Wednesday, 17 January 2018

The Bach

Who can guess where we went? Well if you can't, here is your answer. We went to the Bach, The Bach is around Orewa. We uselessly always go in the holidays and we did. I love going to the Bach because we get to swim almost all day. This holiday we went to the Bach and slept there for one day. We all had a bunk bed to sleep on, my mum and dad had an other room to sleep in and my grandparents slept in                                 an other room is well.

Before we went off to the Bach we packed our bags and cleaned the house. After we cleaned the house we put our bags into the back of the car and buckled in. Off we went to the Bach. It took us a long time to get to the Bach so my baby sisters and I had a nap in the car. Finally we made it to the Bach. We got our bags and put it into our rooms that we were going to sleep in. After a while we all went down to the beach and swam for a very long time. Luckily we stay right next to the beach so we didn't have to walk that far. We bought our bogie boards and had a very fun swim. Once we finished swimming we had a                          shower and got changed into nice and warm clothes.

Later on we had dinner and desert then watched a movie on the TV. We watched Nanny Mcphee. I haven't seen Nanny Mcphee in a long time so I couldn't remember what the movie was about. After the movie finished we went to bed and slept until the next morning.

Once the morning came we got up and had breakfast. After having breakfast we waited for my aunty, uncle and cousins to come so we could have a swim later on. When they came we had a walk on the beach with my grandparents, parents, siblings, cousins and parents. We weren't supposed to get wet and swim but we ended up getting wet and having a swim anyways. It all started off with my dad, sister and I splashing each other. Then we started wetting my cousin Peni, then my aunty and it kept going on until one of us dived in (my dad). I wanted to swim so I asked my dad and he told me just to jump in so I did. We swam for a little while then got dry and got changed because we were all going to go for another swim later on.

We had lunch, and sat down and relaxed until we were allowed to swim. Half an hour came around and we all got ready to swim. After getting ready we went down to the beach and swam for an other long time. When we finished we had a shower and got changed into warm clothes. Then we had dinner and desert and waited some more. Later on we packed our bags and put them into the back of our cars, then we said good bye to everybody and went home. I went home with my mum and sisters. My brother went home with my dad. Again it was a long ride on our                     way back home so I had an other nap in the car.

Once we made it back home we unpacked our bag and cleaned up our mess. I loved going to the Bach. I wish we can go some other time.


  1. Hey Jahzara, what an amazing story you have written, I love all the detail you have added to describe what happened. It sounds like such a lovely holiday to have with your family and your extended family. This is what summer is all about, swimming and spending time with your family. It's so simple yet so much fun.

    When I was around ten years old I used to go to Orewa and stay at a friend's bach. It was right on the beach. We had lots of fun swimming, building sandcastles, playing sports on the beach. It was great!

    I like Orewa because it isn't too far from Auckland. There are lots of great beach spots nearby too. Hopefully you get to go back there soon!

    Did you mean Nanny Mcphee? Or is there another one titled Nanny Mcpee?

    When do you have to go back to school? It's getting close! What a scary thought. It seems like Christmas was just last week.

    You won't have to worry though. You've been writing lots over summer so you will be more than prepared to go back.

    Keep it up, I love your blog posts!

    Billy :)

    1. Hi Billy,

      It was so much fun
      I love swimming, building sandcastles and playing on the beach too.
      I hope we go back soon I love it there.

      Ummm..... Yeah I mean't Nanny Mcphee sorry if I got it wrong.

      We go back to school in two more weeks! I am so excited to go back to school because I would love to see all of my friends and I would love to see who my teacher is for this year too.


  2. Hey Jahzara, that's great. I would love building massive sandcastles, burying my brother up to his neck, making a sand bath by trapping water and hoping it will heat up.

    Haha I thought Nanny McPee sounded a bit funny. That would be rather unfortunate name.

    Oh cool, two weeks is ages. Do you think you will go back to Orewa in those two weeks? It's always a bit scary and exciting seeing who your new teacher will be. Do you have any idea who it might be? Hopefully you have some friends in your class too.

    How many kids at the entire school?

    Thanks, Billy

  3. Hey Billy,

    Me too I love getting buried in sand by my dad. The sand would always keep me warm but I hate it when the sand flies into your eyes am I right?

    I don't think we will go Bach to the Bach these school holidays but I think we will be able to go in the next school holidays.

    I have no idea who my teacher could be next year that is why I am so excited.

    In our school I don't know the exact number of kids but i'm going to say around that 600 mark.


  4. Hey Jahzara,

    It's fun isn't it. It does feel weird being completely covered in sand except for your face. Yeah it's annoying when all of those little bugs and sand flies land on your face and try to get up your nose.

    Oh cool, I bet you can't wait to go back to your bach.

    Yeah fair enough. Is there a teacher in particular that you are hoping for?

    Wow 600 is quite a lot of kids!


  5. Hi Billy,

    It is really fun to get buried in the sand, yeah I agree it is so annoying when sand flies on your face and you can't get it off because you got buried in the sand.

    I don't know. I on't really hope for a particular teacher but i do hope I am in the same class as my friends.

    yeah we have a lot of kids in our school