Friday, 13 September 2019

Perfect patterns!

Walt: Identify the missing angles.

Task descriptions:
In this presentation we had to figure what the missing angles are. We also had to find the patterns of the match sticks. We had to find the 50th number, then the rule of the pattern. We also had to work on our multiplications and division. To show my working I used algorithm.

Monday, 26 August 2019

Quick write (Death note)

My favourite Anime is Death Note.

Death Note first started off with a boy. He was a first year law student at university. One day he found a notebook. At the front of the book he found that the cover said, “Death Note.” This book came from another world, or as I like to use, another universe. The use of this book is to bring death upon bad or even good. The way this book works is, You write someone's name into the book. Using their first and last name. Once doing that, 6 minutes and 40 seconds will pass and whom you have written in the death note shall die with the cause of a heart attack. Light got addicted to the book and wanted to use it for criminals, he wanted it all for himself.

Reason 1:
What fascinates me is how people can get so addicted to one or more object so fast. Finding something on one day then, using it more than 5 times a day. Some people don’t notice that they are addicted to things. And in this case Light didn’t realize that he was addicted to the notebook he had found.

Reason 2:
Graphics. I found the graphics used in this show was on a high lead to my liking's. Other people may think differently to me but I believe Death note is a fantastic Anime show. The graphics are well detailed. I love the way the characters have been thought through carefully and have been drawn with lots of details.

Task Description:

In this piece of writing we only had 10 mins to write. We do quick write every now and then. The point of quick write is to warm our brains up to get ready for some other work. Quick write is also a time for us to think about the words we use and the structure of our writing.

Friday, 23 August 2019

Zebra fish poster

Task Description:

In this poster we had to provide 5 facts about the Zebra fish. Like the octopus poster we had to give a fact for every strip instead of a tentacles. A Zebra fish has 5 stripes and so we had to complete the following instructions from Whaea Kelly. "For every strip there is on a Zebra fish you have to provide a fact. Make sure they are each different." We then had to share this on our blog for our viewers to see!

Click HERE to see poster!

Octopus poster :)

Task Description:

In this poster we had to list 8 facts about a octopus. For every tentacle we had to come up with a different fact. We then had to post our poster on our blog and summarize what we learnt about. To complete this poster we had to post a title, write a task description and add labels.

Some of the things we learnt about is, where octopuses live. They like to hang around coral reefs and in the shallow grounds under the water. We also learnt about, what type of species octopuses are. We found that the octopuses are mollusks.

Click HERE to see poster.

Thursday, 15 August 2019


Today the year 7 & 8 Extension group and a few other selected students went to visit KPMG. He mea I roto e te wai is our school wide theme for term 3. As we went to KPMG we focused on how to save our environment. We also looked at Maori gods.

As we walked into the infinity room we found ourselves a seat as people introduced themselves. After, we had others talk to us about themselves, their career and the environment. They talked about ecosystems, what an ecologist is and what they do. We had a chance to ask questions and talk about our thoughts. We then ate yummy scones! We were able to add extra toppings.

At one point we also visited sustainable coastlines. They taught us different ways our oceans and rivers get polluted. I learnt that one of the ways our oceans and rivers get polluted is from our instruction workers. When instruction workers use diggers (ETC) we found that the mud they put in a pile finds its way to the oceans and rivers. How? Well, when it rains the mud gets watered down, travels through land and ends up in water.

After, we made some type of technology to show to teachers and KPMG helpers. But first, we researched about our Maori gods we were assigned to learn about. Then, we started to create.

Thanks to KPMG for another amazing term!

Friday, 26 July 2019

Area & Perimeter

Walt: Calculate area and perimeter.

Welcome back to school everybody! Schools back!

Task Description:

This week we are learning to calculate the area and perimeter of different types of shapes. In this presentation we were given the task to complete the following slides. I had a most experience with calculating the area and perimeter of shapes because we learnt how to do this last year. This was very fun as I got to do some other math equations too.

Wednesday, 24 July 2019

Let's have a good term!

First day of school! Term 2, here we come!

It's the first day back to school so, it's time to get back into the school vibes. Waking up early, charging your chrome book and getting to school on time is all apart of getting back into the school vibes.

As we walk into the big red doors, I see many of my friends running in joy to see me. *JUMP* They jump and give me a massive hug! It feels nice to be back at school. Doing some more learning will bring my brain back to life. Also hanging with my friends will bring me joy!

Walking into the hall, I see on the big screen, "Something in the water!" "He mea e roto wai." Team 5 sits on the red chairs and wait for our immersion assembly to start. Finally, we say the karakia and get on with our day. 

