Friday, 13 January 2017

Day 12 Activity 1 (TV Shows)

Good morning blog viewers. Today is day 12 of the Summer learning journey. Today I will be learning about different TV shows. Lets begin!

I have been asked to watch a popular television show from the country I have decided to choose from. I will be watching a Australia TV show called the voice. I love the voice because I love to sing and I like that they try there hardest to make the Judge's to turn. I am supposed to say things that I don't like about the voice but I love them all. If one of the Judge's turn for me I would be so happy and so surprised. I would rate this TV show as a (*****) 


  1. Hi Jahzara, I really enjoy the voice Tv show as well. I like that the people a judge on their singing not what they look like and often when the judges turn they are very surprised when they see who is singing. If you were on the voice and all the judges turn which judge do you think you would choose?
    From Miss Davis

    1. Hi Jahzara,

      That is a great choice, I really like Alicia Keys. When I was in year 7 at school we had to talk about a musician and I choose Alicia Keys. What made you choose her over the other judges?

      Miss Davis

  2. I really liked this blog. I can see how much you love The Voice : )

    Keep up the great work!