Thursday, 7 December 2017

How I Show Learn, Create and Share

This is one of my favorite blog posts that I have learnt, created and shared. In this blog post we have learnt about cloths and materials from back in the days and from nowadays. We had to research about what types of costume are appropriate for a scene in our mini production. We also had to find out when sewing was invented and who it was invented by. There are some links to some websites that we found and have shared with all of you (slide 7).

This presentation was created in extension by me, Eden, Pisirina and Makayla. The reflection is about our production that the yr 5&6 extension group preformed to the whole school. Our production was about some kids who traveled back in time. They found this weird shell and all of a sudden they went back in time. They went to the islands, to the 60's and even the future it was so cool.

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