used to the water and played around. Once my little sisters got to cold we all went inside to the warm pools. Then we all got board so we went back into the cold pool, but my little sisters sat in the sun and were finished. Then there was only my sister, my brother and me. We played for a while but then we found something. We found a hair clip and we thought what could we do with this? Then I thought of an idea, I said "why don't we throw the clip around and see who could find it first" we all said yes and played for a long time. We all had fun and a good time I hope we could do this another time. Happy new years!!


  1. Happy New Year Jahzara. I loved reading your description of your family trip to Swimarama. You captured that sense of the water feeling so cold at the start - then you get used to it so it's not so bad. Thank you for sharing your blog,
    Jenny (Manaiakalani Education Trust)

    1. Hi Jenny

      Happy new years to you to. Thank you for that lovely comment that you have shared with me. Have you ever been to Swimarama? I hope you had a wonderful new years.