Monday, 29 May 2017


In room 10 we did a challenge. The challenge was figure out what the answer was. This is what I did.

Problem Solving

This week, we were learning to solve fractions I found it difficult to solve some of the question. I worked with my friends Inga and Chance.

What has happened to Miss West TODAY!!


Today Miss West has called in sick (NOT). Miss West is actually on a plane flying to Australia, she is so sick of teaching us 24\7. Anyways she’s probably going to see some koala bears.

After that she’s going to do some other fun things like…. Going on a cruise, meeting celebrities, going to the movies, going shopping with her friends and having the best day of her life (well, maybe not that much things but she is still probably having the best day of her life).  

THAT’S NOT FAIR, ALL WE HAVE TO DO IS WORK WORK WORK AND WORK!! (if Miss West wasn’t my teacher i’ll probably tell Mr Burt what she has been doing!) she’s probably laughing at us because we’ve been having to do work ALL DAY!!!! JOKES ON YOU WE ARE ACTUALLY DOING FUN STUFF (MAYBE).


Friday, 26 May 2017

Land boat designing

We are designing a land boat for the purpose of racing other students and to help us learn more of other technology. Room 10 is designing a land boat. We will be working in our reading groups.

Me and my friend Chance are thinking of what useful things we could use for our land boats. These are some of our ideas: caps from water bottles for the wheels and to make it move, water bottles for the body and so the land boat won’t get wet and straws help the land boat move.

When we finish making our land boats we will be racing our boats across the concrete near our class. It is going to be lots FUN!!

Netball GAME!!

This was my netball team (PRINCESSES) third game for netball season. It was lots of fun!!! We had another lucky WIN!

Coin Flipping Challenge

Starting the day off was totally hilarious!!

Coming into school ready to do some learning, Miss West said that “we are going to do something exciting like a challenge” The class shouted in joy. Miss West showed us what we were going to do. she placed her hand on her shoulder, also placed a  counter on her elbow and flicked it up in the air. She said use 1 hand to catch the counter when you flick it up in the air. So after Miss west stopped talking she demanded the class to form a circle outside.

The class went outside to form a circle. I walked outside and smelt the fresh air, I heard the birds tweeting happily and could see people from Pt England trying to do their work while we were playing outside. Miss west talked through the instructions one more time and we were off. We started off with one counter. If we flipped the counter in the air and caught the counter, we had to place another counter on top of the first one that we had.

The coin or counter flipping was really fun. I would really love to do this one more time just for fun. You should try this challenge because it is very very fun.

Friday, 19 May 2017

Netball game!

This was my netball team (PRINCESSES) second game for netball season. It was lots of fun!!!  The score for this NETBALL game was 22 to us and 2 to them.

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Problem Solving

This week, we were learning to decimals and fractions I found it difficult to answer at first. I worked with my friend Eden.

Friday, 12 May 2017

Digitsole shoes

What is that?…….

Coming into class the 2nd bell rang so we read our books from the library for 15 minutes. Then Miss called us to the mat and said “we will be doing something fun” we all shouted in joy!! Miss West told us what we will be doing which was going to be describing a product that has been invented, Miss West said just to be creative about the product (shoes). The shoes shine and shimmer. I think the shoes are made out of rubber, carbon fiber on the outside and cotton on the inside of the shoes. I think it will be comfortable to wear.

I think the shoes help people not to trip over themselves. I also think the shoes are used for bouncing up and down just for fun. How it work is you just jump like you're on a trampoline and if you trip, the shoes will repeat the same thing but it will be in reverse mode and it will help you stand up.

Time for the truth…….

The product is actually controlled by your smart phone. It counts up how many steps you take. It has self lacing laces which means it will tighten your shoes and will untighten your shoes for you. It heats up your shoes when you feet are feeling cold. It knows how old you are, how tall you are and how much your body weighs. This product is pretty cool

I think this product is a really cool thing that has been invented. It is also very interesting. I think my ideas were really cool maybe the inventors of this product should take some advice from me and make trampoline shoes. This would be very cool to bye but why spend you money on this product when you could do something like that on your phone but it is something very interesting.

Here is a website of what some other things the shoes can do.

Follow up task (Week 1)

This is my follow up task for last week. I have done my follow up task with my friend chance and we had to describe what we have drawn.

Moari technology

We read this text and made a padlet about what we learned.
Made with Padlet

Netball GAME!!

This was my netball team (PRINCESSES) first ever game for 2017. It was lots of FUN!!!! The score for this NETBALL game's score was 3 to us and 1 to the other team.

Friday, 5 May 2017

Problem solving (week 1)

This is my problem solving for week 1. Room 10 is learning fractions and this is what me and my friends (Inga and Chance) have done.

Immersion assembly ( 1st day)

Now that’s thinking!! Excitingly coming to school I walk into the breeze and waited for my friends. Then I saw 2 of my friends (Eden and Levonah) we hugged and said what we’ve been up to in the holidays. Once we hugged we went looking for our other two friends (Pisi and Chance).

Anyways we realised we should have hid from our friends so it would be a surprise. So we went into Miss King’s class to say hi. Then we saw Chance so we went behind the whiteboard to hide, but unfortunately she FOUND US!! All we needed to do was to hide from Pisi but she was walking around the school just like us and she  spotted us is well (no!!!). So we walked around the school and finally the bell rang so we ran to class and got ready to go to immersion assembly.

Immersion assembly is when a beginning of a term is coming, also when we get to see what we will be learning about for the brand new term!! We also watch a little film that our team teachers made in the holidays. They make a movie about what we will be learning about for the rest of the term.

For this TERM which is term 2 we are going to be learning about, how technology has changed in the past and how it has changed from now. This term is going to be really FUN!!!