Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Instant snow

Do you ever wish there was snow in Auckland? Well here is a way of solving your problem if you are board. I will be making fake snow or as I would like to call it instant snow. Do you have a little brother or sisters who don't use nappies anymore? Well if you do then take some of those nappies and put them on a table or bench. Then grab a cup of water, a bowl and a pair of scissors. Next all you want to do is pour some water onto the nappie and wait for a bit. After a little while cut open the inside of the nappie and pick some up. If you don't like the texture of your instant snow add more water. Next put your instant snow into a bowl or container then play with it. If you want to add some color you can add as much as you want. If you decided to add color grab a spoon or a tooth pick and mix it around. Make sure you don't mix it with your hands because the food coloring could color your hands. This could get a little messy so keep a cloth or a towl near you just in case. Once all the color is mixed you can pick it up, you can shape it and you can make it into a ball. I think         this went really well and was fun to do. This is a great way of cheering your self up when your board.

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