Tuesday, 3 January 2017

The Best Christmas Ever

This christmas my family went to visit famlies in 4 different places. First we went to my nana’s who lives down the road from our house, we went there for breakfast.  After breakfast we opened our presents, my little cousin Mr Ofili handed out the presents. Once all of the presents have been opened we played around until we had to go to my granddad so we can have lunch with him. When we finished lunch we waited for my aunty and my other cousins so we could open our presents. I got this really pretty bracelet just like my sister. Then we had to go and see my aunty Sila at the cemetery. After we went to see my aunty we went back home so we could have dinner with my Nanee and Pops. it wasn’t quite ready but we had a big surprise, we didn't know what it was but as soon as we got out side we were so happy because we got a trampoline from my Nanee and Pops for christmas. We also got a netball hoop from my uncle Mose. This was the BEST CHRISTMAS EVER. I hope all you families had a good christmas too.

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