Friday, 12 May 2017

Digitsole shoes

What is that?…….

Coming into class the 2nd bell rang so we read our books from the library for 15 minutes. Then Miss called us to the mat and said “we will be doing something fun” we all shouted in joy!! Miss West told us what we will be doing which was going to be describing a product that has been invented, Miss West said just to be creative about the product (shoes). The shoes shine and shimmer. I think the shoes are made out of rubber, carbon fiber on the outside and cotton on the inside of the shoes. I think it will be comfortable to wear.

I think the shoes help people not to trip over themselves. I also think the shoes are used for bouncing up and down just for fun. How it work is you just jump like you're on a trampoline and if you trip, the shoes will repeat the same thing but it will be in reverse mode and it will help you stand up.

Time for the truth…….

The product is actually controlled by your smart phone. It counts up how many steps you take. It has self lacing laces which means it will tighten your shoes and will untighten your shoes for you. It heats up your shoes when you feet are feeling cold. It knows how old you are, how tall you are and how much your body weighs. This product is pretty cool

I think this product is a really cool thing that has been invented. It is also very interesting. I think my ideas were really cool maybe the inventors of this product should take some advice from me and make trampoline shoes. This would be very cool to bye but why spend you money on this product when you could do something like that on your phone but it is something very interesting.

Here is a website of what some other things the shoes can do.

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