Monday, 26 August 2019

Quick write (Death note)

My favourite Anime is Death Note.

Death Note first started off with a boy. He was a first year law student at university. One day he found a notebook. At the front of the book he found that the cover said, “Death Note.” This book came from another world, or as I like to use, another universe. The use of this book is to bring death upon bad or even good. The way this book works is, You write someone's name into the book. Using their first and last name. Once doing that, 6 minutes and 40 seconds will pass and whom you have written in the death note shall die with the cause of a heart attack. Light got addicted to the book and wanted to use it for criminals, he wanted it all for himself.

Reason 1:
What fascinates me is how people can get so addicted to one or more object so fast. Finding something on one day then, using it more than 5 times a day. Some people don’t notice that they are addicted to things. And in this case Light didn’t realize that he was addicted to the notebook he had found.

Reason 2:
Graphics. I found the graphics used in this show was on a high lead to my liking's. Other people may think differently to me but I believe Death note is a fantastic Anime show. The graphics are well detailed. I love the way the characters have been thought through carefully and have been drawn with lots of details.

Task Description:

In this piece of writing we only had 10 mins to write. We do quick write every now and then. The point of quick write is to warm our brains up to get ready for some other work. Quick write is also a time for us to think about the words we use and the structure of our writing.

Friday, 23 August 2019

Zebra fish poster

Task Description:

In this poster we had to provide 5 facts about the Zebra fish. Like the octopus poster we had to give a fact for every stripe instead of a tentacles. A Zebra fish has 5 stripes and so we had to complete the following instructions from Whaea Kelly. "For every stripe there is on a Zebra fish you have to provide a fact. Make sure they are each different." We then had to share this on our blog for our viewers to see!

Click HERE to see poster!

Octopus poster :)

Task Description:

In this poster we had to list 8 facts about a octopus. For every tentacle we had to come up with a different fact. We then had to post our poster on our blog and summarize what we learnt about. To complete this poster we had to post a title, write a task description and add labels.

Some of the things we learnt about is, where octopuses live. They like to hang around coral reefs and in the shallow grounds under the water. We also learnt about, what type of species octopuses are. We found that the octopuses are mollusks.

Click HERE to see poster.

Thursday, 15 August 2019


Today the year 7 & 8 Extension group and a few other selected students went to visit KPMG. He mea I roto e te wai is our school wide theme for term 3. As we went to KPMG we focused on how to save our environment. We also looked at Maori gods.

As we walked into the infinity room we found ourselves a seat as people introduced themselves. After, we had others talk to us about themselves, their career and the environment. They talked about ecosystems, what an ecologist is and what they do. We had a chance to ask questions and talk about our thoughts. We then ate yummy scones! We were able to add extra toppings.

At one point we also visited sustainable coastlines. They taught us different ways our oceans and rivers get polluted. I learnt that one of the ways our oceans and rivers get polluted is from our instruction workers. When instruction workers use diggers (ETC) we found that the mud they put in a pile finds its way to the oceans and rivers. How? Well, when it rains the mud gets watered down, travels through land and ends up in water.

After, we made some type of technology to show to teachers and KPMG helpers. But first, we researched about our Maori gods we were assigned to learn about. Then, we started to create.

Thanks to KPMG for another amazing term!