Friday, 19 January 2018

Blanket Forts

Hey everybody, this holiday me and my family has been doing so much fun things. One of them is building a blanket fort. I have done an other blog post like this (link here) and it was so much fun. That was last year this is a new year and we've moved some thing around so we have made it in a very different way. This time we've made it larger. So as always we used some chairs and blankets. I used about 3 or 4 blankets to build walls and roof.  I placed two chairs 7 steps away from the dinning table, then placed a big long blanket on the top of the two chairs and table then tied a knot on both chairs to keep it in place. Next I put 3 blankets on the sides of my roof to make a wall. I had to try it over and over aging because it would keep on falling down. Finally I made it right and it would't fall down any more. After building a blanket for I had a little nap because I was really tired. After waking up from my nap I cleaned up all my mess and relaxed. It was so much fun! It may look small but actually it was pretty big.

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  1. Hey Jahzara, this is fantastic! I love how you have included two photos showing different perspectives of the blanket fort. The photo on the left gives an idea of what it looks like from the outside and the photo on the right explains what is like to be underneath the blanket fort.

    I used to make these with my older brother all the time when we were younger. We would each choose a couch and set up on either sides of the lounge, then we would have a pretend war with blocks, cars and other things. It's a great memory!

    We would also force the cat to come and hangout with us under the blanket fort. However, she would often scratch us and flee!

    Thanks for posting!