Friday, 21 July 2017

Happy Birthday!!!

yesterday was my little baby twin sisters Birthday Faith and Gene. They were turning 2 years old. we were planing on having a big feed with our families. in the morning we went shopping for the big feed we also got some nice clothes for the twins to wear. after shopping around we did the decorations and started cooking. After all of the food that we made we cleaned the house and waited till people turned up. we waited and waited but suddenly we hear bang bang bang! it was someone knocking on the door I opened the door and my nana and papa shouted happy birthday!! we said thank you and waited some more again we waited and waited then it got boring so I went out side to play we had so much fun more people turned up and it got packed. Anyways my dad told us to settle down and to keep the noise down. We said the prayer and started eating. The food was yum!! It was a big day for us and the twins happy birthday faith and gene.

This is us hanging out together.


  1. Kia ora Jahzara,

    I hope that you guys had a wonderful birthday party for Faith and Gene! Did you have a special birthday cake for them? The cake is always my favourite part of any birthday celebration. What is your favourite part?


    1. Hi Rachel,

      we did have some birthday cake for Gene and Faith I just forgot to mention it. My favourite part of birthdays is singing the birthday song. See you online when SLJ comes around


    2. Sounds great! See you in November when I come into Pt England to chat about the next version of the Summer Learning Journey programme :)