Sunday, 8 January 2017

Day 4 Activity 1 (weather in Canberra)

The weather forecast for the next five days is:
Today Sunday 8th of Jan is a sunny to partly cloudy. 
Monday 9th of Jan will be variable clouds, and a t-storm.
Tuesday 10th of Jan will be clouds and sun with a shower.
Wednesday 11th of Jan will be sunny to partly cloudy.
Thursday 12th of Jan will be partly sunny and pleasant.

1 comment:

  1. Wow great weather forecast, Jahzara!

    I think you've done an excellent job here. What I would really like to tell you now is a story about how we measure temperature (Haha, the teacher in me is coming out! Watch out!)

    A long time ago, a Polish scientist invented the scale of Fahrenheit, using equal parts salt and water to make the temperature of 0 degrees on the thermometer (which was a 200 year old invention at that point, but he made a new version which used mercury - which made it more accurate). Then he used the average human temperature to make the high point of 96 degrees. And that is how the thermometer was marked so people could say what the temperature was. Sounds a bit strange, right?

    Celsius, our measurement, was made because a scientist thought 'Fahrenheit is illogical. Salt water, human body heat? What do they have to do with anything? Why don't we just use the freezing and boiling points of something easy, like water?' and so he made ANOTHER scale on thermometers called degrees Celsius!

    And that's what we use today! So, 0 degree Celsius is when it is so cold that water freezes, and 100 degrees Celsius is when water boils. Cool eh? In Fahrenheit those are 32 and 212. Such random numbers!

    I know that the website probably automatically went to Fahrenheit because it is an American one, but there will be a button you can hit next time to change it.

    Anyways! Keep up the great work! I hope my little story was interesting!

    Kia kaha!