Thursday, 27 December 2018

Boxing day special

So today is boxing day!

We have just come back from the movies! We went to go and watch Aquaman! It was one of my favorite movies I have seen in a while. We went to watch our movie in the morning witch started at 10:00am! Before we went to watch the movies we went to have breakfast. We went into Pak'n save and looked for some hot pies! After our yummy breakfast we made our way to the theater. Because it was boxing day it was packed! There was a lot of people wanting to buy clothes, to shoes and shoes to makeup. When we arrived at the movie's my dad went to go get some change. We then decided to play some games, at the arcade! We got $4 dollars each! After a while it was time to make our way into the theater. Did you know that my family and I are one of the first people who has watched Aquaman?

I really do recommend watching this movie as it was happy at times and sad at sometimes!

We had so much fun watching Aquaman and also playing some games.
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