One of my favorite items was Team 4! Team Four's film was fun to watch and had some interesting facts too. It was suitable and enjoyable for all ages. Attempting to get an outstanding view of the Pt England beach but, was interrupted by Mrs. Sio. It seemed a bit cold to go out for a swim, but the Team 4 teachers had no fear. Well, that is after their bodies met the cold water. Wait, then, what eats the seagull?

"In the Gene is the DNA. DNA in the Chromosome. Chromosome in the Nucleus. Nucleus in the Cell." Team 5 teachers presented a song to the school. It was a pretty quick song, but I would love to learn it. How are all living organisms connected? This term for inquiry Team 5 is going to be explaining how all living organisms are connected (Stay tuned for blog posts about how all living organisms connected.)

Overall, my favorite part of immersion assembly was, getting the opportunity to try different types of seafood. Mr. Burt and the prefects didn't have any stickers to give out so, they improvised and gave out (Not your everyday) seafood.

Task description:

Schools back in business! We know how Immersion Assembly works right? Well, that's what we had today. All fun things and yummy food met together and provided us with an amazing day back to school! Let's have a good term Team 5 and Pt England school!

Thursday, 4 July 2019

DLO 2019 Term 2 (Continents!)

In this post, this is my animation for term 2. I used the site scratch. I used different codes to make this. We had to include the 7 continents and also had to choose 3 out of the 7 to talk about. This was very fun to make and so I hope you enjoy!

Friday, 14 June 2019

Room 3 Cyber smart

Walt: We are learning how to be cyber smart.

Task Description:

In this presentation we had the task of writing a reply to Whaea Kelly, our teacher. She wanted us to find some solutions for the people who keep forgetting to file their work in the correct folders. Our reply had to be formal, had to have correct punctuation, good vocab and good structure. Have a look at my reply in the next slide.

Wednesday, 12 June 2019

Orientation Course!

Today the year 7&8 Extension group did an orienteering course, but first we had to learn how to use a compass.

During Extension we were told, we were going to be taught how to use a compass. The time came and Mr Jacobson walked in with a box of compasses. He taught us how to use it and what some of the things on the compass were and what they were used for.

After we got sent off to the course. I was paired up with Eden. Once we got sent off to our orienteering point we decided to start. We looked at the letter then wrote it on our paper. We then looked at the numbers and made our compass face in the direction we thought was right! We walked as our shoes got wet :( We made it to our next destination and did the same thing over and over again, until we cracked the code.

Well done us! We've solved the code!

Have a close look, "Well done us." Ah ha! That's it that was the code we needed to crack. We all had an amazing and fun time thanks to Mr Jacobson for making this possible!

Friday, 7 June 2019

Facile Fractions!

WALT: We are learning to find fractions of a whole and set

Task Description:

In this presentation we had to finish the following slides. We are now learning about fractions. As always we had the option of finishing three slides and getting that up onto our blogs. Check out my work in the following slides. In this following slides I have made sure to present my awnser and how I got my awnser. Is there a different way you would solve the questions in the following slides?

Friday, 24 May 2019

Tantalizing Transformations!

Walt: Transform shapes using reflection, rotation and translation.

Task Description:

In this presentation we had to finish the following slides ahead. The slide that we had to finish included Rotation, Symmetry, Reflection and enlargement. I found that this slide was easy and hard at the same time but, I really enjoyed doing this week's math work! Check them out in the following slides!

Friday, 10 May 2019

Longitude and Latitude!

Walt: Find the latitude and longitude for the countries given in the presentation.

Task Description:

This week for extension we were told to find the longitude and the latitude of the countries given in the following slides. This was really fun as we got to explore on google earth is well as google maps! I also took some more time and explained what longitude and latitude is in my own words. This did take some time as it took a bit long to find where the longitude and latitude is for some of the countries. Have a look at my work in the following slides!

Thursday, 9 May 2019

My Journey Animation!

Walt: Create a animation about you and your families journey.

Task Description:

In this task we had to create an animation about my parents journey. In this animation I have put information where they grew up. We have a happy life and my parents are happy that all they're kids are safe and are very loving. I hope you enjoy my animation!

Attitude Talks Part 2!

Walt: Write a recount about the seniors attitude talk!

On Thursday morning we had the special Jannah and Tony come into school to talk about Friendship Factors. Jannah and Tony came to see how much we remembered when Jannah came the last time. They also came to remind us about the things that are really important about having a friend. We got to play some fun games too! One of my favourites was making a secret handshake with one of my good friends Eden. Another game we played was Rate the compliment. Three people went up the front of the street and made up a compliment right on the spot. The compliments were going towards anyone over 21 :D I had an amazing time listening to advice on how to be a good friend! I think the best advice on having a good friend is “remembering the special events.” Which means remembering when your friends birthday is or even a friendaversary. I hope all the advice given will help us when meeting someone new!

