Saturday, 21 January 2017

Day 16 Bonus Activity (Waitangi Day)

In NZ  our national holiday is on the 6th of February It is called Waitangi Day. On Waitangi day my family and I just relax at home. Last year we had a hangi. It's a really special day to remember the Treaty of Waitingi when they signed the treaty for the english to reside in New Zealand. Now those english people are called Kiwi's just like everybody else who lives in New Zealand.

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  1. Hi Jahzara,

    I love the image that you found for the 'Waitangi Day' celebration. Where did you find it? Could you please add an image attribution to your blog site that tells us where you found it? An image attribution is a link to the original website where you found the image. Thanks :)

    I hope that you and your family have a wonderful Waitangi Day celebration on Monday. Do you have any special plans? I think that I will take Aronui to the beach and to his marae to honour the day. His marae is in Ngaruawahia and he loves going down to visit his family on important days, like Waitangi Day.

    What do you and your family enjoy doing on 6 February?

    All the best,
    Rachel :)