Sunday, 8 January 2017

Day 5 bonus Activity (my dream)

I looked around the room. Nothing seemed unusual, but then I went outside and I saw hot steaming lava on the floor. Maybe it was just my imagination but it seemed real to me, anyway I closed the door and looked for my family. I shouted "mum dad" but there was no reply. I started to get worried. Then I looked outside again and there was a lot of flowers and all of the lava was gone. I thought maybe I was dreaming and my emotions controls the weather. I said to myself maybe I want to be in my own dream for a little while, so I stayed. Then I went to the back and played on the trampoline. As soon as I got on to the trampoline I felt a gentle push, I also could hear someone saying my name in my ear. Then I woke straight up. I was quite sad that I woke up from my sleep, but I was ready to start my morning again.


  1. Hi Jahzara,

    Wow, what a dream! Your story started off in quite a dramatic manner. I was really worried about the lava that you saw on the floor and was wondering where it had come from. Fortunately, it didn't last for very long!

    Perhaps it disappeared because you had a happier, more positive thought. I like the idea that your feelings could be linked to the weather. That is quite a cool idea...

    What would the weather be like today if your emotions could control it? It would be mild, sunny and calm today if my emotions were in control because I'm feeling very happy, settled and relaxed as I sit here reading through your fabulous blogs and posting comments. It's a pretty fabulous way to spend a day :)

    Thanks for this great story, Jahzara. I really enjoyed reading it!



    1. The weather would be a rainy kind of day because I would just like to relax.

    2. Hi team!

      I also really liked this story. Well done Jahzara!

      Thanks for sharing such a wonderful idea!