Another big thanks to Jannah and Tony for taking their time off of they’re day just to come and talk to us!

Task Description:

This morning we had Jannah and Tony come over and talk about "Friend Factors!" we were told to write a recount about what happened this morning. As you just read, we had another attitude talk with Jannah and a new person (for the year sevens) Tony. I had lots of fun as we got to play some amazing and fun games! I hope the next time we see Jannah and Tony we have lots more fun and play some other fantastic games!

Wednesday, 8 May 2019

Find this coordinate!

Walt: identify coordinates and use grid references to give directions

Task Description:

In this task we were told to finish the following slides. This week we learnt about finding coordinates of objects shown on the map. The slides had questions like find the coordinates of this object. It also had questions like "how would you get from PES to the pools." Have a look in the following slides! I really enjoyed doing this presentation because I haven't tried finding coordinates in a while!

Monday, 6 May 2019

Fairy Tales!

Walt: Create an interesting opening/introduction

Task Description:

In this presentation we had to write some interesting introductions to different fairy tales. The stories I chose were: Toy Story, Tangled/Rapunzel and Cinderella! Using these stories I had to make the reader hooked into read on wards! This was very fun as I got to pick amazing stories and create intro's/openings to these stories!

Thursday, 2 May 2019

First day back! (Immersion assembly)

Walt: Write a recount
We are finally back to school! The school holidays are over and lots of schools are back and learning! This morning I got welcomed into my class by my friends. We talked about what we did and what happened in our school holidays!

We started as usual, at 8:30 we have a team 5 assembly. After our team assembly we made our way to the hall for the immersion assembly! As sitting down on the chairs I looked up to see the new theme for this term! “I Like Your Latitude” is theme for this term! Latitude means how far  east and west we are in the world. Then, longitude means how far north and south we are in the world!

Team 1 was the first to share there movie! Team one shared a movie about our bees dying and, why we need them in our world. The movie that was presented included CCD which means, Colony collapse disorder. Team 2 presented a movie about finding Easter eggs. They looked up and down, left and right and all around. They looked under tables to find the Easter eggs.

Team 3 shared a movie about pick a paths. Team 3 made a movie about walking to school, there were different pathways to walking to school. The options were walking through a forest, walking through the beach and also, going to the shops. Team 4 made a movie about finding their own way back to school from Pak’n save, without google maps, or a car, just each other and a compass. Mr Goodwin set all the other team 4 teacher on this trip and at the end they found their way back to school.

Team 5 presented a short play. The play was about travelling around the world and was also about longitude and latitude. Miss Tapuke had to choose continents to travel to. She used a magic stick called a “fly swatter.” The first country she went to Europe. She went to Paris, France. Instead of going to countries they went to the continents. They missed two continents. Those continents were, Australia and Antarctica.Team 5 mad this play enjoyable with some funny parts too!

After the immersion assembly we went off to class and started the first day of school! How was your first day of school?

Task Description:

In this piece of writing room 3 had to write a recount about the immersion assembly we had on the first day back to school. We had to talk about the movies that were shared in immersion assembly. I had written about teams 1-5's movie's/ play.  This was a writing about a recount and so we had to write about what had happened in immersion assembly.

Sunday, 28 April 2019

Say "Hello To School!"

Well it's coming to a end of the school holidays! I had an amazing time hanging out with my family and talking to my friends! I did lots of fun things, like going to the movies and getting to hang out with my grandparents and cousins! I had such a blast, talking to my friends was very fun as we talked about our holidays. The school holidays end today as school starts tomorrow.

What do I hope for term 2?

Well, it really depends on what is going to happen in term 2. Although I do really hope we go on a senior school trip. I also hope that we get to do new things in term 2! Things that some of us have never done before!

I know that the 40 hour famine is going to be happening in term 2 and I have already received my sponsor book! I have also already raised some money too! Netball will also be happening in term 2. Our team this year is Pacific Generation! That name represents all the girls in the team. We are all Pacific and we want to show that in pride! My mum is coaching us this year and Miss King and Gigi will be managing our team!

I hope I have a blast in term 2 with all my friends, teachers and family!

Friday, 26 April 2019

Watching The End Game! (No Spoilers!!)

Today my aunty and uncle, cousin and siblings, mum and I went to the movies! Like the title said, we watched The End game! Why did we go, you ask? Well, no big reason. Confused 😕? Well, here's the real reason. My family went to watch The End Game because, we are really big Marvel fans! I wouldn't really say "we are really big Marvel" because we really love action movies but still, we love Marvel movies. So another thing for me to say is "we are really big action movie fans." We are really into Marvel is well as DC movies!

