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Day 5: Wasting away
Activity 3: Faded Glory
On your blog, list three different ideas or strategies for raising funds to preserve the Great Barrier Reef. What could you do to fundraise here in New Zealand?
I have had some experience with fundraising for important things like raising money for the 40 hour famine and for autism also know as ASD.

The 40 hour famine is a fundraiser for the people in south Sudan. We fundraised money for the people who lost their families and has no food to eat. We do this fundraiser at school. Our goal is to not eat any food except for barley sugars and drink only water or just juice.

The ASD stands for the Autism Spectrum Disorder. At the ASD we learn how to play basketball with autism kids. We teach them very carefully how to dribble the ball, to pass and more. Our sessions go on every Wednesday. Each person that turns up will have to provide $2 dollars.

1. Set up a activity for a month or so for a good causing
File:Activities for world environment day in Bhopal (11).jpg
2.  Garage sale/Bake sale
File:2011-02-12 Yard sale on Green St 1.jpg
3.  Mowing the lawn for your neighbors/family
4. A fun day (Bouncy castles, games and water activities)
File:Broomhill 2014 Funday 9040.JPG

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The two dirty rivers!

Day 5: Wasting away
Activity 2: The black drain. 

Day 5: Over-fishing!

Day 5: Wasting away
Activity 1: Off the menu
What do you think about this rule? Is it fair that people are charged up to $100 000 for over-fishing?
On your blog, tell us what you think about this rule and why you think it!.

I don’t think that being charged for over-fishing is very necessary, but also I think it is necessary.

I think it isn’t necessary for being charged for over-fishing is because some families need lots of food to make sure they feed their whole families. Some families don’t have enough money to pay if they are being charged. I personally think that the price of money to pay is a ridiculous amount of money to be payed. I have no idea why it is so much money, but I want to say that the amount of money people need to pay for crimes they have done are a lot of money. If it is a very bad crime then it should be raised but if it was something small then it should be a less amount of money.

I think it is necessary for being charged for over-fishing because some people absolutely know that you are not supposed to go over the fishing limit. Some people just do it because they want to, some also try to get away with being over the limit but, gets caught anyways. You might be in a area that has signs up saying the amount of fish you are allowed to catch. I think that all fishing grounds should have a sign saying the amount of fish you are allowed to catch because I think it will help people to do the right thing and people are not over-fishing.File:Fish and Wildlife Service worker on boat checking gill net full of fish.jpg

Sunday, 30 December 2018

The perfect picture

Day 4: Spectacular, spectacular
Activity 3: Picture perfect
On your blog, write a short story about what you think is happening in the picture. Be sure to tell us where you think the people are and what you think they were doing at the time that they stopped to pose for the selfie. To earn full points, the story must be 8 – 10 sentences long.
You can see in this picture there are a group of friends/family trying to take a photo. I feel like these people are somewhere in the south part of USA. The reason why I think that is because one of the man in this photo is wearing a Chicago t-shirt. Which is (correct me if i'm wrong) the south side of the USA.

 They must be taking a photo of them at a special occasion. They want to capture this moment to remember it and treasure it forever. As you can see that there are a whole bunch of them and so it is very hard to fit everyone is the photo, because there a whole lot of them that doesn’t mean they want to give up. They start to smile, pose and even laugh. Andrew (Made up name/Person taking the picture) tries to find the perfect angle and lighting. 

In my opinion I would have place the camera somewhere to lean up on the wall, then put it on time so everyone would have time to get ready. If there is no place to put it I would ask someone to take a photo (in the public or a family member who doesn’t want to be in the photo.)  I would share the photo around to all the people in the photo or even post it on social media (if I was old enough). What do you mean social media? Well, I mean like, Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram! Finally the photo has been taken! They all have a look at it and its all blurry. “Ohh man , this is going to take a while!” says Andrew!

