Friday, 13 January 2017

Day 12 Bonus Activity (Famous TV show NZ)

This is a link to Family Feud.
Family Feud is a TV show on TV3. This is just about families answering the question from the host.
The families get points if they get the answers right if they get it wrong they get a cross up on the board. They get 3 chances.


  1. Talofa lava Jahzara!

    It's great to see you online today and posting another blog for the Summer Learning Journey programme. I had to smile when I saw that you'd posted a link for 'Family Feud.' It is a really entertaining programme, isn't it? I used to watch the American version of Family Feud when I was a young girl living in Canada. It was fun to see families working together to get as many answers as they possibly could in each round. My sister and I would sometimes play the game at home and try to guess the answers before the family had their turn. Do you ever do that?

    Thanks for reminding me about this fun TV show, Jahzara. I will follow your link and enjoy watching an episode of the programme with my lunch today!

    Rachel :)

    1. yeah Family Feud is a very entertaining TV show to watch. yes we do try and answer and get it right some times we even get into groups, we have to see who has the most points and who ever loses they have to make the teas, who ever wins they have to just relax.

    2. Haha! That sounds awesome Jahzara, I'm sure my family would do the same thing. It sounds like you turn watching TV into a game!

      What fun!