The End Game is the last ever Avengers movie! At the movies I had a frozen drink! The flavor I got was L&P! I really don't like spoiling movies so i'll keep what happens to myself! All though, I really do recommend this movie, to action movie lovers! This movie was so interesting.......understanding, funny as well as some sad parts in the movie!

I had a really fun time with my family and I hope we do this another time!

Saturday, 20 April 2019

My early Easter!

So today is Saturday and today me and my family are celebrating Easter. My aunty and grandmother (from my mum's side) had come over to celebrate Easter with us! We are having a hangi. A Hangi is when food like meat, kumara etc are cooked underground. Our set up is in our backyard! If you have done hangi before, comment down below and say when the last time you had one.

 Anyways, we had put our food in a deep hole that was dug at our backyard. We put, stones, wood and more into the hole to make fire and heat, Then we waited for the heat to increase then we put our food in. After it got hot, we took all the wood out but left the stones in. Now we left the stones in because that's what kept the heat inside the hole. If we left the wood in, it probably wood have turned into dust. Then it was time to put our food in the hole! Now if you're wondering, wouldn't your food get dirt on it? Well, we put our food into a circular tray and most of the food was covered with tin foil. When we put our food into the hole we covered it with tin foil, a wet sheet (to stop from catching fire,) then a blue tarp and lastly something that looks like a potato sack! After doing so, we covered the food with the dirt that was dug up!

 We waited for the food to cook and so everyone left to clean themselves. After a while we got our food, took it out of the tray and put it into tins! We waited for everyone to return to our home and we started to eat! Before we started eating we blessed the food. After praying we started eating! My favorite food that I got to eat probably had to be the Lu! Lu, is meat (like corn beef or lamb or any kind) coconut cream and onions wrapped in taro leaves! 

We had lots of fun this Easter and hope for the same next year! Remember not to have to much chocolate!

Thursday, 11 April 2019

It's the holidays!

Dear blog viewers, as some of you know it the holiday, and as some of you know by the title, yes it is the holidays! The last day of school which was Friday was so fun and.......sad! First of all it was fun because we did lots of things that were really fun! One of the things we did was, clearing out the classroom (which may seem weird cause that's based on cleaning.) Now, it was sad because, I mean it's the last day of term one! Even though it wasn't the last day of term 4 it was still pretty sad. I had a great term this term and I hope to do great next term too!

I hope to do, do fun things with my family this holiday! I know that I will be able to blog this holidays so keep tuned for some holiday blogging! I know that I have a lot ahead of me and so "HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!

Have a good holiday everyone and make sure to be safe!

Wednesday, 10 April 2019

Malanga Talk

Today after morning tea, we had the opportunity to listen to three people talk about their malanga
(journey.) The three people who came to talk to us today was, Jason young, Tanielu Tele’a and Fiona
Bakulich. If you didn’t know already Tanielu is Mrs Tele’a eldest son. Tanielu is also one of the blues
player for Auckland. Tanielu is a ex Pt Englander who also attended the college St Kentigern!

Fiona is Mrs Tele’a sister. They are one year, one month and 11 days apart from each other (birthday).
Fiona is younger than Mrs Tele’a. They went to the same high school, which was Mangere College.
Fiona is a funeral director and is also an actor is The Casketeers. Part of her job (funeral Director) is
dressing the loved ones. Sometime she feels emotional when working at this job but she know that she
has to be strong for the loved ones sake.

Jason Young is a very passionate person. He is also an ex Pt Englander. He also attended Tamaki
College. As you might already know from my description Jason grew up in G.I! Jason knew Miss Tito
very well. Miss Tito was a teacher at Pt England school. Jason has been able to participate in the Iron
man triathlon. Jason is apart if the Big Buddy fatherless boys. He has joined this because he is a
fatherless boy too and so he wanted to help with this. Jason’s career is builder. He really enjoys this job!

At the end we got the opportunity to ask questions about their malanga. There were a lot questions and
answers that helped us believe that we can achieve anything of. We had a blast listening to these
people’s journey!

Thank you for this very special occasion!

Teachers! (EXT)

Walt: Work together and figure out the following questions.↓

Task Description:

In this presentation I focused on the questions, which games are helpful and help to improve learning? If you have an idea, comment down below! I was in a group with Amelia and Makayla! as you read by the title we are the teachers group!

Friday, 5 April 2019

Year 7 Tech (photo's)

So, I have not been blogging much about tech. I haven't really got the time to but now I do. I am in food tech!

