Sunday, 9 July 2017

Animal journey

Some animals woke up at 6:00am just to go on a journey. These animals names are Guppy the pug, Lizzy the goat and Ben the bee. They went for a journey  to the city, they were going to go on an animal plane ride to Cook Island. They went through  traffic jam just to get to the airport. Their flight was at 8:00 am so they had enough time to get to the airport, so they stopped for lunch. For lunch they had Mcdonalds.

After lunch the animals made their  way to the animal airport. Once they were at the airport they went to their plane and took off. Half way through the plane ride Logan and Nick the pilot said “we're going down, everyone put on you lifejackets” the plane broke down and smash into the deep ocean.

All the animal swam up and were safe. They needed to find a house to live and stay in so they tried using the broken plane parts to help them float on the water, they also tried to find small part to use as a oar. “Yay” shouted the animals “we are safe we also found things that would float” said Guppy. They started to row north and then south they didn’t know where they were going. Then nick had an idea, he tried navigating by using the clouds. He said to everybody “did you know if you look at the bottom of the clouds you could see a reflect of green if land is near”

After nick's little talk to the animals they started to look at all of the clouds then Lizzy found one cloud that had green at the bottom of it. Suddenly Lizzy shouted “there I see one” pointing to one of the clouds, “good job” said ben, all the animals shouted horay and started rowing west. Day after day night after night they found their way to land.

“At last” cried the animals “we made it” said Nick “good job to all” said logan, “come on now, let's go” said guppy so they walked off and traveled around to find somewhere to stay in. bang bang bang! Knocked logan, kiarana said  the owner of the house that logan knocked on. “What did he say” said ben “He said hi” said Guppy “what” answer Ben “he said hi” shouted Guppy again “oh sorry” Ben said to Guppy. Logan said “hello can you look after these animals they are very well taught and behaved”, “ok but you are going to be telling me what they need everyday and night” said the man, nick said “they need water pet food and meat”, “ok” answered the man “by the way” he said “yes” said the pilots “my name is riro” “ok said logan bye now see you later this is your new home for now” “bye we are going to miss you” cried the animals. “I’m never going to forget you two” cried the animal again

And that was the end of my narrative.

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