Friday, 6 January 2017

Day 2 activity Bullfighting

I am with the 30% who think bullfighting should be banned in Spain. This is because bullfighting can hurt or kill people, and not only that but the matador kills the bull at the end which I think is not very nice.

Did you know that bulls are color blind? I learnt this from Pt England school last year.


  1. Hi Jahzara,
    You are posting so many posts and learning so much. Well done.
    I went to a bull fight in Valencia, Spain over ten years ago. I went because I wanted to see for myself what really happens at a bull fight.
    Parts of the event are quite beautiful with dancing and pretty horses, however, the actual bull fighting was just awful and I couldn't stay and watch. So I agree with you in thinking that bull fighting should be banned.
    Keep up the awesome research and learning.
    Miss King

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  3. Tolofa lava Jahzara,

    I think you're right about that too. Miss King definitely knows what she's talking about. I think bull fighting is a horrible thing.

    I hope you're having fun with the Summer Learning Journey! That was one of the harder questions and I think you've done really well!