This year we are looking at the different types of vegetables that grow in different seasons. I am in a group with Marika and Eden. Including me, we have 3 people in our area cooking with each other. There are other groups with other people but lets focus on our kitchen for now. I think we are working well together and disusing who would like to do what in the kitchen. I usually take charge of the veggies. The hardest part of taking this job is cutting up onions! The onions that are given to us usually make me cry or just water up!

For the past weeks that has gone past I have had lots of fun cooking food with my two amazing buddies. Most of the time we use veggies like onions, carrot, beans, potatoes and some garlic . We have used other ingredients like pasta, corn chips, cheese and more! Because it's been a while since we first started tech I am not able to remember all of the dishes that we have made. Because of that, here are some photos of my group and the food we made! Our last week in cooking is next week on our normal days, Thursday. After that we will be going on holiday!

I've Reached 500!

So, as you can tell by the title I have reached 500 blog posts! 500 may not seem a lot, considering I've been here for so long but, I am really proud of myself! My goal is to reach 1000 posts before I leave Pt England. If I keep up my blogging at school, in the holidays and maybe in the weekends then I should be able to reach 1000 blog posts! To be honest, my teachers helped me by reaching 500 posts and so thank you for that. You guys (reading now) has helped me to. By giving me your guys courage by commenting on my blog.

Do you think I will be able to reach 1000 blogs by the time I leave Pt England?

 I sure hope so......

Thursday, 4 April 2019

Cinquian Poems

Walt: Create a cinquian.

Task Description:

In this task I had to create a cinquian. A cinquian is a short story but in poem form. The first line has to have 2 syllables, the second has 4, the third has 6, the fourth has 8 and the last one has 2. So as I have just explained there has to have five lines in a cinquian poem. Have a look at my poems that I have created in the next slides ahead. Comment down below if you have come up with any poems of your own.

How much screen time do we get?

Task Description:`

In this presentation we had to figure out how much screen time we get before school, during school and after school. After, we had to find out which graph we would use to share this information. We were allowed to be in groups of three and for this task I was in a group with Zaeeda and Eden. How would you present this information?

Tuesday, 2 April 2019

Mata i Pusi (Follow up task)

Task Description:

In this presentation the reading group Campion had to awnser the following questions in the next slides. Like so, we also had to read the story so we have an idea of what the answers would be in the slides. We then watched a video about what bi-racial means and listened to bi-racial people about how they feel. We did the same thing which was awnser questions about the video.

Friday, 29 March 2019

Math equations. (Charts)

Walt: Figure out what chart to use for this math problem!

Task Description:

In this task room 4 had to figure out what chart is most likely to use for the math equation above. I thought that a pie chart and a bar graph would be the best to use for this problem. The problem involved how much people were in the class and what culture they are.

Attitude Talks!

Today, we had a attitude talk. Now a attitude talk is when someone comes in and talks about things like, the way you act, friends and more. Today we talked about friendship factors. The person who came in to talk to us about this topic was Jannah. She was a amazing and comedic lady!

This talk included the types of friendships, how to ruin friendships, the myths of friendships and how to get friends. Now the types of friendships that we had talked about today is GG. GG means, girl  girl friendships, guy guy friendship and girl guy friendship.  What we learnt about our friendships is that girl girl friendships include a lot of drama. It also includes being connected and being very close. Now, guy guy friendships are most likely to be just like......sibling friendships. Which means they fight a lot!

Fun fact, Jannah's name means gracious gift! Now, Jannah was very energetic she made this talk a highlight of my year! Thanks to Jannah and her crew for making this happen.

Thursday, 28 March 2019


Walt: Identify the different graphs/charts.

Task Description:

In this presentation I had to finish the following slides. In the slide it asked questions like, what is this graph/chart? Some other questions ask what is the most common fruit/movie ETC. It also asked the least common and one thing that we could state about the graph/chart that was being looked at.

Saturday, 23 March 2019

My Dream Job

Walt: Finish the following slides about which job you want in the future.

Task Description:

In this task we had to finish the following slides. This task was all about which career you wanted in the future. Some of the question that were asked included what we needed to do to get this job E.g which subjects I will need to take while at high school. One of my favorite slides I did was to try find a person (a real person) with the career you really want. You are to write about them and what they do.

Friday, 22 March 2019

Reconnecting the Brain

Walt: Make a connection with the story you are reading.

Task Description:

In the next following slides I had to awnser the following questions. Before that I had to read the story (non-fiction) to understand why the questions are being asked. On the last couple of slides we had to create a book review and also rate it. I really enjoyed this book and learnt lots of things!


