Thursday, 5 January 2017

Bonus Blogging (letter)

5th Jan 2017

Rm 11
Pt England Primary School

Dear Eden

As part of the summer bonus blogging activity. I have chosen to visit the county Australia.

I have chosen the country Australia because I would like to see my uncle Tieli and aunty Shannon.  They both live in Sydney.

I would like to visit Australia because I haven't seen my uncle and aunty for awhile, also I would love to watch one of my uncle's rugby game while I'm there.

I will just be gone for a couple of days.  Feel free to come with me if you want to.

From your friend,


  1. Doing so well Jahzara! keep up the good work.

  2. That's awesome Jahzara! Can I come too? Haha!
    Well done babe.

  3. Hi Jahzara! It's me again!

    Awesome letter! Who is Eden? I used to have family in Australia too, but they all came back here. What would you like to do with them if you went to visit? Hit a beach? Theme park?

    Keep up the great work!