New names (geothermal pool)

Day 4: Spectacular, spectacular
Activity 2: It's All in the name!
On your blog, give us a list of three to five options for the name of this geothermal pool.
Put a star (*) beside the name that you like the most

  1. The Devil’s Bath
  2. Apple Bath
  3. The Green Meltdown
  4. Devil’s blood (*)

  1. The reason why I have put down The Devil’s Bath is because I really like that name and wouldn’t mind if it stayed the same.

  1. The reason why I have put down The Apple Bath is because the color of the geothermal pool is around that apple green color.

  1. I have come up with the name The Green Meltdown because The Green Meltdown seems like it will suit the geothermal pool very well, and it also seems like a very fun name too.

  1. Devil’s Blood will remain half of the original name (Devil’s Bath). I have wanted to use this name because it is very catchy and I like it very much.

That’s all I have in mind and so just keep in tune for more holiday blogging!

Day 4: Planes, Trains and Automobiles

Day 4: Spectacular, spectacular
Activity 1: Planes, Trains and Automobiles

Image contribution #1
Image contribution #2
Image contribution #3

Saturday, 29 December 2018

Thursday, 27 December 2018

Boxing day special

So today is boxing day!

We have just come back from the movies! We went to go and watch Aquaman! It was one of my favorite movies I have seen in a while. We went to watch our movie in the morning witch started at 10:00am! Before we went to watch the movies we went to have breakfast. We went into Pak'n save and looked for some hot pies! After our yummy breakfast we made our way to the theater. Because it was boxing day it was packed! There was a lot of people wanting to buy clothes, to shoes and shoes to makeup. When we arrived at the movie's my dad went to go get some change. We then decided to play some games, at the arcade! We got $4 dollars each! After a while it was time to make our way into the theater. Did you know that my family and I are one of the first people who has watched Aquaman?

I really do recommend watching this movie as it was happy at times and sad at sometimes!

We had so much fun watching Aquaman and also playing some games.
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How to make.........

Day 3: Now you 'sea' me     now you don't
Activity 2: Local delicacy

Tuesday, 25 December 2018

Christmas day

Today is Christmas!

Today in the morning we are going to see my Aunty Sila! Instead of buying her a present we bought supplies and craft it instead. We got a sign that says "Family." We each got a letter to paint on. My letter was L. I decided to paint some Christmas thing on my letter.

For lunch we went to my nana's (dad's mum) and had some amazing food. We had amazing food's and deserts! We waited for people to arrive then started eating. After eating we got to revived our presents. I got a lovely white desk which I really wanted!

For dinner we went out to Denny's with my Nanee (mum's mum) pops, Aunty, cousins, and uncle. For dinner I decided together the fettuccine with white bechamle. After eating we went home and got to open our presents! What I revived from my aunty is a DC "star Laboratory" T-shirt. It is awesome!

Anyways I hope you all had an amazing Christmas!
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Who is the strongest/toughest?

Day 2: Fabulous flora
Activity 2: Mighty Mangroves

Monday, 24 December 2018

Sunday, 23 December 2018

True or false?

Day 1: Swim with the fish
Activity 3: Something smells fishy
On your blog, write out each fact and in CAPITAL LETTERS beside the fact, write the word ‘TRUE’ if it is a true fact or ‘FALSE’ if it is not true.

or False?






Here I have put the question that was being asked at the top and my facts.

The Great Taupo Cycle Challenge

Day 1: Swim with the fish
Activity 2: The Great Taupo Cycle Challenge

On your blog, list the three people you would like to have on your Lake Taupo Cycle Race Support Crew. Tell us why you have chosen each person.

Who I would take along with me is, My brother Ajani. The reason why is because very fast and energetic. I know I have a connection together and so we will have lots of fun. 

The second person I would love to take along with me is my mum. I would love to take my mum along with me because she makes sure we are always organised. If I didn’t take her along with me what would probably happen is that we would take a wrong turn! 

My 3rd and final person I would like to take along with me is my dad. I’ll take my dad along with me because he is very fast and strong. He also likes to push us with what we do so we will be doing great. 

If I could choose 4 people my last person to take along with me is my sister Evangeline. Eva likes telling us what to do and so she would make sure we get it right. My support crew is technically my whole family. The only people missing are my little twin sisters. They are only 3 years old so I think they would be a little too young.

