Monday, 31 December 2018

The two dirty rivers!

Day 5: Wasting away
Activity 2: The black drain. 

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  1. Hi Jahzara!

    Great work naming and locating two polluted rivers in New Zealand - I also like that although you had trouble finding what they might be doing to clean up the Matauru River you have made some really great suggestions! :)

    It is a real shame that our rivers are not being taken care of the way they should be, I believe we shouldn't have any polluted rivers due to human activity - I am really happy to hear that people are taking action though!

    I used to like riding my bike down to the local river with my brother and dog in the summertime - we would spend the whole afternoon swimming and getting into mischief!
    Do you spend lots of time at your local river swimming during the summer?

    Nga mihi,
    Ellee :)