Thursday, 26 January 2017

Day 20 Activity 1 (Family Meal Together)

My trip has now come to an end and it’s time to fly back to New Zealand. As I board the airplane, I start to think about all of the people who will be waiting to pick me up from the airport in Auckland and I am very excited.
Imagine that I have just arrived at the airport in Auckland. My whole family is there to welcome me. They can’t wait to hear all about my trip! I decide that I’ll go home and have a special meal together to celebrate my return. My mum offers to make me anything that I would like to eat. If it was Rachel, she would ask for homemade hamburgers with ketchup, American-style mustard, onions, tomato and lettuce; Cajun-style wedges with tomato sauce and Greek salad with cherry tomatoes and lots of feta cheese. For dessert she would ask for vanilla cake with chocolate icing and Neapolitan ice cream.
This is what I would eat, I would eat cheese pasta and mini mince and cheese pies. For dessert I would have vanilla ice cream and a raspberry cheesecake. The reason why I have picked these food because these food are my favourite things to eat


  1. Hi Jahzara,

    Yummm! Your choice of dinner treats sound amazing. I also love ice cream and raspberry-flavoured desserts. They are so tasty!

    Speaking of tasty treats, my birthday is coming up pretty soon and Aronui (my son) has offered to make me a special birthday cake. He's learning how to bake and really loves it! Do you enjoy baking? Is it something that you have the chance to do very often at home?

    I hope that you have the chance to enjoy some cheese pasta, mini mince and cheese tarts and raspberry cheesecake with vanilla ice cream very soon.

    Bon appetite (Happy eating)!

    Rachel :)

  2. Hi Rachel,

    I really love to cook/bake with my mum, dad and nana. It is something that I sometimes have the chance to do very often here at home. I would only back with my my mum, dad and nana for dinner or deserts.

    Thanks for commenting on my blog