Day 1: My favorite summer activity

Week 2: Water, water everywhere
Day 1: Swimming With The Fish
Activity 1: surfs up!
On your blog, post a picture of yourself doing one of your favorite summer activities. Below the picture tell us what the activity is and tell us why it is one of your favorites.

This is a photo of me and my family swimming down at the beach. Swimming at The beach is my favorite summer activity because it is so fun. The waves at the beach sometimes are pretty big. I like going down to the beach when is going to be rainy. The reason why is because when it rains the waves are mostly hard pushing and are so much fun. I like it when there are big waves because it is more fun to jump over and to swim under. 

Sometimes we like taking our boogie boards down as well because it is much more fun when you have objects and people around you to play with. Sometimes we would call under to swim under a wave and over to jump over a wave. My family gives us boundaries. Our normal boundaries are where they can see us. Sometimes we get pushed to either side, left or right.

Remember never to go to the beach alone if you are a kid. You must always have an adult around you. The reason why is because you never know what might happen. You might hurt yourself or even get kidnapped. If you have an adult around you or an older sibling over 18 then you will be safe to go to the beach and the pool! I mostly go down to the beach with my family. 

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We're going to sink?

Day 5: Blink and you'll miss it
Activity 3: Going, going, gone
On your blog, post a description of life in New Zealand in 2018. Please remember that the people who read your post will have never been to New Zealand or even seen a picture so it is your job to ‘paint a picture’ of New Zealand using your words. You can also post pictures, if you wish. Be sure to fully attribute the pictures.

New Zealand is, well was. An amazing place to live in. We had some pretty fun times together and silly ones too! My favorite place to go was to my relatives house. Although our country could be small, we still treated it with proud and with mana (honer) we looked after our country very well. Sometimes it was a bit rainy, but sometimes it’ll be super sunny and hot. If it was either of those we would sometime go outside and play in the rain. We might have even gone to the pools on hot summer days. 

From the world if you have a look at New Zealand you might be able to say that it looks like a giant fish. More like a…...stingray! 

(Maui and the giant fish)

 Legends says that one day Maui had no food so he went off to search for food. He searched for days and nights, but still couldn’t find anything, but one day. He saw a big giant thing in the water. Maui quickly grabbed his hook and through it into the water. He pulled with all his might. He pulled and pulled. The giant fish came splashing through the water and stayed in one spot while Maui was still on it. And the big giant fish became the north side of New Zealand.

Moving on, that is also an amazing thing about New Zealand we love to tell magnificent stories about our country. Anyways onto describing now. If you go down to some of our beaches (yes I said some) you will get to see blue clear luxurious water and get to fell nice hot sad! We have amazing pools from Paraikai to Swimarama. We have well looked after plants and grass. Our grass in lovely to play on. sometimes it just stopped raining then some of us like to play in the muddy grass. Like I said our weather does play up sometimes so if you are here be sure to pack a mixture of clothes.

My Trip to tundra!

Day 5: blink and you'll miss it
Activity 2: Living on the edge
On your blog, write a letter to your best friend or a family member telling them about your trip to the tundra. To earn full points your letter must have a greeting (eg. Dear…) followed by 5 – 6 sentences of information about what your experience.

Oalii blog

Saturday, 22 December 2018

Day 5: Logging

Day 5: Blink and you'll miss it
Activity 1: towering timbers

On your blog tell us whether you think logging should be allowed in New Zealand. Be sure to provide at least two reasons to support your argument.

In my opinion I would like to say that logging is not allowed in New Zealand.In fact logging should be band almost for most countries. I think logging should be band from New Zealand because (#1:) trees provide oxygen, and oxygen helps us to breath.

(#2:) because trees provide oxygen then it will help us humans and animals alive. Have you heard the saying “Save the paper, save the trees, save the people”? Well if you haven't that saying means save paper. Paper is made from trees and so we should save the paper we use to support the trees. If we do save the paper we will be able to save the tree’s. Trees provide oxygen and so if we can save the trees then we can save the animals and the people!