Walt: Calculate percentage's

Task description:

In this task I had to figure out the awnser in the following slides. Because 1% is per 100 it was okay for me to figure out the answers. I really did enjoy this task and hope to do more of percentages.

Friday, 15 March 2019

Polyfest refection!

Walt: Write a reflection!

Polyfest is a time for you to enjoy watching your children, cousins, and other people represent their culture. Polyfest is also a competition for high schools and how good they do.

Team five and other parents got to go to polyfest on Wednesday. I felt really excited arriving at polyfest because I was excited to go and do some activities and just, have fun with my friends. I was in pod 4, which I (personally) think is the best pod! We also got spit up into groups. I was in Whaea Kelly’s group and we had lots of fun!

Once we got to our activities we started straight away. I was filled with excitement, I was making sure that I made most of my time! All the activities we did include teamwork, so that was the main thing we did and learnt. The activities were really interesting for me because they are something that I have never done before. I hope that in the future I will be able to play these games.

One of the positive things I did at polyfest was being able to hang out with my friends. I had lots of fun doing zumba, buying food and doing all the activities. I was super lucky to be in a group with my friends along with Whaea Kelly! I had lots of fun with my group, and also had lots of laughs. I really enjoyed hanging out with every one and can’t wait for next year to come!

Where Is My Special Place In The Community?

Where is my special place in the community? Well, I have lots but, I can only choose one.
Do you have a special place?

I have lots of special places in the community but one of the most specialist place for me has to
be the netball courts! I know it may sound weird, but once you find out the reasons you’ll
understand. The netball courts has always been my personal favourite. I have many reasons t
o tell you why but, just give me a second to break them down in little parts……..

Now you may be wondering, why is the netball courts a special place for you? Well, here’s my
reasons. Since year 2 I have been playing netball right up to this very moment. I didn’t start
playing netball when I was a year one but, all I remember is that I loved the sport! I love the
thought of having a fun time with my friends, playing outside, in the fresh air and just having fun!
Hold on, you may be thinking that little kids are supposed to start off with playing netball inside,
well, like I said “I was a year 2 at the time and so I started outside.”

Another reason why the netball courts is a very special place to me is because, well I visit the
courts a lot! My mum has currently been playing netball and I have gone to watch her many
times! My parents are very strict with my netball playing and one day I believe I can become a
netball player just like my mum and even my dad. We like to practice netball while we get to my
games just a little early. They give me steps to becoming a better and more reliable netball
player! We love the sport and even like to have our own mini netball games. So, what i’m trying
to say here is, another reason why the netball courts is a very special place to me is because, I
get a little mum, dad and daughter bonding time at the courts and just love it so much!

Thirdly, the netball courts are super special to me because, I have played for the Pacific Cup
three times and each time I’ve had a fantastic time playing. I’ve possibly made more friends and
just had a blast with them! All the years while playing for Pacific Cup I have played with my best
friend Levonah, for the first year we played for Tonga which is half our nationality, I was a bit
shy and was still working on my skills. But, I got better throughout my games! The second year
we played for Fiji which is the other half of Levonah’s nationality. I was much better playing that
year but, there was still space for me to improve. The third year, which was last year, we played
for Tonga. Levonah did trail and make it into a team but, she hurt herself before she even got to

The last and final reason why the netball courts is a special place for me is because, there are
lots of memories there on those courts and I hope to never forget them. I have been playing
netball ever since was a year two and I never want that to change. I hope that we have a
fantastic and entertaining this year playing netball. All the best for all the players and especially
the coaches. I hope that we are able to have fun, and to make more memories. I know, for sure
that there are lots more to come.

I hope you have enjoyed reading why the netball courts is a very special place to me. I
want to know if you have a special place in the community. If you don’t, do you have one
around the world?

Friday, 8 March 2019

My shield

This is a photo of my shield. At the top it say interests. What you have to do is write down what you are interested in. On the bottom of the page it says values, what that means is what is most important to you. On the right side it says "Skills", You have to write down what you think your skills are. Last of all on the left side it says "Qualities" I would explain this as if that is what makes you! The qualities you choose to write down are the things that make you!

On the top left, you will (not really) see "My support crew". This means who supports you in other ways. The people I have down are My mum, my dad, my nana, my nanee, my pop's, my papa, my brother and all of my sister's. One of the reasons why I have got them all down is because I know they love me, and I know that I love them! At the bottom of that there is things saying if you (I) have asked someone in your support crew about your future carers, and what you want in the future.

