Saturday, 22 December 2018

My hotel

Day 4: More Than Meets The Eye
Activity 3: Salt and pepper

On your blog tell us where you would build your hotel and what you would use to build it. For an extra five points, use Google Drawings to design one room in your hotel. You can also use a paper and pencil to draw your room, take a picture of the drawing, and post it on your blog.

This is my hotel that I have made from a online drawing site called Pixlr. My hotel will be built with bricks. On the inside of the rooms there will be a layer of white wallpaper. I would like my setting to be somewhere quiet. I would also love to have it near my house! My Hotel would be a 8 story hotel with around 500 rooms. Once you walk through the gate you will see a luxurious blue pool. Along with well green grass to play on. Once you walk through the doors you will get a warm “Hi’ from the counter. If you look to the side of the pool you will get to see and maybe use a 3ft high slide. Along with a diving board and a bombing section! On the grass you will also get to see a playground and would see a trampoline!

That is all I have in mind but don’t forget to leave a positive comment down below.


  1. Hi Jahzara!

    Awesome to see how amazing your blog looks! My Name is Hasiba, I am from Summer Learning Journey team.
    You have put so much wonderful thought into your hotel! I especially admire that you included “My Name is Hasiba, I am from Summer Learning Journey team.” This hotel sounds like a beautiful homey hotel!

    I would love to know what you are going to name your hotel? Have you thought of a name yet?

    Keep up the great work!
    He Whetu Koe! (You’re a star!)

    1. Hi there Hasiba!

      Thanks for the comment, its good to see that you have enjoyed this blog post as I had lots of fun! I don't have a name for my hotel. I have been thinking of one but I can't find one. Maybe you can help me?


  2. Kia ora Jahzara,
    I liked you hotel specially because of the pool with 3ft high slide, diving board and bombing section, how much fun is that?!! If I was staying there I would just spend my days in the pool! Thanks for sharing your vision with us.
    For the future, consider that you could also have added a drawing of your room with more super creative and out there details . For example, if I could design my room I would like it to have a spiral slider inside it so I could slide straight to the pool! Imagine that?! ;o)
    Keep with the great work you are doing!
    Kia kaha,

  3. Kia ora Patricia,

    So much fun right? That's why I added it in! Maybe you could go visit sometime? am right? Wow that's an amazing idea. Just the thought of sliding strait into a freezing cold or super worm pool. Sounds like fun!

    Thanks for your amazing comment.