My hotel

Day 4: More Than Meets The Eye
Activity 3: Salt and pepper

On your blog tell us where you would build your hotel and what you would use to build it. For an extra five points, use Google Drawings to design one room in your hotel. You can also use a paper and pencil to draw your room, take a picture of the drawing, and post it on your blog.

This is my hotel that I have made from a online drawing site called Pixlr. My hotel will be built with bricks. On the inside of the rooms there will be a layer of white wallpaper. I would like my setting to be somewhere quiet. I would also love to have it near my house! My Hotel would be a 8 story hotel with around 500 rooms. Once you walk through the gate you will see a luxurious blue pool. Along with well green grass to play on. Once you walk through the doors you will get a warm “Hi’ from the counter. If you look to the side of the pool you will get to see and maybe use a 3ft high slide. Along with a diving board and a bombing section! On the grass you will also get to see a playground and would see a trampoline!

That is all I have in mind but don’t forget to leave a positive comment down below.

Friday, 21 December 2018

My favorite food!

Day 4: More Than Meets The Eye
Activity 2: Pancakes and maple syrup?
For this activity you are asked to choose one of your favorite foods. On your blog, write the name of your favorite food and then tell us how to make it. You may need to ask a family member, friend or Google (!) for help, if you do not normally make this food for yourself.

My favorite food is pasta. Preferably white pasta with white sauce and cheese.

Step #1:

-Make bechamel (white sauce)
-Plain flour
Till smooth!
File:Making White sauce 5.jpg
Step #2:
Boil any sorts pasta for 10 mins
Image result for boil pasta
Step #3:
Add bechamel and pasta together
File:Beef Stroganoff sorta.jpg
Step #4:
Add ham/ bacon and more cheese!
Image result for bacon

Image attributed

Step #5:
Eat and enjoy!

So I have received this recipe from my mum! Sometimes I use extra cheese to give it that stretch!

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What’s your favorite food?

Day 4: Letter to Sir Edumund Hiliary

Day 4: More Than Meets The Eye
Activity 2: Scaling new heights!
On your blog, post five questions that you would like to ask Sir Edmund Hillary about his life.

Dear Sir Edmund Hillary,

I would like to know (#1:) How hard was it when you climbed up Mt Everest? I’m sure it was pretty hard. Maybe I would like to try that one day. I know i’m a girl but I believe I can do anything. (#2:) When you reached the top of Mt Everest where you proud of yourself? I know I would be super proud of myself, In fact I would take a picture and post it on my blog to celebrate with all my viewers! (#3:) How excited were you when you found out that you become famous. If I became famous I would be so surprised. I wouldn’t know how to act. (#4:) When you became an idol to New Zealanders how were you feeling? Again I would be super surprised but also would be proud of myself. (#5:) How long did it take for you to climb up Mt Everest and come back down? Hopefully it didn't take that long. The reason why I say that is because I would like to get it over with! I would like to do it just the (Click) that!

Anyways thanks for reading
One of you fans Jahzara

WWF: Wold Wildlife Fund

Day 3: Awesome animals!
Activity 3: The WWF: World Wildlife Fund
Once you have watched the video, go to your blog and, using full sentences, tell us:
1) The name of the animal the WWF is working to save.
2) What is the WWF is doing to help the animal.
3) What, if any, success they have had protecting the animal.
Clip #2: Tigers
#1: I could only watch clip #1 because clip #2 was restricted. But that's ok because Instead of doing it on tigers I could do the on fresh water seals! The WWF is working on saving the fresh water seals and their babies.

#2: The WFF is trying to save the fresh water seals by, building snow banks so none of the seals cubs will die. Like I said they are helping the family seals by making snowbanks for the cubs. This reason why, is because without the snow banks most of the cubs will die. With the snow banks, the cubs will be able to stay alive. This reason why the snowbank helps them out is because when they mother seals give birth to the cubs they are protected by the snow that is surrounding them. The snow surrounding them helps them by protecting them by predator and all harmful things.