On the top right you (again, not really) be able to see "Pathways to my future." At the bottom of that title you will want to put down what 2 jobs you would like in the future, how much they money they make per year and what subject you would need to take to become that job. I would love to be a optometrist or a photographer. (For specific reasons) they get payed (OPTM) $80,000/ $120,000, (PHOTO) $30,000. At the bottom of that there is a little box saying "My dreams and aspirations. This means what you want to be in the future and what you dream of in the future to!

Man and sea!

Task Description:

First of all Read the last slide. I decided to post all of the my slide that I have worked on because I am very proud of it....For this task I had to read a book, called Man and Sea. After we read that book we had to finish the following steps. We had to show the meaning of the word on the slide. Some of them were multiple chose and we had to choose the one that you thought was correct.

Thursday, 7 March 2019

How many favourite event’s do you have, during your school years?

WALT: We are learning to write using all parts of the 'Explanation Model' TIIC and SEE

Fiafia, Athletics, Cross country, camps and more. All of those are super fun to do at school but, I just can’t choose a favourite event! Do you have one?

One of my favourite events that I have participated in, is year 6 camp on Kawau Island! Kawau island is one of my favorite highlights of all the years I have been at Pt England. While at Kawau island my favorite event was jumping off the wharf! It was the most fun time I have ever had with my friends! Kawau island is one of the best camp I have ever been on! Is there a favourite camp that you’ve gone to?

Kawau island was a awesome experience for all the year sixes. We got to see lots of animals that some of us have never been able to see before! We saw lots of Weka’s and also wallabies. While hiking up killer hill we only got to see about two wallabies. Those are mostly the only animals we saw while camping on Kawau island. One of the Weka’s we saw was named legless, he had one leg and because of that he is now named legless.

Kayaking! Kayaking was one of my favorite activities we had done while on Kawau island. We paddled far out into the sea. We got to see a couple of stingrays and a whole lot of sand! While out in the sea we played a game. We had to form a line, holding on to the kayaks beside you. After that, two people would stand, run across, and sit down in the other persons kayak. Unfortunately I fell out of my boat and had a fun time in the cold, freezing water!

I hope you have enjoyed my favorite event at P.E.S! I got a awesome opportunity to be a leader for mansion B. Comment down below, what’s your favourite event when you were at school, or even if you are still at school :)
Task Description:

For this task we had to write 3-5 paragraphs explaining what your favourite event is at P.E.S! Some example's are, Camp, Fiafia, Athletics and more.This time we had to use SEE (Statement, Example, Explain). Using SEE really helped me with this task.

Wednesday, 27 February 2019

My favourite games!

This is a blogpost about games.

My favourite games (digital and non-digital) are:Image result for overcooked game
  • Cluedo
  • Monopoly
  • 2048
  • Speed (Card game)
  • Overcooked
Image result for cluedo
The reason/s why I enjoy playing these games are:
  • (Cluedo/Monopoly) Is very fun to play/with family. We always like to see who wins or loses.
  • Some of these games challenge your mind and also make you confused on which card to play, what your next move is and how fast you play.
  • (2048) It is educational, and it determines you by not knowing what move to make next!
Learning could be made much more fun and interesting if it included these elements of a game:
  • More things to think about (E.G more options to choose from)
  • Brian exercise (E.G to think of another way to solve this problem of a game or to find the easiest or the hardest way to solve)
  • Add in more fun objects to make sure that the game is not just going towards an educational way but is also educational in a fun way!

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Tuesday, 26 February 2019

How would you be a good role model?

WALT: We are learning about the different parts of an 'Explanation'.

Sitting up, listening, being calm and positive and not being afraid to show your strengths are all apart of being a role model.  Could you pull off these steps and become a role model, not just for younger kids but, for all?!?

~Always look behind you!
First of all, you need to be the very best you can to be a good role model. If you want to see yourself as a good role model, always look behind you! Look behind you to see if anyone is doing the same as you. Don’t do bad, but do good! One more thing, if you are looking behind you always check to see if people that follow you are doing good things! This is a excellent way to see if you are a good role model for other people. You could even look behind other people, and see if they are being a good role model.

~Show your positive side!
Secondly, you always need to show your positive side of yourself. If you don’t understand what I mean here’s an example. Let's say for instance, you are in a really tight area and everyone is yelling in your ear. It’s hot and your getting super annoyed. Would you decide to yell back or do the right thing so everyone can copy? The best way to do the right thing is to use your W.I.T.S, (W-Walk away, I-Ignore it, T-Talk about it, S-Seek help.) What I would do is to talk about it. I would find a teacher and talk to them about what is happening.

~Take charge
Last of all, you need to take charge of, not just yourself but, also of your surroundings.  Taking charge of yourself means being at the place, at the right time and with the right attitude. How this connects to being a good role model is by, making sure you are looking after yourself. If other people see you taking charge, there will be a 85% that others will copy.

