Friday, 5 May 2017

Immersion assembly ( 1st day)

Now that’s thinking!! Excitingly coming to school I walk into the breeze and waited for my friends. Then I saw 2 of my friends (Eden and Levonah) we hugged and said what we’ve been up to in the holidays. Once we hugged we went looking for our other two friends (Pisi and Chance).

Anyways we realised we should have hid from our friends so it would be a surprise. So we went into Miss King’s class to say hi. Then we saw Chance so we went behind the whiteboard to hide, but unfortunately she FOUND US!! All we needed to do was to hide from Pisi but she was walking around the school just like us and she  spotted us is well (no!!!). So we walked around the school and finally the bell rang so we ran to class and got ready to go to immersion assembly.

Immersion assembly is when a beginning of a term is coming, also when we get to see what we will be learning about for the brand new term!! We also watch a little film that our team teachers made in the holidays. They make a movie about what we will be learning about for the rest of the term.

For this TERM which is term 2 we are going to be learning about, how technology has changed in the past and how it has changed from now. This term is going to be really FUN!!!

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