Wednesday, 4 January 2017


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This is the game CLUEDO!! 
We got this for Christmas. This might be the best board game that i’ve ever played because it’s not too long. There are 6 little  character tokens, 6 weapon tokens, 1 yellow murderer envelope, 21 black cluedo cards, 1 game board, 1 detective notepad and 2 dice. The 6 little character tokens are use to get from place to place that’s what the dice are for.
You also have to use the weapons to know who is the murderer with the weapon in the room. The yellow murderer envelope is used to to reveal the murderer of the game, inside the envelope will be 3 out of the 21 black cards. The detective notepad is if someone showed you a card.
Example if someone said it was the red one in the kitchen with the pistol the person will have to show either the red one, the kitchen or the pistol and if you couldn't answer you will have to say I can not answer. The the person on the left will have to answer but if no one could answer, on your turn you will have to make it back to the middle of the game board then once you’ve made it to the middle you have to say “I accuse that it was the red one in the kitchen with the pistol. Then take the cards out of the enveloped and if it’s right, you won. Anyways my family had a good time with this game. Thank you mum and dad for Cluedo. Please leave me a comment. Thank you.

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