I hope you take these step and become a role model! I assure you these steps will work and you will be a better role model for not just other people but also for yourself!

Task Description:

For this task we had to list down steps to being a good role model. We had to include using TIIC (Title, Intro, Information and conclusion). We also made sure that we had interesting and descriptive language!

What I Desire, My Culture And Who I Admire! (My visual mihi!)

Walt: Create a Visual mihi, including 4 of your interests, places you are connected ETC.

This is my visual mihi! In my visual mihi I have included, my culture's, what I desire and one of the places I enjoy visiting.

As you can see, on the top left I have added the Tongan flag. I have created the Tongan flag because, that is my culture. I am half Tongan and the other half you will find out about later. Tonga is a beautiful island which my family and I love to visit all the time! We love going to the beach, visiting our family and also going to church.

On the top right, I have put Ratana Pa. You might not understand but here my explanation. Ratana Pa or Ratana Community is a little town in the North Island of New Zealand, which is near Whanganui. Ratana Pa is a Maori church, which sometimes my grandparent like to take us there to visit. When we go we like to watch the band play their amazing music and also go swimming!

On the bottom left I have put in "love family." Why? you may ask. Well, I absolutely love my family. On a scale of 1-10, I'll say 100! My family means everything to me and I have no idea what I would do without them. I love them to bits and could never imagine what would ever happen to me if I never had them.

Next you can see koru's shaped as a heart and on the inside I have written Maori! Yes, I am half Tongan and half Maori. Obviously I can't visit the country because, I mean i'm living in it! Things I like to do to represent my cutler is things like kapa haka or even doing tau'olunga's (*meaning* Tongan dance.)

Last of all you will see me! Right in the middle of the page. I really enjoyed drawing myself. I have (yes) really dark brown hair. I also have dark brown eyes. The picture is (of course) representing me! It also represents my school by, wearing my uniform with "pride."

I hope you have enjoyed my visual mihi and what y picture's represents.

Wednesday, 13 February 2019

Compare and Contrast (Pt England way/Treaty of Waitangi)

Walt: Create a compare and contrast with a buddy.

Task Description:

This is my first day in extention. We got asked to make a compare and contrast with a buddy. My buddy I worked is Bethan! The compare and contrast is about the treaty of Waitangi and the Pt England way! We had to find the differences about the two topics and the similarities of the two topics is well! We had come up with some really good idea's for the compare and contrast. Check them out in the next slide above! 

I hope we do more activities like this, this year! :)

Monday, 11 February 2019


Walt: Work as a team and try to BREAKOUT

Today in math class we worked in our DMIC groups to breakout. You may have seen on other peoples blogs saying that they have done something like this before, but this is my first time. You may be thinking what is breakout? Well, breakout is a code cracker site. You are given clues to solve the code. The way you get clues is, you have to click on links which take you to website that connect with the questions you have to awnser.

The code cracker site we did today included dinosaurs. On the site there were names of different dinosaurs, photos of dinosaurs, and herbivore facts (some dinosaurs are herbivore"meaning" only eat's plants, grass, leaves and flowers.)

Here's my prediction

Walt: Predict was is going to happen in chapter 3.

Task Description:
Today, for reading, Mrs Tele'a read us a story called Lighthouse Blue. She read us 2 chapters of the story then set us off to predict what was going to happen in chapter 3. Down below you can see what my prediction is for chapter 3. Once we had finished predicting we got to listen to a couple of people's predictions then read a couple more chapters. Lighthouse blue is a very jumpy story and I now feel connected. I can tell that Mrs Tele'a reading class really enjoys this story!

After visiting the cemetery Anton seemed very scared. Anton is willing to see
where the music is coming from and so, he makes up a plan, but what is the
plan……? In the night he decides to sneak out of his bed and make his way down
to the cemetery.  The day is getting dark, Anton is getting more suspicious of Stan
and he is wondering, “what if I get caught? What is Captain Reckard and Alan
Reckard decides, to haunt me for the rest of my life?” The night came around and
Anton decided to make his move. Anton jumps out of bed, looks for his coat and
makes his way out the door. Stan is fast asleep and can’t hear a single sound.
Anton is shaking with fear, still thinking about what is going to happen. When
Anton put his foot out the door, he could remember hearing the saxophone and
clarinet creeping in his brain again.”It just sounded so sad” Anton says, talking
about the music. A few moments later Anton fall’s flat on the ground and begins
to sleep. He has no idea what had happened but Anton feels paralyzed. He
can’t move a muscle.