Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Day 13 Bonus Activity (The Beatles)

I have watched the trailer of the movie about the Beatles. I have been asked to share with you 2 facts about them.
  • The Beatles were first created in Liverpool in 1960
  • The group broke up in 1970

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  1. Hi Jahzara!

    These are excellent facts. I can see how you have thought critically about what was being said, and rather than state the "drama" as a fact, you have chosen two very solid and true dates. This is a very hard skill to master, and to see you actively thinking about what is fact, and what is opinion, is very cool.

    Keep up the solid effort.


  2. Hi Jahzara,

    I completely agree with Mark. You have identified two really important facts about The Beatles. They truly were a very iconic band. In fact, they were so popular that people used to follow them around in cars and wait outside their hotel room for them to emerge. Sometimes the fans would get so excited when they saw them that they would faint or start to cry uncontrollably. They had an almost magical quality about them!

    Have you ever heard any of their songs?

    I hope that you're enjoying a lovely day with your family and friends. I think that I may listen to an old Beatles CD in the car on the way home from work tonight. Two of my favourite Beatles songs of all time are 'Yesterday' and 'Hey Jude.' They're slightly less upbeat than some of their others but they're really pretty.

    If you're interested in hearing the songs, feel free to follow these links:

    Hey Jude:

    Rachel :)