Thursday, 19 January 2017

Day 16 Activity 1 (national holiday)

My big overseas adventure is about to come to an end☹. Before I head back to NZ I have been ask to spend the last few days seeing the most famous and important sights in the country because today is a very special day! It’s a major national holiday and everyone is celebrating!. This is what most people do in Australia. It is a huge event in Australia with most people attending local community festivals, concerts or parties. It is common for people to get together with friends to have a BBQ. This is what I would do, I would go see my uncle and aunty and have a BBQ I would also go to the beach and have a swim.


  1. Hi Jahzara,

    That sounds like a great plan - I love to spend the holidays with my family and friends going for swims and playing at the beach. I used to spend the majority of every summer at the beach because I worked as a lifeguard. I loved my job! It was so much fun!

    I hope that you have a lot of fun today playing with your family and friends.

    See you online again soon!

    Rachel :)

  2. Hi Jahzara!

    This is nostalgic for me too. I would spend my day exactly the same except I would go to my parents first.

    Nga Mihi,