Thursday, 12 January 2017

Day 11 Activity 2 (My sporting hero)

I have been ask to write about my sporting hero and here she is. My sporing hero is Maria Tutaia because she plays netball also sometimes when I see her play on TV she changes how I play for my netball games. She is the best.    


  1. Hi Jahzara,

    I was just responding to your post with the great pictures of you playing netball when I saw this blog appear in my feed. I'm not surprised that you've chosen Maria Tutaia given your interest in the game. She is a really good choice!

    I also admire Maria for her dedication to the game, her skill and her passion. I can still remember watching her play in the ANZ Championship game in 2011 when she scored the winning goal against the Magic. It was pretty magical!

    I hope that you're able to watch Maria play this year. Does she still play for the SkyCity Mystics?

    Great blogging, Jahzara. Keep it up! You're already more than halfway through the programme. That is pretty cool:)


  2. Hi Jahzara, I concur with Rachel on this one. On and off the court Maria stands up and does her very best.

    She is a sporting hero we can expect the best from, and I think she recognises that she is a role model for girls (and boys) everywhere.

    Keep up the excellent blogging.