Thursday, 20 December 2018

DOC Ranger

Day 3: Awesome animals
Activity 2: secretive skin

On your blog list three pros (good things) and three cons (bad things) about working as a DOC ranger. At the bottom of your post, tell us whether you would like to be a DOC Ranger or not.

We have a number of small lizards (geckos and skinks) living in New Zealand. One of the least common is the Chevron Skink. According to the Department of Conservation, Chevron Skinks live mostly on two islands - Great Barrier Island and Little Barrier Island. These islands are ‘animal reserves.’ Very few people, other than staff working for the New Zealand Department of Conservation (DOC), are allowed to live there. The DOC staff are called ‘Rangers.’ Their job is to protect the wildlife (animals and plants) living on the island.

Would you like to be a DOC ranger and live with the animals on Great Barrier Island?

To be honest I wouldn’t like to be a DOC Ranger, but then also would like to be one. My reasons will be in the three cons and pros. (pros)

#1: Working as a DOC Ranger is good because you are looking after the wildlife. If you do become a DOC Ranger that means you care for the wild life. #2: Working as a DOC Ranger is also good for the environment and us. DOC Rangers care about plants and trees. Trees provide oxygen and so without trees we all wouldn’t be alive. #3: You are saving peoples and animal lives. You safe us, humans life by making sure our plants stay alive. And you saving the animals life by making sure they are in good health.

#1: You never know what might happen. You might be allergic to some of the plants there on the island. #2: Again you never know what might happen, not being dramatic but what if a animal jumps out of nowhere and bites you on the leg or anywhere else. #3: Who knows who long you will be on that island. I am addicted to my family so I would want to visit them.


  1. Kia ora & Namaste Jahzara,
    It's nice to see that you have been very honest and genuine in your answer by saying that you don't know if you would like to be a DOC ranger. The 'take home" lesson for this activity is that sometimes when we are unsure about something to make a list with PROS and CONS may help us to see things more clearly ( but we need to stick to the facts therefore research is necessary), to make a final decision because like many other decisions in life everything has positive and negative aspects. However, if we still unsure at the end is absolutely fine but quite often that means that the answer will be no.
    Another solid job in this post!
    Kia kaha,

  2. Talofa Lava Patricia,

    Thanks for the advice. I'll definitely be using that in my future life, especially if I want a job. Also I would definitely make sure that I do, do a little research first. I think PROS and CONS help you to pick the right thing/job ETC.

    Thanks ;)