Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Day 14 Bonus Activity (Prime minister)

I have been asked to tell you if I would like to be the Prime minister. I would not want to be the Prime minister because being the Prime minister is very hard work and lots of sorting out and interviewing has to  be done. Also because I won't have enough time to spend with my family,or play the sports that I love playing.


  1. Hi Jahzara,

    I have to agree with you on this one! I don't think that I am cut out for being the Prime Minister of New Zealand, either. It is a very demanding job. You are expected to attend meetings, ceremonies, and events frequently and to be available to your cabinet, the people of New Zealand and your family all of the time. It must be very hard to juggle all of the expectations!

    Interestingly, the United States of America is about to 'crown' their newest president tomorrow. Mr Donald Trump is going to become the President of the United States on Friday 20 January. Apparently, he has already told the country that he will be taking the week-end off after becoming president and will start his job on Monday 23 January. The people of America are not too happy about it! They expect that their president will be doing his job every day and will be leading their country from Monday - Sunday. It really is a tough job, 'eh?!

    Keep up the great blogs, Jahzara. You are working very hard!

    Rachel :)

  2. Hi Jahzara!

    I was sure I had read and commented on this answer before. Sorry.

    I think you're right that it is a hard job, but I also think it is a job for someone that wants to help everyone. I think the best leaders aren't necessarily the ones that want to be the leader, but the ones that people need to be the leader. So with your attitude and kindness, I think you would make a good Prime Minister.

    Kia kaha,