#3: Well the WWF has had a lot of success trying to protecting all animals that need help. WWF has helped the mother seals by helping out their cubs and them giving birth. None of us want freshwater seals to be extincted and so this is very important that you follow WWF’s lead. I would just like to sad thank you to the WWF organization for helping out these poor animals that need help.

Thursday, 20 December 2018

DOC Ranger

Day 3: Awesome animals
Activity 2: secretive skin

On your blog list three pros (good things) and three cons (bad things) about working as a DOC ranger. At the bottom of your post, tell us whether you would like to be a DOC Ranger or not.

We have a number of small lizards (geckos and skinks) living in New Zealand. One of the least common is the Chevron Skink. According to the Department of Conservation, Chevron Skinks live mostly on two islands - Great Barrier Island and Little Barrier Island. These islands are ‘animal reserves.’ Very few people, other than staff working for the New Zealand Department of Conservation (DOC), are allowed to live there. The DOC staff are called ‘Rangers.’ Their job is to protect the wildlife (animals and plants) living on the island.

Would you like to be a DOC ranger and live with the animals on Great Barrier Island?

To be honest I wouldn’t like to be a DOC Ranger, but then also would like to be one. My reasons will be in the three cons and pros. (pros)

#1: Working as a DOC Ranger is good because you are looking after the wildlife. If you do become a DOC Ranger that means you care for the wild life. #2: Working as a DOC Ranger is also good for the environment and us. DOC Rangers care about plants and trees. Trees provide oxygen and so without trees we all wouldn’t be alive. #3: You are saving peoples and animal lives. You safe us, humans life by making sure our plants stay alive. And you saving the animals life by making sure they are in good health.

#1: You never know what might happen. You might be allergic to some of the plants there on the island. #2: Again you never know what might happen, not being dramatic but what if a animal jumps out of nowhere and bites you on the leg or anywhere else. #3: Who knows who long you will be on that island. I am addicted to my family so I would want to visit them.

Day 3: Fantastic Beasts

Day 3: Awesome animals
Activity 1: Fantastic beasts!
On your blog, post a description of your beast. Use interesting adjectives (describing words) to tell us about your beast.

This is one of the activities that I love doing. It involves drawing and describing. So instead of using my imagination as you can see I drew my magical mystical creature. So this is a creature I have made just by thinking. It is a combine of a magical unicorn, dragon and bunny. The unicorn bit comes from the horn and it’s eyes. The horn provides light into everyone's life. It’s eye provide magical tears that can bring anyone back to life. The dragon bit come from the wings, teeth and feet. It’s wings are stronger that anything else. It is so strong that it can lift anyone and anything up into the sky. This magical creatures teeth are very sharp and big. Don’t ever put you hand in it’s mouth because I will munch it up all in just one bite. It’s feet have very sharp claws. His claws help him to stay in one spot. The bunny bit comes from the ears. His ears are very big so he can hear from a very long distance away. I have named this creature Jameiey. It looks very harmful but actually he is!

Stay tuned for more holiday blogging.

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The Math eqation

Day 2: The forest life
Activity 3: Weird and wonderful

On your blog, tell us how to solve this maths problem. You can write your answer in words, use a Sketchpad image, or post a video explaining how you would figure it out. Be sure to give us your final answer in milliliters (ml).

New Zealand is just one of many countries that has amazing plants and trees. In fact, the African desert is home to some pretty incredible plants, like the cactus. Some cacti are able to survive on as little as 3 milliliters (ml) of water a day. Wow!

Let’s imagine that you are given a cactus for your birthday. To keep it alive, you must give it 3 ml of water every day.

Over one full year, how much water will you need to give your cactus plant?

The reason why I did 3x365 is because the plant needs 3 ml a day and the question is asking us how much water will it need for a whole year. A whole year is 365 days.

To solve this equation you will need to simplify the question. Simplify means to use less numbers than you already are using. I would go.

