Friday, 5 April 2019

Year 7 Tech (photo's)

So, I have not been blogging much about tech. I haven't really got the time to but now I do. I am in food tech!

This year we are looking at the different types of vegetables that grow in different seasons. I am in a group with Marika and Eden. Including me, we have 3 people in our area cooking with each other. There are other groups with other people but lets focus on our kitchen for now. I think we are working well together and disusing who would like to do what in the kitchen. I usually take charge of the veggies. The hardest part of taking this job is cutting up onions! The onions that are given to us usually make me cry or just water up!

For the past weeks that has gone past I have had lots of fun cooking food with my two amazing buddies. Most of the time we use veggies like onions, carrot, beans, potatoes and some garlic . We have used other ingredients like pasta, corn chips, cheese and more! Because it's been a while since we first started tech I am not able to remember all of the dishes that we have made. Because of that, here are some photos of my group and the food we made! Our last week in cooking is next week on our normal days, Thursday. After that we will be going on holiday!

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