I know that this answer is correct because 3x3 is 9. If you add another zero to your equation then you will have to add another zero to you answer which will make it 90. The I will have to add another zero to make it 300. The final answer I get is 900. The next step I would to is to do 3x60. The 60 comes from the 365.

This is the same as the last equation, but is a little but different. Because 3x6= 18 you would have to add a one in front of the 80 to make it 180. Next you will have to go,

The 5 also comes from the 365. You can see that I added all the numbers up from that number. 300 from the 3 in the 365. The 60 from the 6 in 365 and the 5 in the 5 from 365. What you want to do know is to add up your first 2 answers.
Next you will have to add your last answer together with the 1080.
1080+15= 1095/3x365=1095

Your final answer you should get is 1095. You will need 1095 ml water to water the plant for a year.

New Zealand sport uniform

Day 2: Forest life
Activity 2: Fabulous Fern

On your blog list three sports teams that have the word ‘fern’ in their title. Beside each team’s name, post a picture of their uniform. Then, at the bottom of your blog post tell us which of the three uniforms you like best and why.
#1: The silver Ferns! (Netball Team)

#2: The Black Ferns! (Women's rugby team) Image Attribution
Related image
#3: The Tall Ferns! (Women's Basketball team)

So these are the three teams I have chosen to use. I had to draw the silver Ferns uniform because I could use the right copyright. It’s pretty close to the normal uniform. I also had to add my own thing to the Tall Ferns uniform also for copyright. I will put links to the real uniform. (Silver Fern, Tall Ferns) So in my opinion my favorite uniform is actually the Silver Ferns. The reason why I pick this uniform is because it represent New Zealand the most. It is a black, white and silver uniform, with a silver Fern and also some silver Maori korus. The korus represent Maori, the silver represents their team and the Fern represents New Zealand!

Day 2: Forestlife

Day 2: Forest life 
Activity 1: Giants among us
On your blog, tell us whether you would like to go and visit Tāne Mahuta one day. Be sure to tell us why you do (or do not) want to visit this endemic tree.

Maybe one day I would like to visit Tāne Mahuta because I love nature. I would also love to go visit Tāne Mahuta because I would like to learn more about my culture and some Maori myths! One of my friend said she can communicate with mother nature. Maybe if I do visit Tāne Mahuta I would take her along with me. She would be very excited to do that. Some facts I found about Tāne Mahuta, is that Tāne Mahuta is one of the most famous trees in New Zealand, along with Te Matua Ngahere. Tāne Mahuta's name come from the Maori language and means the god of forest and birds.

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Digital footprint, Ice, ice baby

On your blog, make a copy of this footprint and, inside the footprint, explain how you create a positive, digital footprint. What do you do to stay smart online?.
Day 1: A place to stand
Activity 3: Ice, ice baby

Follow these instructions then you will have a successes to a cyber smart footprint.

My super long day

Yesterday I went to my auntys house while my brother was having a sleep over. Today was a hot and long day. We spent most of our day at my auntys work. We colored in played of lots of games and help her file things. In the morning we went to get some snacks. In the afternoon we got some lunch. We had subway and some hot chips. Me and my sister got the meatball, cheese and lettuce sandwich. After lunch we filed things. Which took us so long. By the time we finished and it was time to go home, we were all hungry so we went to have dinner. Later we made our way home and made our own Ice cream Sundays!

First I grabbed a big long tall cup out of the cupboard. Then looked for the chocolate sauce. Once I got all my ingredients I went ahead to make my Sunday! First I put a small layer of chocolate sauce at the bottom of my cup I then went along and put some cream right to the top of the cup. To finish it all off, I put some chocolate sauce on the top along with some colorful sprinkles! It was so nice to have ice cream! 

Wednesday, 19 December 2018

Going Swimming

Yesterday in the afternoon My mum, Eva, twin sisters and I decided to go for a swim at the lagoon pools. I decided I wanted to go to the pools to celebrate my learning that I have done all year. When we arrived at the pools we saw lots of other people at the pool. I saw some of my friends, some of my sisters friend and even some of my brothers friends! We played lots of games in the cold water, We also got crowded a lot. My brother was walking from the school so he did take a while to get there. We had lots of fun swimming and splashing each other. After a while we went to have something to snack on. We ate Yummy flavored chips and even had a drink. We did wait just a little bit for our food to digest because, you don't want anything to go wrong in there. We did want to go onto that big swirly slide but we couldn't. Most of the time we swam outside, but we did go on the inside and in the water park. When it was time to go home I was so sad. I wasn't ready to go back home. I just wanted to hop back into the water. When my mum caught me with a frown on my face she said to me "don't worry we are going to come here on the second of January!" Then my frown turned back upside down. I was just so happy to here that we will be going back too the pools once more!

Thanks for reading along with me!
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Activity 2: North and south

Now it is time to think about your hometown. What is special about where you live? On your blog, describe your hometown. Be sure to include lots of describing words (adjectives) in your post.
Week 1: In the beginning
Activity 2: North and south

So this is day 2, week 1 for the summer learning journey. I have been asked to talk about
my home town. I was born in New Zealand, Auckland. Now, let me tell you why my
hometown is so special to me.

#My Family:
Auckland is an amazing place with around 1.600 million people. We all have amazing
families that love us lots and good homes to live in. My family is very caring for each other.
And care about all the successful and unsuccessful things we do in our life. We don’t just
care for each other but we do also care about our community and school.

#My School:
The school I go to is called Pt England Primary. Pt England Primary is a school with around
600 kids. Our years go from year 1-8. At our school, we like to have fun. We enjoy having
picnics down at our school reserve, going camping out in the summer and even going on
school trips. We have amazing teachers that teach us how to learn and even have laughs
with us. When you become a new entrance you will get a warm and heartfelt welcome from
the whole school. Our school does everything to make you feel welcomed.

#The Holidays:
The Holidays are another reason why my hometown is so special. Some holiday we go full
out. We decorate the inside of our houses but even the outside of our houses. One of my
favorite holidays is, Kirihimete! (Christmas) Even though in most countries it’s winter in
Kirihimete it’s good to be different. By the time Kirihimete comes around, it’s summer in
New Zealand. For Kirihimete we mostly go out on the hot beach and swim in the warm
glistening water. When that’s over we make our way back to our houses and open up our
exciting presents that have been calling our name from the start of the day. We even have
big feed with your family like, BBQ’s and even Hangi’s.

So that's the reason why Auckland, New Zealand is so special to me. I hope you enjoyed
this blog post of why Kirihimete, family, holidays and school make my hometown so

Stay tuned for more holiday blogging!

Tuesday, 18 December 2018

Day 1: The legend of New Zealand

To learn more cool facts about New Zealand, check out the Tourism NZ website. Read the fun facts posted on the website and choose your ‘Top 3.’ On your blog, post your ‘Top 3 Fun Facts’ about NZ in

Week 1: In the beginning
Day 1: The legend of New Zealand.

#Fact 1: As some people should know the Maori name for New Zealand is
Aotearoa. In English Aotearoa means the land of the long white cloud. It was quite interesting that, that is what Aotearoa means. The long white cloud HMM MM....? Is it name the long white cloud because we have a log white cloud going through the sky? I don’t exactly know why we decided to have Aotearoa as our Maori name but when I do I will tell you about it. if you have any idea of why it might be called long white cloud comment down bellow.

#Fact 2: Did you know that there are no snakes is New Zealand? I was surprised when I heard there were no snakes in New Zealand. When I was younger I used to be afraid of snakes so I was so relieved when I heard there were no snakes in New Zealand. I also wonder why we don't have any snakes in New Zealand. I wonder if the ever will be. What do you think?
  File:Black snake 2 (PSF).png

#Fact 3: Did you know to become a New Zealand citizen, you have to swear an oath of loyalty to Queen Elizabeth. I wonder how scary this would be to do it in front of the queen. People would find this super exciting as I would find this super scary. Others would find it exciting because, I mean their meeting the queen. I would find it scary also because IT'S THE QUEEN!

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